Yosemite National Park, Sierra National Forest, Fresno & Kings Canyon

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Finally, the boundary travels north to Yosemite Forks and moves west towards Miami Mountain, then heads north to return to the Merced River. The forest includes a number of scenic attractions, including Fresno Dome and Nelder Grove.

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It also has a ski area, China Peak , that operates under a special use permit. The forest is divided into three Ranger Districts:. The district includes 36 camp sites, 17 picnic sites, 7 Off Highway Vehicle Trails, and 10 trails.

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Box Prather, California This district contains 30 camp sites, 11 picnic sites, and 13 Off Highway Vehicle Trails. In addition, the forest has a close relationship with the Teakettle Experimental Forest which is deep inside the forest and the San Joaquin Experimental Range which is just outside the forest boundaries. The ecology of the National Forest is typical for the western side of the southern Sierra Nevada: distributions of species are largely governed by climate, which is strongly dependent on altitude.

The ecology can be described by biotic zones, which are marked by either a tree indicator species , or by a lack of trees. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Ecology of the Sierra Nevada.

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A Natural History of California. University of California Press. Protected areas of California. National Park System. Cabrillo Castle Mountains Cesar E. Point Reyes. Port Chicago Naval Magazine. At Sequoia, you can gawk at the General Sherman Tree, the largest tree on the planet; drive into Kings Canyon, by some measures the country's deepest canyon, and backpack in the second-largest road-free wilderness area in the United States.

Also inside the park boundaries is Mount Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous United States. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are administered jointly. For simplicity, this guide refers to them all as "Sequoia" in the descriptions below.

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Sequoia National Park is open all year but is rarely overcrowded, receiving only about one-third of the visitors that overrun Yosemite in summer. As a result,you can find hotel rooms available near the park on most weekends, even in mid-summer. In spring and summer, you'll see showy wildflower blooms at Sequoia. In fall, you'll find colorful foliage along the river in Kings Canyon.

In winter, visitors may find the giant sequoias covered in snow like over-sized Christmas trees, but if you go in the winter, you'll miss some of the park's most spectacular scenery. Not only is Crystal Cave closed each winter, but from mid-November through mid-May, the road that takes you on a dramatic drive through Kings Canyon down to the Kings River is also closed.

You can visit the General Sherman Tree or General Grant by taking a short walk from the main road, but they're not the only great things to see or do. Check out more of the best things to do at Sequoia.

You should always have chains with you in winter. These are the rules you need to know about chains in California.

If you need chains and don't have them, you can find a list on the national park website of places nearby that rent chains. If you have a big RV or are towing a trailer, check the limits before you visit. Single vehicles must be 40 feet long or less. A vehicle and towed unit combined must be less than 50 feet long. Some secondary roads have tighter restrictions, and so does the 12 miles between Potwisha Campground and Giant Forest Museum, where the maximum recommended length is 22 feet. Others choose to road trip through this verdant area of California in an RV.

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There are countless camping sites and RV parks around Sequoia National Park, many of them are very affordable. Some travelers prefer their home comforts after a long stay hiking in Sequoia National Park and who can blame them. Thankfully, Sequoia National Park is surrounded by small townships, all of which offer a hotel or two to choose from.

A visit to Sequoia National Park is the perfect opportunity to explore the rugged natural landscapes California has to offer.

The unincorporated community of Three Rivers is an ideal place to stay in Sequoia National Park for travelers who want to maximize their time within the park during their trip. Although small, Three Rivers certainly has some character. Seeing visitors from all around the world pop by every single day of the year, the locals have a few stories to share. There are a few knick-knacks and gifts to be bought too.

It is not to be missed, either on the way in or out of the park. Source: booking. The rural city of Visalia is a great place to use as a base for exploring Sequoia National Park.

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There is a real community spirit to Visalia and a great amount of choice when it comes to accommodation. In true rural style, there is an unfussiness to Visalia that outdoorsy travelers love. There are plenty of parks in Visalia to relax and unwind in — Blain Park is a popular spot and Visalia Houk Park even has a play area for children.

Visalia is an ideal place to stay in Sequoia National Park for families.