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We tested our hypotheses using 6 years of clinic-based diarrhea surveillance — including 4, geolocated diarrhea cases tested for 13 pathogens and a cross-sectional survey that measured environmental exposures from households people and tested stool specimens for enteric parasites. This study explored college professional counselors' "Millennials" Generation knowledge, their techniques and strategies in…. Dairy cows utilize feed crude protein CP with greater efficiency than other ruminants, but still excrete about 2 to 3 times more nitrogen N in manure than they secrete in milk.

This increases milk production costs plus environmental N pollution. Optimizing microbial protein formation in the rume The first part deals with planning the reforms needed in science education and the practical considerations involved. Nuevas tecnicas basadas en redes neuronales para el diseno de filtros de microondas multicapa apantallados. In this PhD thesis one method of shielded multilayer circuit neural network based analysis has been developed. In order to solve the IE, in the version which uses the media relevant potentials, it is necessary to have a formulation of the Green's functions associated to the mentioned potentials.

The main computational burden in the IE resolution lies on the numerical evaluation of the Green's functions. In this work, the circuit analysis has been drastically accelerated thanks to the approximation of the Green's functions by means of neural networks. Once trained, the neural networks substitute the Green's functions in the IE. Two different types of neural networks have been used: the Radial basis function neural networks RBFNN and the Chebyshev neural networks.

Thanks mainly to two distinct operations the correct approximation of the Green's functions has been possible. On the one hand, a very effective input space division has been developed. On the other hand, the elimination of the singularity makes feasible the approximation of slow variation functions. Two different singularity elimination strategies have been developed.

The first one is based on the multiplication by the source-observation points distance rho. The second one outperforms the first one. It consists of the extraction of two layers of spatial images from the whole summation of images. With regard to the Chebyshev neural networks, the OLS training algorithm has been applied in a novel fashion.

This method allows the optimum design in this kind of neural networks. In both networks, the time gain reached makes the neural method profitable. The time invested in the input space division and in the neural training is negligible with only few circuit analysis. To show, in a practical way, the ability of the neural based analysis method, two new design procedures have been developed. The first method uses the Genetic Algorithms to optimize an initial filter which does not fulfill the established specifications. A new fitness function, specially well suited to design filters, has been defined in order to assure the correct convergence of the optimization process.

This new function measures the fulfillment of the specifications and it also prevents the appearance of the premature convergence problem. The second method is found on the approximation, by means of neural networks, of the relations between the electrical parameters, which defined the circuit response, and the physical dimensions that synthesize the aforementioned parameters.

The neural networks trained with these data can be used in the design of many circuits in a given structure. Both methods had been show their ability in the design of practical filters. Contenedores: Aspectos tecnicos, biologicos y economicos. The Moon Phases in a Paper Box. We present a very simple concrete model to demonstrate the concept of phases of an illuminated body. The main objective of our model is to help the understanding of the Moon phases as viewed from the perspective of an observer on Earth. The material allows the visualization of two important effects: 1st even though all the time half Moon is illuminated by the Sun, we see different fractions of the illuminated Moon surface, depending on our angle of sight; 2nd the orientation of the convex part of the Moon in the crescent and waning phases on the sky also depends on our perspective from Earth.

The use of a closed box allows one to see the contrast among the different phases with no need of a dark room.

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We also present a text on the Moon phases, emphasizing the dependence of the aspect of the bright part on the angle of sight. El uso de una caja cerrada permite observar el contraste entre las diferentes fases sin necesidad de estar en un recinto oscuro. Se observaron decrementos de publicidad en exteriores Unas opciones para muestras de la naturaleza. Describir y comprender la Tierra;? Minimizar la perdida de vidas y propiedades por desastres naturales;? Manejar los recursos hidrologicos, biologicos, energeticos y minerales; y?

Mejorar y proteger nuestra calidad de vida. Basic Concepts of Astronomy: a Methodological Proposal. In this report, the development of a methodological proposal which approaches basic concepts of astronomy-grounded pedagogically on Meaningful Learning is described. The proposal, which consists of four meetings, was developed by teachers and academics of the course of Professor in Physics of the University of Passo Fundo UPF , through an extension course to a group of highschool students of a public school of the town of Passo Fundo, RS.

The work was focused into basic concepts of astronomy. The signs of Meaningful Learning have been obtained by means of research and evaluation tools that were applied at the end of each meeting. The evaluation of the proposal has been conducted by means of a final questionnaire which was answered by the participants at the end ofthe development of activities.

By means of the results obtained from the different instruments, and the comments made by the participants during the activities and by means of the high rates of approval obtained in the final questionnaire, we think that the proposal reached the established goals and it may be repeated with the certainty of success. Por los resultados. El mensaje de conservacion de las instalaciones restauradas del Instituto Internacional de Dasonomia Tropical. Perry se complace en anunciar su nuevo hogar virtual. Prados de la Escosura eds.

La nueva historia econdmica en Espafia. Madrid: Tecnos, Albarracin, Jesis. La onda larga del capitalismo espafiol Madrid: Economistas Libros, Madrid: Banco de Espafia Arango, Joaquin, et al. La economia espafiola en el siglo XY: una per- spectiva histdrica. Ariel Historia: Secci6n Historia Econ6mica. Three Questions.

In this article, the author describes his experiences as a Mexican living "illegally" in the United States and how Esperanza Community Collegial Academy has given him a second chance to find himself and his place in this world. Fire Fighting from High Altitude. A viewgraph presentation on high altitude fire fighting is shown. As early childhood programs and schools become more culturally and linguistically diverse, professionals need to create settings that welcome "new voices" and help all children succeed.

This comprehensive professional development course gives them the in-depth practical guidance they need. Developed by respected scholar Dina Castro and her expert…. Given that most community-based teacher education programs originate on campus and then move into communities, it is not surprising that a disconnect…. Recent developments in three-dimensional echocardiography have made it possible to obtain images in real time, without the need for off-line reconstruction.

These developments have enabled the technique to become an important tool for both research and daily clinical practice. A substantial proportion of the studies carried out using three-dimensional echocardiography have focused on the mitral valve, the pathophysiology of mitral valve disease and, in particular, functional mitral regurgitation. The aims of this article were to review the contribution of three-dimensional echocardiography to understanding of the functional anatomy of the mitral valve and to summarize the resulting clinical applications and therapeutic implications.

A new species of to the genus Eritrachys Ruckes, E. The male of E. A key to the species of the genus is provided While distinguishing between literary criticism and the scientific study of translation, Latin American translations are analyzed according to the identification of "speech facts," levels of stylistic performance, translating from scratch, and the stylistic features of Rabassa.

