World of Light and Darkness

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to Get the True Ending in World of Light

Any good way to bait punishing attacks? I'm unsure of whom to use. I've been using Young Link a lot.

INTO THE DARK WORLD!! - Super Smash Bros Ultimate: World of Light

I do have the final smash thing! Maybe I should use the dude who fills the meter faster? You use YL so you have projectiles to whittle him down too.

As for fast FS? Ashley works for that yes. Stacks with the Fast FS skill in your skill tree too.

Dracula’s Castle

GrooseKirby posted So how does Bowser work with M Bison? That wouldn't do anything for Bowser Did the Goose method and used a sword power up, as opposed to the psi up main spirit , and used Young Link Thank you both!! Icarus posted It was just my personal choice. More topics from this board All of the spirits on the left half are dark, and all of the spirits on the right are light.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light Guide – Every Chest in the Dark Realm

As you beat dark spirits , the light will shift over and cover more of the map, and vice versa. Once the light or dark is all the way over to one side, you will be able to fight a harder version of the boss whose forces you have been defeating, but doing so will give you a fake ending.

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  4. Wait, so I'm supposed to beat Galeem and conquer the forces of light?.
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Beating Galeem or Dharkon alone here will result in a cutscene and then send you back to the menu screen without even a credits sequence. Doing so will make another of each spawn at the bottom corners of the map. The easiest way to do that is to clear a path there without worrying about the balance, then go back and fight the weaker spirits toward the start of the map on whichever side you need to defeat more of so that the balance shifts back.

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