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This time the problem was in the cockpit, which was rendered with exacting accuracy except for the fact that someone on-set really needed to give it a quick scrub-down first. They had never been flown before the day of launch, and would never be flown again.

‘First Man': How Damien Chazelle Made That Terrifying Opening Scene

As a result, they all had a certain straight-from-the-showroom look to them. According to Jim Lovell, the commander of Apollo 13, they even had something of a new-car smell.

The same is true later when we see the interior of the lunar module in which Armstrong and crew-mate Buzz Aldrin flew down to the lunar surface. No doubt, but not at the first moments the astronauts strapped in, and certainly not at all for Gemini 8, a mission that had to be aborted early and lasted less than eleven hours from liftoff to splashdown. The movie strays from the truth too when Armstrong gets the news that he has been tapped to command Apollo 11, and, that if the mission goes as planned, he will become the first man on the moon. But how he learned that news was wrong. Apollo astronauts were assigned to their three-man crews sometimes years in advance.

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Indeed, in many cases they were on a three-plus-three flight rotation. If you flew on Apollo 8, you would serve as a back-up crew member on Apollo 11, and would return to the cockpit for Apollo It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification.

First Man fact vs. fiction: What’s true in the Neil Armstrong movie.

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Armstrong heroically walks away from these flights and the difficult training practices thanks to his piloting expertise and deep understanding of the machinery. But each time, he walks away with a keen perspective on the severity of his task. Between missions, the rattle and din of high-speed flight fades away, and the story follows the man and his family—a study of the profound burden of responsibility they share.

Chazelle and screenwriter Josh Singer are less interested in the epic retelling of the Apollo Program as they are in exploring how the acute awareness of such a moment influenced an individual and his family. The burden of Apollo did not just fall on NASA and the astronauts, but also on the wives and children, the neighbors and entire spaceflight community. But despite the community in First Man , Armstrong himself is depicted as a loner, as though he always knew his unique role required him to remain something of an outsider.

His encounters with setback after setback, including the tragic loss of his young daughter to cancer, and the launchpad fire that kills his fellow astronauts on Apollo 1, are as dramatic in the film as they must have been in real life.

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But despite the change in focus for a spaceflight movie, First Man still contains powerful reminders of the monumental achievement of Apollo. The history of the moon landing almost serves as a backdrop to the personal story—until Armstrong steps onto the lunar dust for the first time, staring down at his own boot print, and the character arc collides with the significance of that step.

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