The purpose of this research was to determine the status of Puerto Rico's public libraries to new information technologies. Obtaining the views of library staff working in the same, characteristics and attitudes and knowledge in new information technologies needed to serve as information specialists in libraries. To know the opinion of the…. Objectives: This article reports the effects of a culturally grounded parenting intervention to strengthen positive parenting practices. Method: The intervention was designed and tested with primarily Mexican origin parents in a large urban setting of the southwestern United States using an ecodevelopmental approach.

Latino critical theory guides the analysis. Narratives reveal faculty experiences with oppression, challenging dominant…. Alberto, R. Climate change has wide-ranging effects on the environment and socio-economic and related sectors which includes water resources, agriculture and food security, human health, terrestrial ecosystems, coastal zones and biodiversity. Farmers are under pressure to the changing weather and increasing unpredictable water supply.

Because of rainfall deficiencies, artificial application of water has been made through irrigation. Irrigation is a basic determinant of agriculture because its inadequacies are the most powerful constraints on the increase of agricultural production.

Irrigation networks are permanent and temporary conduits that supply water to agricultural areas from an irrigation source. Detection of irrigation networks using LiDAR DTM, and flood susceptible assessment of irrigation networks could give baseline information on the development and management of sustainable agriculture.

A flood hazard map was also used to identify the flood susceptible irrigation networks in the study area. The study was assessed through field validation of points which were generated using random sampling method. Results of the study showed that most of the detected irrigation networks have low to moderate susceptibility to flooding while the rest have high susceptibility to flooding which is due to shifting weather. These irrigation networks may cause flood when it overflows that could also bring huge damage to rice and other agricultural areas.

During colonial times, an active maritime trade existed between Spain and the New World, with convoys sailing annually to and from Mexico and returning via Havana, Cuba, after wintering in America. A database constructed from secondary and open sources revealed that Spanish vessels were sailing over open waters along a northern path near Louisiana and a southern path across the central Gulf of Mexico.

However, other factors may also have been involved in the directional layout of the routes. Today these ancient routes crisscross planning areas for oil and gas lease sales in the US Exclusive Economic Zone and the information presented in this article may aid in identifying areas where historic shipwrecks may lie. Maps and documents found during this study helped piece together the evolution of our understanding of the Gulf of Mexico surface circulation and how this knowledge influenced sailing during colonial times. Los genomas de Leishmania panamensis, L.

View looking N at foundation ruins of steam engine View looking N at foundation ruins of steam engine and cane mill. View looking E at foundation ruins of steam engine View looking E at foundation ruins of steam engine and cane mill. View of chimney with mill wall ruins in background View of chimney with mill wall ruins in background looking S. View looking N at mill wall ruins with open View looking N at mill wall ruins with open end of purging house in background. The history of the journal "Esercitazioni Matematiche" edited by the "Circolo Matematico di Catania" for university students is described.

A selection of proposed problems with some of their solutions is reported. Recuerdos de una revolucion cultural Memories of a Cultural Revolution. Describes elements of the modernism movement in Brazil; paper read at a symposium commemorating the fiftieth anniversay of the Week of Modern Art of Sao Paulo'' held February , , at the University of California, Los Angeles, California.

Evolving from a general commitment to the goals of cultural pluralism and bicultural education, this portfolio of 24 full color and halftone photographs aims to reinforce those curricular objectives which emphasize a respect for the value and individuality of different cultures and groups, affirm the right of an individual to maintain a bicultural….

Etimologia in una lingua pianificata Etymology in a Planned Language. The dictionary provides not only the etynom of each Esperanto term, but also the etymology of the ethnic language words from which the editor derived the terms in question. Fifty-five citations pertaining to the scientific and mathematic development of ancient Mexicans, particularly the Mayas, are given in this select bibliography. The introduction and descriptions of resource libraries in 8 States are in Spanish.

Resultados del relevamiento de HI en el Cielo Austral: 3. Relevamiento de Nubes de Alta Velocidad. Los resultados del relevamiento de HI del Hemisferio Austral fueron reprocesados con el fin de incrementar su sensibilidad. El ruido r. El cubrimiento espacial del relevamiento mejora en un factor 16 al realizado por Bajaja et al Significance of Hemispheric Security for Mexico.

Organizacion de los Estados Americanos, 56o A test with 20 multiple-choice questions was applied to indentify the most common conceptions expressed by the students. This test was elaborated based on the literature about misconceptions and covered the following topics: the day-night cycle; the time zones; the seasons of the year; the phases of the Moon; the movement of the Moon; the apparent movement of the Sun in the celestial sphere; the eclipses; the dimensions and distances in the Universe; the brightness of the stars and its observation from Earth.

Though a small progress was verified in the proportion of scientifically acceptable answers when comparing the eighth grade of middle school to the fifth, and the third grade of high school to the first, there was an overall predominance of alternative conceptions regarding most of the explored subjects, which persisted up to the last year of secondary school. The comparison to data found in this research made in other socio-cultural contexts revealed, in many aspects, similar notions and difficulties revealed by the students. This is a report of an activity of introduction to the study of Astronomy developed with a group of future Physics teachers at a Brazilian public university.

Such activity had the goal of giving privileged emphasis to notions of spatiality, alternative conceptions of the participants and the process of interaction among peers, and consisted of the representation, in a three dimensional space, of the models of the universe that the participants had. The results, which were categorized as miscellaneous, geocentric, heliocentric and acentric models of the universe, were qualitatively analyzed.

Analyses of the activity in the perspective of the participants are indicated and additional considerations are made regarding its use as a resource for teaching Astronomy and for teacher training. Likewise, in this analysis we offer specific recommendations, based on evidence, for the best anti-TNF-alfa management. The symposium was held to publicize the positive efforts which were being undertaken to solve the problems of Spanish-speaking children and to provide a catalyst for the further action that was needed. The problems were explored from various points of view with two questions in mind: "What was being done?

Aplicacion de nuevas tecnicas y procedimientos para la ensenanza de la lectura-escritura Application of the New Techniques and Procedures for Teaching Reading-Writing. This document is an English-language abstract approximately 1, words of experiments performed in Mexico, D. The first part of the document deals with a series of experiments carried out with first grade remedial groups as follows:…. A Diagnostic Assessment for the Teaching of Astronomy.

This article aims to present the results of a diagnostic evaluation, used as a tool for collecting data on prior knowledge of scientific concepts needed to understand the topic "Earth and Universe", from a group comprised of 47 students of 6th grade. The educational method of diagnosing the student's prior knowledge before teaching them is founded on the Meaningful Learning theory, proposed by David Ausubel. The diagnostic evaluation consisted of 25 questions; the answers were analyzed and categorized, making possible their interpretation, which allows us to understand the meanings assigned by the student to these concepts.

