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    Cafe at the end of the Universe. Little Bee Bakes and Cakes. Sweet Little Wishes by Victoria. The tales, recounted by a vivid cast of characters, reveal fragments of wisdom and an oriental way of thinking that is both enthralling and fresh. A link in the chain of scholars and teachers who have passed these stories down for centuries like a baton in a relay race, Shah reaches layers of culture that most visitors hardly realize exist, and eventually discovers the story living in his own heart. Along the way he describes the colors, characters, and the passion of Morocco, and comes to understand why it is such an enchanting land.

    YOU will join my cause! Complete all 15 of my initiation quests and I'll give you a [Gummy Bee Egg]! First, Collect goo. When I shoot gumdrops from my Gummy Cannon, they cover flowers in goo. Collect pollen from those flower to receive bonus honey, and GOO! The bigger the goo puddle, the more honey and goo you get! Activate your [Gumdrops] while standing in a field to cover the flowers in goo!

    If you need more [Gumdrops], you can get them from defeating enemies. Try teaming up with your friends to share [Gumdrops] and create large puddles! I'll tell you when I'm about to fire my cannon at a field. Let's get GOO-ing! Each place I invade offers something new to my Gummy Empire. I need you to help collect some of those to help fund my mission. Collect 5 honey Tokens while you gather 2.

    Remember: Always collect from the largest goo puddle! It gives you the most goo. And if you need more [Gumdrops], you can get them from defeating bugs! Gummy Bee is my advisor. And it's telling me we need to tackle the Clover Field! Take my advice: work together with other Gummy Soldiers to share [Gumdrops]. You'll both benefit from the goo. You will not complete my tests without teamwork. Collect 3, goo from the Clover Field! I say you've got a long way to go! Goo does not discriminate - white, red or blue, it doesn't matter. Get out there and gunk them all until their colors are just a distant memory!

    Spiders and their webs are nothing compared to my Gummy Bees and their goo. Those puny arachnids guard those White flowers like their lives depend on it! Collect 20, goo from the Spider Field. Gummy Bee says let's stop playing games. I'm inclined to agree!!!!! No more chit chat, this is an invasion! Collect 30, goo..

    And collect 20 Honey Tokens! And it'll only get messier from here! Now collect 60, more GOO! A good Gummy Soldier must know how to use artillery. My Gummy Cannon takes years of experience to man, you're not ready for it. Collect 80, goo from the Pineapple Patch Collect 30 Honey Tokens And use the Slingshot 10 times. Look at all those bugs sipping up slime faster than I can spread it These beetles have got to go!

    Gummy Bee says your swarm looks like it could make quick work of them. Collect , goo and defeat 10 Ladybugs, 10 Rhino Beetles and 3 Spiders.

    As you trudge your way through the goo, you get sweeter and sweeter That's how it is with all things! I can tell you don't quite understand it yet. It'll seep in in due time. Collect 80, goo from Red and Blue flowers Collect 80, goo form the Clover Field And use the Slingshot 20 times. I love nothing more than firing endless barrages of Gumdrops at pristine fields of flowers.

    You will come to know it too! Collect , white goo Collect 40 Honey Tokens And use the Yellow Cannon 30 times Isn't it a rush? Just 4 more quests and I'll give you a [Gummy Bee Egg]. Gummy Bee and I are made of the very same goo! We are practically one creature. I want to feel that same closeness with all other things. Help me in my mission of GOO-nity. Collect , from Red flowers Collect , goo from the Pumpkin Patch And , goo from the Cactus Field. I use the power of my Gummy Cannon to enforce my will on the universe!

    You are on your way to doing the same! Next up: Collect Honey Tokens Collect , goo from the Blue flowers And use the Blue Cannon 40 times! I like it sweet, the mobs like it SOUR! That will not do