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Sign up for a day email challenge to help you achieve a better balance with tech. Theatricality and her unique form of storytelling is present in all of the work that Amy does, from Spring Street Social Society to recording music, and is what makes her a viable force to be reckoned with. From her work as artistic director at Spring Street Social Society to her intimate take on self narrative clown theatre, Amy Virginia Buchanan is entirely press worthy, catching the eye of major outlets and bespoke blogs alike.

The fun is in the pile on of creative talent: chefs, mixologists, designers, actors, singers, writers, musicians. Click to read article. Amy performs bravely with vulnerability and rawness, deeply affecting every person in the audience.

Motorcycles, Motivational Gurus & a Thousand Little Missteps…

She jumped from a job at HousingWorks to pursue acting, singing and perhaps most surprisingly a creative partnership called Spring Street Social Society. Click to listen. Amy VIrginia buchanan performance artist, musician, experience designer, and cultural curator. Amy lives in Fort Greene with a little cat named Whenny. To see more, please visit Spring Street Social Society's website:.

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Spring Street Social Society. Geronimo Balloons and parkour athlete.

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Photos by Sam Ortiz. Music For Amy, music is a form of storytelling.

Top definition. Amy unknown.

Amy is the best tiny business woman you will ever meet. She is very funny and nice and she knows how to give the best revenge especially to big chungus. There are few words to discribe her. Some are, angsty , weird, angry, funny, crazy, an introvert and some others.


She loves to party. People like to be around Amy. Dave: No, she punched me in the face two weeks ago. AMY unknown. Amy is a beautiful young lady , who loves sports. She is the type of best friend everyone wants , but when it comes to relationship she loves to hard and it doesn't end well, but overall everyone loves Amy. Have you meet Amy? No why?

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She is so beautiful. A person I love very much. Is seriously a bitch to people she doesnt like, but who also is so nice to buy me food!!!