It follows from the diagnostic evaluation, that the majority of students surveyed had difficulties in exposing scientific concepts on the topic "Earth and Universe" when starting the 6th grade. However, we identified relevant ideas and representations that contributed to the re-signification of scientific concepts proposed for the teaching of the subject in this grade. The results of diagnostic evaluation served as reference to the organization of the syllabus, making possible the learning process by matching the sequence of teaching to the students" characteristics and context of the classroom.

It is expected that other researchers in this topic can also use the instrument presented in this paper. Se comparan cualitativamente los resultados con las observaciones. Introduccion a la hidraulica de aguas subterraneas : un texto programado para auto-ensenanza. Este ' texto programado esta diseflado para ayudarle a comprender la teoria de la hidniulica de aguas subterraneas por medio de la auto-enseflanza. La instrucci6n programada es un enfoque a una materia, un metodo de aprender;que no elimina el esfuerzo mental del proceso de aprendizaje. Algunas secciones de este programa necesitan solamente ser leidas; otras tendrian que ser elaboradas con lapiz y papel.

Algunas preguntas pueden ser contestadas directamente; otras requieren calculos. A medida que se avanza en el texto, tendra que consultar frecuentemente textos o referencias sobre matematicas, mecanica de fluidos e hidrologia. En cada una de las ocho partes del texto, inicie el programa de instrucci6n leyendo la Secci6n 1.

Elija una respuesta a la pregunta al final de la secci6n y dirijase a la nueva secci6n indicada al lado de la respuesta escogida. Si su respuesta fue correcta, pase a la secci6n que contiene materia nueva y otra pregunta, y proceda tal como en la Secci6n 1. Si su respuesta no fue correcta, dirijase a la secci6n que contiene explicaciones adicionales sobre el tema anterior y que le indica volver a la pregunta inicial e intentar de nuevo. En este caso, valdra Ia pena repasar el material de la secci6n anterior. Continue de esta man era en el programa hasta que llegue a Ia secci6n que indica el final de la parte.

Observe que aunque las secciones estan en orden numerico en cada una de las ocho partes, por lo general, usted no procedeni en secuencia numerica Secci6n 1 ala Secci6n 2, etc. It was a continuous work from February to December , which led the students to participate in activities of observation of the environment, specifically the sky, analyzing the changes occurred.

We focused on the study of variations in temperature, rainfall, day length, variations in the size of the shadows and changes in the aspect of the Moon. Our focus of analysis targeted the discussion of the knowledge that these students had about the topics indicated and as they entered the stage during the implementation of the proposal. The results showed a limited perception that students have of their environment, however, lately expanded due to the undertaken activities, especially in relation to the Moon.

Working with systematic measure procedures reveals the careful handling of data so that they become understandable to students, and working with the shadows points towards the students first understand how shadows are formed, and then apply this knowledge to Astronomy. Finally, we conclude that the lived process consisted of an initial step of a work that should be encouraged for the subsequent years of training of these students. Los resultados mostraron una.

This article, also available in Spanish, describes what happened when a bilingual kindergarten class in West Liberty, Iowa, investigated a combine. The dual-language Kindergarten program supports content area instruction in both Spanish and English. The first part of the article tells the story of the Combine Project, this class's first project…. Atlas de aves: Un metodo para documentar distribucion y seguir poblaciones. Robbins, C. Los Atlas de Aves son proyectos nacionales o regionalies para trazar en mapas la distribucion en reproduccion de cada especie de ave.

El tama? El trabajo de campo de cada proyecto exige aproxlmadamente cinco a? Es posible almacenar los resultados en un computador personal. Hay muchos beneficios: I se presenta la distribucion corriente de las aves de la nacion, del estado, o de la Iocalidad; 2 se desarrolla nueva informacion especialmente sobre especies raras o en peligro; 3 se descubren areas que tienen una avlfauna sobresaliente o habitats raros y ayuda a su proteccion, 4 se documentan cambios de dlstribucion; 5 se pueden usar para documentar cambios de poblacion, especialmente en los tropicos donde otros metodos son mas dificiles de usar porque hay muchas especies y no hay muchos observadores calificados en la identificacion de sonidos de las aves; 6 son proyectos buenos de investigacion para estudiantes graduados; 7 los turistas y los jefes de excursiones de historia natural pueden contribuir con muchas informaciones.

Saving Mango Street. The author first learned about cultural diversity and racial justice in Mr. Sanderson's middle school English class. They read a book called "The House on Mango Street" by Sandra Cisneros and learned about a different culture, but also about a community with striking similarities to their own. The main character in the novel, Esperanza ,…. Harding in the hopes that such a union will provide new insights into each. In particular, this article explores how the speech acts of Esperanza , the novel's protagonist, are indicative of a shifting….

Women at the Top. Profiles Diana Lam, Gerry House, and Esperanza Zendejas, who accomplished what few women do: they became school superintendents. Qualified female candidates for superintendents are out there. School boards need to pay attention to the way they hire personnel and focus on leadership skills. In addition, boards can support professional memberships…. Federal Register , , , , View of sugar mill ruins looking N showing chimney View of sugar mill ruins looking N showing chimney at left and masonry base of steam engine and cane mill at right.

Detail view of mill wall ruins looking E showing Detail view of mill wall ruins looking E showing arched openings for Jamaican Train and archeological excavations at base of wall. View of partially excavated mill ruins looking NW showing View of partially excavated mill ruins looking NW showing unidentified pit in right foreground, masonry base for steam engine and cane mill in left center, purging house and chimney in background.

View of mill wall ruins looking E showing arched View of mill wall ruins looking E showing arched openings where fuel was fed to fire Jamaican Train. This article explores how Sandra Cisneros alludes to and recasts popular fairy tales in "The House on Mango Street" to reveal their troubled legacy in the lives of many women in the novel. Drawing upon Latina feminist theory and Cisneros's autobiographical writing, this article posits that the main character Esperanza 's alternative "happily ever…. Front view of steam engine and mill, looking NE, Front view of steam engine and mill, looking NE, showing l to r 6-column beam engine, flywheel, reduction gears and 3-roll cane mill.

N of PR Rt. Religious Education for Generating Hope. This article discusses how religious education began at Esperanza College in North Philadelphia, one of the poorest counties of the United States. It also is the largest community of returning citizens in Pennsylvania. Student access and success in higher education continues to be impacted by the effects of structural racism and systemic poverty.

