The King of Diamonds: A Tale of Mystery and Adventure

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It was Phil who first gave utterance to the wild protest in their souls. Letus die together. What are you saying? Oh, my son, my son, do not break my heartbefore I die. Kiss me, dearest. I am cold. I can scarce see you. Let me look once more into your brave eyes. You will be a greatman, Phil.

I know it. Who should know your character like your mother? But you must have faith in God always. I have prayed for you, and myprayers will surely be granted. I will watch over you.

If you are indanger my spirit will come back to you across the void. We cannot beparted. Oh, God, it is impossible! You are the life of my life. I am notdead while you still live. She was dying now, not with the struggleagainst the king of terrors which often marks the passing of humanity,but with a slow torpidity more akin to sleep. Her brain was clear, but the stock of nervous force had sunk so low thather few remaining words were spoken with difficulty.

They were mostlyendearing expressions, appeals to her loved one to hope and pray, totrust steadfastly in the all-wise power that would direct his destiny. With the last flicker of existence the maternal instinct became dominantagain and she asked him not to forget her. The boy could only murmur agonized appeals to the merciless unseen notto rob him of the only being he held dear on earth, but even in thatawful moment he had the strength to cease his frantic protests when theyseemed to cause her pain, and he forced himself to join her in prayer. When the doctor brought a nurse and some small store of the much-neededdelicacies, Mrs.

Anson was already unconscious.

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She is dead. I killed her. I made hercry. You told me to look after her until you returned.

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She cried andscreamed because I spoke so wildly. It is all my fault. Your mother is not dead, but dying. Not all the skill of man cansave her. Let her die in peace. So she still lived. There remained a faintflicker of life. Not yet had she passed the dreadful barrier ofeternity. Through his blinding tears he thought he could discern a smileon the worn face. The doctor watched Phil more narrowly than the sunkenframe on the bed. It was best that the paroxysm of grief should gountrammeled.

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The nurse, a young woman unused as yet to theinevitableness of death, moved timidly toward the windows and adjustedthe curtains to admit more light. At last, when Phil's strength yielded to the strain of his sorrow andthe very force of his agony had spent itself, the doctor leaned over theinanimate form and looked into the eyes.


What a tocsin of woe in a message of faith! The boy suddenlystood up. Hope was murdered within him. His tears ceased and his laboredbreathing came under control with a mighty effort. He stooped and kissedthe pale cheeks twice.

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She burst outcrying. Professional instinct came to the doctor's aid. He sharplyreprimanded the half-hysterical woman and sent her off on an errand tobring those whose duty it is to render the last services to frailmortality. The boy he led downstairs. He was a busy man, with manyclaims on his time, but this strange youngster interested him, and heresolved to turn the boy's thoughts forcibly away from the all-absorbinghorror of his mother's death.

Phil handed him a tumbler. The doctor poured out some wine taken fromthe nurse's basket, soaked a piece of bread in the liquor, and gave itto the boy with an imperative command to eat it instantly. Somewhat to his surprise, he was obeyed. While Phil was devouring thefood of which he stood so greatly in need, the doctor reviewed thecircumstances of this poverty-stricken household so far as they wereknown to him. Anson had occupied a fairly good position inDi eppe, where Philip's father was the agent of an old-established Londonfirm of coal shippers. About two years earlier, both husband and wifewere seriously injured in a motor car accident.

Anson sustainedconcussion of the brain, and practically never regained his senses,though he lingered for some weeks and was subjected to two operations. Anson's spine was damaged, with the result that she changed from abright and vigorous woman into a decrepit invalid doomed to early deathfrom slow paralysis. When the great expenses attendant on these mishaps were paid, she foundherself not only absolutely poor, but rendered incapable of theslightest effort to turn her many and varied talents to account in orderto earn a livelihood.

She came to London, where her late husband'semployers generously gave her rent-free possession of the tenement inwhich she was lying dead, helped her with funds to furnish it modestly,and found a clerkship for Philip with a promise of early promotion.

The King of Diamonds A Tale of Mystery and Adventure

But the cup of sorrow is seldom left half filled. Barely had the widowsettled down to a hopeful struggle on behalf of her beloved son than aquarrel between partners led to the sale of the firm's business to alimited liability company. Economies were effected to make way forsalaried directors. Philip was dismissed, with several other junioremployees, and the stable yard was marked out as a suitable site for thestorage of coal required by the local factories.

This development took place early in the New Year, and the new companyallowed Mrs. Anson to occupy her tiny abode until the last day of March. Deco Diamonds symbols are Wild symbols. Wild symbols substitute for all symbols. Simultaneous wins on different lines are added. The payout for the Bonus Wheel is awarded when the game round is complete.

During the Re-spin, all reels with a Deco Diamonds symbol remain in place while all other reels spin and stop. One or more additional Deco Diamonds symbols during Re-spin will award one additional Re-spin. When no additional Deco Diamonds symbols appear or all reels contain Deco Diamonds symbols, the game round ends or Bonus Wheel is launched.

The Bonus Wheel is awarded at the end of the game round. Diamonds in the Dew: An Appalachian Experience. Diamonds in the Rough.

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Discovering Divine Diamonds. Discovering Divine Diamonds,Wesley Mountain. This book has been considered by academicians and scholars of great significance and value to This book has been considered by academicians and scholars of great significance and value to literature. This forms a part of the knowledge base for future generations. We havent used any OCR or photocopy to produce this book. The whole The King of Diamonds. Mildred In Disguise: With Diamonds. Toni Kief, author of Old Baggage, is excited to introduce a new work of fiction