So Many Roads, So Many Trains

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Blues Guitar Box. Chess Blues. Blues Guitar Greats [Delmark]. Chess Blues Classics: Natural Blues [Wrasse]. Original Soundtrack.

Otis Rush - So Many Roads, So Many Trains

Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues. Blues Giants: Trilogy. Plug It In! Turn It Up!

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Blues Masters [Time Life Music]. Otis Rush. The Classic Recordings. Universal Masters Collection. Various Artists The Blues, Vol. Various Artists Blues Guitar Box.

Various Artists Chess Blues. Smithsonian Records.

Charly Records. MVP Records. Various Artists Chess Blues Classics: Various Artists Natural Blues [Wrasse]. However, on top of this is frequently added the complaint that it makes buying a house more expensive by adding an extra few per cent onto the purchase price. Indeed, this is how the idea is usually sold. But this is a misconception. So the stamp duty has been capitalised into the price, reducing the value that can be recouped by the seller but leaving the buyer no better or worse off except when they come to sell later. Who is the winner here?

Because currently stamp duty is levied at higher rates on existing homeowners, and even higher rates still on landlords. This has depressed the price at which a landlord is willing to buy a property of a certain rental value below what the first-time buyer is willing to pay, giving the latter a distinct advantage.

The first-time buyer gets the property. The landlord would pay the same rate of stamp duty as the first-time buyer, and the winning bidder is the one with the bigger budget. The landlord gets the property. This is the effect of the stamp duty reforms that are being mooted. Tax revenues will fall, house prices will rise, and first-time buyers will lose their advantage in the market against landlords.

On efficiency grounds, this might all be a very good idea, and many will support it. If the aim is to help first-time buyers, retaining a higher rate of stamp duty on landlords makes sense. Even if that isn't the aim, the sensible way to abolish stamp duty would be to replace the lost revenues with a corresponding increase in other property taxes that are more efficient. To category Schlager. To category Vinyl. To category more sections.

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Listen up:. P Secure bonuspoints now. Description Learn more about Otis Rush. Close menu. In my opinion this still is one of the greatest blues guitar 'live' albums of all time!

Joe Bonamassa - So Many Roads - guitar backing track

But the wild enthusiasm of the crowd that awaited their arrival at Haneda Airport and was ever-present throught the tour sparked some of the best performances of Otis' career. Fortunately they are captured in this album, remastered for CD release from the original master tapes. Learn more about Otis Rush.

Dixon played several roles in their stunning execution " Willie was sort of right in the middle of everything," says Otis, whose Chess signing marked a change of heart on the label's part from when Otis was just starting out. Review 0. Read, write and discuss reviews