This article describes and investigates initial findings from the Esperanza Mental Health Services EMHS Program, which is an intensive outpatient program that provides individual and group mental health services for students with "dual diagnosis" or developmental disabilities and co-occurring mental health problems. Previous research…. A landscape-scale wildland fire study using coupled weather-wildland fire model and airborne remote sensing.

We examine the Esperanza fire, a Santa Ana-driven wildland fire that occurred in complex terrain in spatially heterogeneous chaparral fuels, using airborne remote sensing imagery from the FireMapper thermal-imaging radiometer and a coupled weather-wildland fire model.

The radiometer data maps fire intensity and is used to evaluate the error in the extent of the Large astronomical surveys allow us to do systematic studies of stellar populations with significant statistical weight. After the positional cross-matching we have found that of H sources have ASAS light-curves.

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From that number, more than 50 sources are periodic variables with amplitude larger than 0. Variable stars that we have found are of many different types, among them Miras, eclipsing binaries, bursting stars, etc. Also, only stars are known previously as variable sources in ASAS catalogue, and 93 of them were studied previously in detail. In order to characterize the nature of the sources, we have started a medium-resolution spectroscopic survey of the unstudied variable emission-line objects using the 2. At the moment, we have observed a set of 67 blue stars selected using 2MASS colors, being almost all of them Be-type stars.

This set of bright new variable Be-type stars is ideal for follow-up monitoring for the study of the Be-phenomenon. Information on programs that address special needs of students from disadvantaged backgrounds who attend private colleges and universities in New York State is provided in separate English and Spanish reports.

Information is provided on: eligibility for…. The purpose of this map is to provide an integrated, bi-national geologic map dataset for display and analyses on an Arc Internet Map Service IMS dedicated to environmental health studies in the United States-Mexico border region. The objective of the project is to acquire, evaluate, analyze, and provide earth, biologic, and human health resources data within a GIS framework IMS to further our understanding of possible linkages between the physical environment and public health issues.

The geologic map dataset is just one of many datasets included in the web site; other datasets include biologic, hydrologic, geographic, and human health themes. Management strategies for organic livestock effluents,innovative treatment and valorization. To describe the frequency of adverse drugs events ADEs as possible causes of request of drugs not included in national essential Medicines list in Colombia.

This was a descriptive study developed in a private medical insurance company in Bogota, Colombia. Data were obtained from drug request form of drugs not included in a national essential Medicines list. We analyzed the content of the notes to identify the records related to the occurrence of ADEs in the period to Information concerning the adverse event and the drug involved was recorded in a data collection instrument developed by the researchers.

We study 3, request forms of drugs not included in a national essential Medicines list. The great majority was cases of light severity The results of this study support the innovative approach of using request form of drug not included in national essential Medicines list to obtain information regarding ADEs in developing countries; recognizing the importance of looking for new sources of report of adverse reactions to diminish the under-notification of ADEs.

Phymastichus coffea La Salle , Hymenoptera: Eulophydae is a parasitic wasp that attacks the adult coffee berry borer, Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari when it is tunnel into the berry. Comparacion con la Teoria de las Lineas Sustentadoras ,. In the past, especially for theoretical The equations corresponding to the isothermal process are given, in some detail. The optimum conditions of temperature and velocity for the maximum purification of the metal were determined.

The HEOP is designed to meet the special needs of students from disadvantaged backgrounds through screening, testing, counseling, tutoring, teaching, and financial assistance. Generally, students…. The challenges of bilingual education in English and Spanish in public schools of New York: Objectives, models and curricula - The first section of this article describes the conceptual differences between educational objectives, educational model context and structures and curriculum units of study or sequential study guides.

The second section analyses how these three concepts were put into practice in five bilingual elementary schools serving immigrant students in New York City. The educational objectives reflect the leadership and work expectations which the principal establishes within the school and with the community.

The educational model is translated into a clear language allocation policy that is reached by consensus between the principal and the teachers. The curriculum adaptations reflect the context and culture of the students, but without neglecting the educational objectives. The development of academic language the language based on academic texts is an element that attracts vast interest in American schools, but is ignored in many bilingual ones.

The development of academic language occupies a central role in the curriculum of these five schools. This is, to a great extent, the result of the limited exposure to literacy that many students have had outside of the school environment. The final section of this article describes how these schools disregard the antagonism towards immigrants and bilingual education that is currently characteristic of the United States and focus on the quality of their programmes.

The article gives a brief overview of the Mexicano experience in East Chicago, Indiana during the s and characterizes it within the context of the Mexicano unskilled laborer experience in a region where productive increases were of tantamount importance. Historia de vidas de profesoras de ciencias: Hacia una ensenanza cientifica de calidad. The purpose of this research was to capture the memories, practices, thoughts and philosophies of education that four experienced Science teachers have accumulated through the years. The life story qualitative research design was used in order to collect more meaningful information from the participants amenable to in depth analysis and interpretation.

The life stories interviews were conducted using an interview protocol especially designed for the study. The interviews were recorded and transcribed. The questions that guided this research are: 1. What are the meanings that science teachers give to their educational practices? How did the life experiences of the participants contribute to their success as science teachers? How did the participants' educational practices change and evolve over time?

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What does teaching science mean in the life of the participants? Which reflections arise from the work of the participants that impact the teaching of science? What are the participants' conceptions about teachers' professional development? What are the participants' contributions to the field of scientific education? Wolcott's DAI analytical model was used for the analysis of the information and the narratives were written following the three dimensions of the model: description, analysis and interpretation. According to the life stories of the participants, being a teacher requires more than teaching the content.

To be a successful and an exemplary science teacher, they have to live the teaching vocation, with dedication, passion, commitment and love for teaching, for students and science; teachers have to give their best for the students, even if it means making personal sacrifices; they should keep updated in knowledge content and in educational innovations strategies ; emphasizing both the theoretical and the practical aspects in the field of science, and being an inspirational guide for students. Reviews the history of La Cabana kindergarten, which provides preschool education and meals for children and sewing classes for mothers in a working class neighborhood in Bogota, Colombia.

Describes the implementation of a new curriculum which develops child creativity through free choice of activities around a common project. Una experiencia europea de innovacion pedagogica basada en la escritura de un ibro. Describes a European project based on writing a book from an educational perspective. Participants included 18 schools from 13 countries. The study originated in a Spanish Comenius 3. This Spanish version of the popular Small Wind Electric Systems: A New Mexico Consumer's Guide provides consumers with information to help them determine whether a small wind electric system can provide all or a portion of the energy they need for their home or business based on their wind resource, energy needs, and economics.

In addition, the cover of the guide contains a list of contacts for more information. So-called predatory publishing is a new and rising phenomenon presenting as an intellectual fraud that jeopardises the quality of scientific contribution, compromises the activity of authors, reviewers and editors of legitimate journals, damages the image of open access publications and is a very profitable business.

In this paper, we review the concept and relevance of predatory journals and the characteristics that differentiate them from legitimate publications. Neurosurgical and general neuroscience journals are not immune to this problem. Academic institutions and ethics committees have a duty to raise awareness of this phenomenon and provide information and support to authors and the whole scientific community to avoid its propagation and potential control of biomedical publishing. We present a critical review on the paper "Densities, Potentials and related functions for a spherical reduced galaxy" by A.

Poveda, R. Iturriaga, and I. The recording of the interaction between pupil and computer is one of the data sources frequently used in research on the use of computers in teaching. Describes the analysis methodology of these recordings to determine the use of computers in statistics and its adaptation to other research work on the use of computers in education. I am an assistant professor at New Mexico State University; however, the path to getting to this position has been about crossing borders, about learning in and from the borderlands. The borderlands that my body has had to cross, physically and figuratively, have left many "heridas abiertas" open wounds but have also provided me with….

Traces the career of Carmen Fischer Ramirez, focusing on her work in improving early childhood education in Chile. Reviews her university career, work with the World Organization for Early Childhood Education, and major publications. It outlines the characteristics and procedures of the program; the nature,…. Per una pedagogia della comprensione interculturale A Method for Teaching Intercultural Understanding.

Defines true bilingualism as biculturalism, explains what "understanding" another culture means, and describes how to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching methods for students from different cultures. Ideally, individuals learning a second language will acquire a "metacultural" consciousness that permits them to be comfortable in any cultural…. Diseno y desarrollo de una base de datos bibliograficos Design and Development of a Bibliographic Database. Puerto Rican roots stem from the ethnic mixture of Indians, Europeans, and Africans. This article describes the advent of each of the groups on the island, the historical and cultural impact each made, and the retention of heritage among Puerto Rican migrants to the U.

This book, the Spanish version of "My Neighbor is a Battered Woman," is intended as a general introduction to the problems of battered women. The format for part 1 consists of the presentation of facts about wife beating, i. Outlines history of Spanish colonial policies toward Southern Peruvian Quechua and points out those issues under debate concerning the indigenous languages.

The central issue of the "Andean language debate" continues to be whether or not the Quechua have a right to exist as a separate community. This article offers a linguistic and paralinguistic explication of the oral practice of chismeando gossiping as engaged in by a group of women from the Dominican Republic. The latest terrorist attacks in Europe and in the rest of the world, and the military experience in the most recent conflicts leave us with several lessons learned.

The most important is that the fate of the wounded rests in the hands of the one who applies the first dressing, because the victims usually die within the first 10 minutes, before professional care providers or police personnel arrive at the scene. A second lesson is that the primary cause of preventable death in these types of incidents involving explosives and firearms is massive hemorraghe. There is a need to develop a training oriented to citizens so they can identify and use available resources to avoid preventable deaths that occur in this kind of incidents, especially massive hemorrhage.

A 7-hour training intervention program was developed and conducted between January and May Data were collected from participants' answers on a multiple-choice test before and after undertaking the training. The Argentinian Mesopotamia is the core of fast-growing tree species plantations of the country. Based on previous studies on structural and functional features, a comprehensive model is here proposed on emergence of new properties linked to matter and ecosystem Nutriment habits and oral hygiene in a preschool population in Madrid were studied by stratification in public or private schools.

Significant differences were found only with regard to consumption of fish. Vegetable and fruit consumption was low in both groups, but not statistically significant. Designed for Spanish-speaking parents of students with disabilities living in Oregon, this brochure describes the general mediation process that parents can use to resolve special education services disputes with schools. It begins by discussing what mediation is and the characteristics of a trained mediator. It addresses the requirement for….

Historia Verdadera de Una Gota de Miel. The True Story of a Drop of Honey. Part of the series "Coleccion Mini-Libros" Mini-Book Collection , the booklet is a factual account of the life of a bee. Designed to provide a tool for education of the Spanish-speaking child, as well as to stimulate an interest in Spanish among the youth of our country, the publication is a compilation of photographs with a description of bees….

This address seeks to explain in brief the historical background and political, economic, and social conditions leading to the democratic election of a Marxist president in Chile. A historical sketch of Chilean government from independence in is provided with a description of the situation just before Salvador Allende's election in The purpose of this paper is to obtain the motion of the Earth's axis of rotation in an Earth's fixed frame. The authors consider only the effect of the perturbations due to the external torque and also the elastic deformations produced by the lunisolar tidal force.

The materials in this resource guide include a four-part video, a poster-size cultural map with additional exercises, and the five sections of this guide. The unit, presented in English and Spanish, intends to introduce students to the peoples and cultures of the U. Una Camera En This collection of 83 clip sheets, or classroom handouts, was created to help U.

They are written in both English and Spanish and are presented in an easily understandable format. Written by students for students, the purpose of the book, one of four components of the Model UN Survival kit, is to help prepare secondary and college student delegates for participation in Model United Nations UN Conferences. Model UN programs help students discover the difficulties of world political processes and understand other nations….

Spanish Edition. A guide for Spanish-speaking parents of elementary and secondary school students in Nebraska provides in Spanish, and then in English, information concerning education in the state. Topics covered include: state policy concerning enrolling children in school, medical requirements for enrollment and attendance, the school curriculum requirements…. Una guia para los padres a la educacion preescolar A Parent's Guide to Preschool.

This booklet, in Spanish- and Japanese-language versions, offers parents guidance on how to partner with teachers to help their children acquire the skills, attitudes, and habits to do well in school and throughout life. The booklet begins with a description of how preschool children learn, and continues with a discussion of the goals of the…. This booklet was designed to help parents in Oregon in finding and financing child care for their children. This section…. Confieso que Divulgo. Confessions of a popularizer: This paper presents some author's thoughts about scientific outreach, developed along her professional path, an unfinished way from intuition to trade.

First, identity signs of outreach are revised; then, ideas, experiences and resources, sifted by practice and further critical analysis, are reviewed. Activities related to Astronomy, being one of the most spectacular and rewarding, are remarked 1. Written in Spanish, this black and white illustrated booklet provides a tour of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico's oldest and most historic city. Brief historical information is provided on the Perro de San Jeronimo, a statue of a barking dog found in front of the Castillo; Plaza de Colon, a small plaza dedicated to Christopher Columbus; the Catedral de….

Through the data obtained from the four qualitative open-ended survey questions, a content analysis revealed specific codes, themes, and subthemes addressing the factors and resources that motivate…. Designed to orient Hispanic refugees to the services that are available in Central Florida, this bilingual guide consists of a section of general information on living and working in the United States and a section devoted to various public and private agencies. Provided first are addresses and phone numbers of various government agencies:….

The astronomy education community has tacitly assumed that learning astronomy is a conceptual domain resting upon spatial thinking skills. As a first step to formally identify an empirical relationship, undergraduate students in a non-major introductory astronomy survey class at a mediumsized, Ph. Students' normalized gains for astronomy surveys were low at. Students' spatial thinking was measured using an instrument designed specifically for this study.

A new species of big-eared climbing rat, genus Ototylomys Cricetidae: Tylomyinae , from Chiapas, Mexico. Abstract An allopatric population of big-eared climbing rats Ototylomys from the Northern Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico, is described as a new species. Several cranial, external, and molecular characters distinguish this new species of big-eared climbing rat from its more widely distributed congener, Ototylomys phyllotis. We performed principal component and discriminate function analyses of cranial measurements, and found that specimens of the new species consistently could be distinguished from other Ototylomys with strong statistical support.

The restricted distribution in montane karst rainforest suggests that the species and its habitat may be a matter of conservation concern. An allopatric population of big-eared climbing rats Ototylomys from the Northern Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico, is described as a new species.

Petrographic and geochemical characterization of the Triassic and Jurassic magmatic and volcanic rocks of southeastern Ecuador. Formely, the subandean zone in the southeastern Ecuador involved large volcanic and magmatic rocks included in the Misahualli Formation and Zamora batholith, both as expression of the Jurassic cal-alcaline volcanic arc.

Geochemical characterization was done using representative 16 whole - rock chemical analysis. The oldest rocks of the investigated area called Pachicutza Unit, include greenish to black, massive basalts and basaltic andesites, locally showing pillows structures. The texture is aphanitic to microporphyritic with slight crystal growth of plagioclase and pyroxenes.

The Unit include also local pyroclastic breccias and tuffs showing variable skarnification related to the intrusion of the jurassic Zamora Batholith. Two samples of basalts show tholeiitic affinity, corresponding to an N- MORB, probably representing an early stage in opening of a regional Triassic rift reported since Colombia to Peru in the Andes. These geochemical characteristics are similar to the amphibolites of Monte Olivo Unit in the Real Cordillera.

The Jurassic large volcanic assembly of the Misahualli Formation was also differenciated. Basal volcanics include green, subporphyritic andesites and volcanic breccias possibly generated at an early stage of the volcanic arc, caused by a change of extensive to compressive regime. Continental volcano sedimentary and sedimentary rock were discriminate as Nueva Esperanza and Suarez Units, respectively. The volcanosedimentary sequence include massive to laminate tuffs and tuffites of intermediate composition.

The sediments of the Suarez Unit include dominant conglomerats and sandstones of fluvial domain. Cuando se aleja a una persona de su familia o su comunidad, los que se quedan en ella llegan a entenderse como ciertos tipos de personas. Los plaguicidas y la contaminacion del medio ambiente Venezolano.

Establecer un sistema de muestreo biologico para detectar los niveles tendencias de los productos quimicos toxicos en un peque? Mantener continua vigilancia de la contaminacion ambiental, mediante la seleccion acertadamente dirigida de las zonas afectadas y de las fuentes de contaminacion.

Realizar estudios acerca de las poblaciones de animales silvestres, y del exito de los procesos reproductivos de las especies o grupos clayes de animales que se consideran mas gravemente afectados. Preparar recomendaciones para una accion gubernamental de proteccion al hombre, a la fauna silvestre y al medio ambiente. Recomendaciones para la Accion Administrativa: 1. Establecer limites a la tolerancia de los residuos de plaguicidas en los alimentos.

Constituye una medida clave para disminuir la contaminacion ambiental. Establecer normas de calidad del agua para las corrientes, represas, la gos y otros cuerpos. Es la segunda medida clave para reducir la contaminacion del ambiente 3. Exigir un tratamiento adecuado de los efluentes industriales, especialmente antes de que se construyan las nuevas plantas.

Exigir a los agricultores que en el uso de plaguicidas sigan los consejos tecnicos autorizados y negar a los vendedores el derecho a recomendar productos por su cuenta. Tomar medidas para recoger y eliminar los recipientes y sobrantes de los plaguicidas. Modos de produccion cientifica: Culturas y metodologias de investigacion en la Universidad de Cadiz. Este trabajo de investigacion supone un modelo teorico de caracter aplicado, que proporciona la oportunidad de evaluar la produccion cientifica de los investigadores. Se encuadra dentro de la tradiccion de la estadistica aplicada y la sociologia del conocimiento.

Atiende especialmente a dos conjuntos de temas de interes, por una parte, las caracteristicas principales que determinan el nivel y tipo de produccion academica producida por las unidades de investigacion y por los propios investigadores; por otra, la utilizacion que se hace de los metodos y tecnicas de investigacion puesto que de ello tambien depende el modo de produccion cientifica. There are different roles available for volunteers: 1 Teaching: Classes in the morning are from 8 a. We also have afternoon class from 3 p.

We do have four classes. Kindergarden 2. Special class kids with disabilities Depending on your skill set and time of your stay, you will teach in one of these classes. Also you should speak at least basic Spanish to be able to communicate with them. We are currently working on specific timetables and curriculum.

The main focus here will be reading and writing, mathematics and English. In the afternoon there are kids from here and from public schools, but way less than in the morning. We help them with their homework, teaching them English,.. Depending on the number of volunteers you are asked to attend afternoon classes as well for about one or two times a week. If there are enough volunteers you will only work in the morning or in the afternoon. The minimum commitment of this job is two weeks. Open all year long. You will teach a whole class with one or two other volunteers. You also need basic Spanish for this one.

The minimum commitment for this job is one month. Only from March to December 3 Workshops We are also looking for volunteers who will host workshops sharing their skills in: Music, instruments, sport, arts, practical skills etc If you apply for this one please specify which skill you would want to do. This would require choosing and registering an online platform for donations, setting up the profile with texts, pictures etc.

Please let us know which role you would like to apply for and when you would be available, so we can organize ourselves. We would be happy to have you in our team! Tenemos 4 clases. Primero grado 3. Segundo grado 4. Ellos van a regresarlo. Por eso tienes que elegir y registrar una plataforma online para donaciones, poner textos, fotos, etc. Our project does not receive any subsidy from the government nor from particulars, the only income we have is a donation from the volunteers who come to work with us. The following is included: - 3 meals a day breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by an employee as well as cleaning of the public areas in the house.

From Monday to Friday. Bad signal wifi - Room shared with other volunteers. If you come as a couple we can try to have room to yourselves. De Lunes a Viernes. La casa de los voluntarios se encuentra en un barrio llamado Florencia de Mora. Trujillo is located in the North of Peru, on the west coast. It has access to beaches with the option to enjoy water sports, like surfing.

There are also several archaeological sites ruins of the Incas close by, which are definitely worth seeing. You'll also get a certificate certifying your participation in the project. For us, this is a time where we discover a different world and experience indescribable moments. Working with us will give you the opportunity to find out more about yourself, to be able to grow in character, to share memories, to enrich, to engage and to understand that everyone has their own story.

Come join our team! Es un tiempo de nuestra vida en el que descubrimos un mundo diferente, en el que vivimos experiencias indescriptibles y momentos inolvidables. Aprendemos a crecer, a compartir, valorar, enriquecer, participar y a entender que todas las personas tienen su propia historia. This will be clearly marked on the host listing. Volunteer at our school in Trujillo, Peru updated. Favourited times. Host rating. Last activity.

Amor by Penny Jordan

Reply rate. Average reply time:. Add to my host list Contact Register. Description Our school is an organization founded in independent of religious and political spheres. Cultural exchange and learning opportunities 1. Help There are different roles available for volunteers: 1 Teaching: Classes in the morning are from 8 a. Accommodation Our project does not receive any subsidy from the government nor from particulars, the only income we have is a donation from the volunteers who come to work with us.

What else A little more information Internet access. How many Workawayers can stay? More than two. Hours expected Maximum 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. This host charges a fee read more Why does workaway. Feedback left by and about host Left by Workawayer Nicolas for host. I spent 3 weeks here, and for sure it was an amazing moment. Rosemary and Americo created here a very special place and will make you feel at home from the first second.

Yes the mission to teach those kids can sometimes be difficult because of their situation, but the relation you can build with them is very strong and they will return you a … read more thousand times the love you give them. It was therefore very difficult for me to leave but I will never forget them. We stayed here for one month and it was an incredible time. It is a super nice experience for yourself. Everyone is really friendly and helpful. The volunteer house has a nice view over the whole City. In the afternoons and weekends the volunteers mostly are hanging Out in huanchaco the beachvillage nearby.

The work with the kids is really … read more great but also really tough Sometimes. Also there is a little lack of organisation but overall it is a really nice project and the idea of it is really great. We can really recommend it, if you like working with kids. Left by Workawayer Meredith for host. I spent an incredible month with this organisation. The school is a very special place, providing a safe space for the sweetest children, so energetic, filled with smiles and love, and always so eager to play and learn. A lot of the kids would be unable to access any education without this NGO so the work it does is truly essential!

The teachers … read more are so dedicated to the children, they were a pleasure to work alongside. Having the opportunity to immerse myself in local life while teaching at the school was a unique and unforgettable experience. The volunteer house is a great place to hang out in the evenings and lots of delicious food is provided. I would definately recommend this experience! Here we had an unforgettable time. The house where the volunteers stayed was sometimes crowdy but we meet very nice people and these include Rosemary, Esperanza and Americo the team behind the organisation.

At the school we had a great time as well. The kids are super energetic and sweet and it is very easy to create a connection with them … read more even without speaking good spanish! The teachers helping at the school are fantastic too; they provide a great support for both the kids and the volunteers. We ran an art club for around 3 weeks and were very pleased by the commitment of the students plus the support from the organisation. This project is suitable for those who are willing to challenge themselves while experiencing something unique.

Thank you very much for having us! Left by Workawayer Meghan for host.

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  • It’s All about Light?

This is such a special place and has been my most rewarding workaways yet. The kids are incredible and you really get to live like a local and feel involved. The volunteer house is a great place to relax, hang out with fellow volunteers and eat delicious meals— located in florencia de mora. I planned to stay one month and ended up extending for … read more two. The volunteers spend a lot of time in huanchaco, the beach town next door as well. I highly recommend this workaway and wish them all the best!!

Left by Workawayer Alexander for host. This was an amazing experience! I initially planned to stay two weeks with the project but was there for over three weeks in the end and wish I could have stayed longer. Living in the volunteer house with 15 other super fun and smart volunteers from around the world was a great time. We would hang out together, go on fun outings, share food, make … read more music, joke around. It was always fun in the house.

The school was also very impactful. I was teaching a class of around 15 kids and by the end I had a strong connection with them and saw them grow. You really feel like you are helping out and making a difference in this project and I highly recommend it to everyone. Definitely one of the highlights of my travels so far. En la casa con todos los voluntarios es muy divertido. Siempre estamos juntos y haciendo cosas divertidos alrededor de Trujillo. Esta experiencia es uno de los mejores experiencias en mi viaje y todos deben ir a qui! Left by Workawayer Travis for host.

I spent one month and it was a great. This project has potential to be extremely impactful within the community but they need your help! My time was challenging and rewarding, but also fun! I'm very grateful to have had this experience and would reccomend it to any workawayer who is looking for something based in education. Left by Workawayer Adam for host. I spent 6 weeks at this place in Trujillo. I had a really good time there! My profession isn't about teaching, but I think it was a great experience for me.

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  6. There is a huge lack of English teachers and basic English education within the country, so for sure, your help will be useful and appreciated! Very colourful and multicultural, of course! The volunteers do a lot of things together in their free time, too. You are never bored! Of course, the circumstances are not so comfortable like in a hotel, but every basic demands are satisfied. Hot shower, comfortable bed, opportunity to use the kitchen, Wifi Also considering many hostels in Peru, the house is a pleasant place to stay and live for a while!

    Now there is just a printer, but without any computer. But it is often necessary to prepare the lessons. The food is tasty, at least I liked the lunch and dinner all the time. Any other staff has to be bought on your own. Sometimes the organization of the educational activity isn't perfect, but basically it is Ok. Reading some of the previous reviews I suppose it improved a lot in the last half year.

    For example the cooperation and communication between here and the leadership of public schools could be developed even more. In my time I felt the financial transparency correct. You could check the incomes and expenses detailed month by month. Summary: I found this place a very valuable and enjoyable place to do voluntary work! Y diverso e internacional, por supuesto! Nunca vas a aburrirte! Ademas siempre hay cambios positivos en la casa. Ahora hay una impresora, pero sin ordenador. La comida es muy rico, o al menos siempre me gustaban los almuerzos y las cenas. Resumen: Creo que es un sitio muy valorable y amable para hacer algo trabajo voluntariado!

    Left by Workawayer Davy for host. Il y a beaucoup de volontaires et l'ambiance est vraiment sympa. Les repas sont copieux le logement en dortoir suffisant. Merci a Rosemary pour m'avoir accueilli dans cette petite famille. Hay muchos voluntarios y el ambiente es muy agradable. La comida es bastante y el alojamiento es un cama en un dormitorio.

    From the day we arrived the house grew from 5 to 20 volunteers within 5 days and we lived so well together. Christie: The work itself was amazing and I will remember my time there forever. It … read more was challenging with the children but it made it all more rewarding. I have to say that some unorganisation meant my classes changed 3 times in 2 weeks which was frustrating not to be able to make a full connection with the kids. Alice: I was working in a class of children aged between the charity has plans to split this class into two. Because of the different ages and abilities in the class it meant that at times it was quite challenging however the kids were amazing and the work was extremely rewarding.

    You can only contact Workawayers with active membership. Nana es sin duda alguna una gran voluntaria y una gran persona. Te deseamos lo mejor. Un fuerte abrazo Nana. Es una experiencia muy inolvidabe y preciosa. Si piensaba que haga la clase mejor. Muchas gracias! Left by Workawayer Marco for host. Had a great time during this volunteer. I got picked up at the bus station and felt already like home after some days. The people from the organization as well as the other volunteers were really nice.

    In school you take responsibility from the first day on and you're welcome to bring your ideas. Definitely recommendable! Marco has been a great volunteer during his time here. Always, smiling and with a positive attitude. We want to thank you for the job that you have done with our little kids. Enjoy your travelling. Un fuerte abrazo!!!! Left by Workawayer Alberto for host. It allowed to me to understand a reality that is probably not clear to the most of European or North American people. It was great to help these fantastic kids who are always showing their love.

    I also had the possibility io learn a lot about the costumes and … read more the culture of Peru and Trujillo. Living with other volunteers was also super cool. A big thanks to Rosmery, Americo, Esperanza and all the other people working for this project. Un abrazo. We want to thanks Alberto for the amazing job that he has done. Kids absolutely love him. He has been a great teacher, able to teach children and to motivate them. Also, Alberto has helped us a lot to take care of others volunteers.

    Un fuerte abrazo. Cassandra has been an excellent volunteer here. She is full of motivation, enthusiasm, and happiness that she contagious to everybody who is around her. During her time with us, Cassandra has been really dedicated to helping kids with learning disabilities which is a challenge task and not always easy. However, she always found the way to keep … read more working, smiling and teaching them.

    We miss you a lot Cassandra!!! Un fuerte abrazo desde!!!! Left by Workawayer Cassandra for host. After approximately 2 months when at begging , I have planned to stay only 3 weeks , I can definitely say that this school marked my heart forever. It was a wonderful, rewarding and unique experience who makes me grow. As a person and as a future social worker. Everybody that I had the chance to meet volunteers, teachers, coordinators, … read more Rosemery It was amazing to collaborate with dedicated people like them.

    Gracias to Rosemery, the director of this NGO. Thanks to her, since 5 years now, children have a place to flourish. Despite their difficult conditions, this school is full of love, smile, generosity I really feel part of the big family! Everybody who are working here are so loving, dedicated and concern a lot about your well-being. The whole community children, moms, teachers, volunteers, Rosemery, etc. The thing that I loved the most is the fact that this project allows to you to take a lot of initiative; No matter what idea you may have, if you think it will contribute to the well-being of children, lets go!

    However, this project really needs to have volunteers who will stay for more than a few weeks I spend 6 weeks in this workaway and my experience there was amazing! The children that you will help there need help and you will see that finally you receive more from those children than you give. This project needs absolutely some volunteers and that's definitely worth it to be a part of it!

    Furthermore, the people who take care of this … read more project Rosmery, Americo, Oscar, You will also enjoy the fact that a lot of others volunteers from different countries will be there. So, in my opinion, don't hesitate to take part at this project because I don't think you will find others as concrete and enjoyable as this one! I send full love to all of you!! Muchas gracias para esta experiencia!!! Please see our feedback policy for more info about why this review is not displayed. A truly special and amazing experience.

    We cannot recommend coming and being a part of this community more. We spent a month at the school Hijo Rojo and it was by far the hardest place to say goodbye to so far on our trip. It was a truly amazing experience that left us inspired to do more. The connection made with the children happens very quickly … read more and is very genuine and heart felt. Rosemary the lady who runs and organises the school is nothing short of amazing and has one of the biggest hearts we have ever come across.

    While it true the organisational part of the school may not be up to western standards its important to approach the experience with an open mind and understand that so so much is being run and orchestrated by one women who still has to work and be with her family. Additionally the school has been operating for over 6 years so obviously something must be working. One day spent with Rosemary in her community will show you just how much she is appreciated and just how important the school is to the families whose children attend. We have been away from the school now a few weeks and still talk about the kids and the other volunteers we met every day.

    A really worthwhile experience that will leave a really positive impact on those who partake whole heartedly. Left by Workawayer Nadia for host. Amazing project concept however lacking organisation. The project is in desperate need of a long term volunteer to act as a liaison between volunteers and those in charge. I highly enjoyed my time here - meeting like minded passionate people and of course getting the opportunity to work with some of the most enthusiastic children. Left by Workawayer Alice for host. I've stayed in Trujillo one month and a half and I has been really hard to leave.

    It was a wonderful experience, I've learnt a lot from every single kid I met at school. Most of them live in extremly poor life conditions but it's incredible the amount of love they can give to a volunteer. The house of the volunteers is full of beautiful people … read more and you easily feel like at home. I highly recommend this experience if I hasn't been easy. I let a peace of my heart there. I'm coming back soon and I can't wait :. Left by Workawayer Dominik for host. Cada persona en … read more workaway debe ayudar! Yo quiero regresar muy pronto! Left by Workawayer Charlotte for host.

    The children are so glad to have you there as a volunteer. Working together with the other volunteers means sharing experiences, ideas, questions, the living-space and a common sense for spending time … read more together with children. I'd recommend to plan a stay which lasts longer than just 2 weeks, to give you and the children the possibility to get to know each other and build up a healthy relation for a little longer time with some perspective. It's extra-challenging if you don't speak any Spanish, then you shouldn't be afraid of complications in communication or some frustrating moments during lessons in school.

    But,- and that's the most important thing,- the main point for all the children and responsible persons in the project is: having you there, as an open-minded, interested and positive-thinking person which is willing to be part of this wonderful and important project! Left by Workawayer Marion for host. Una experiencia humana maravillosa! Gracias para todo! Left by Workawayer Leander for host. This is such a beautiful project! I arrived without having any experience in teaching children, so I knew it would be quite a challenge.

    But as soon as you meet these young Peruvian students you will feel at home immediately. I feel like if you also volunteer here in the afternoon and try out the two public schools you will get an even more … read more impressive experience in Trujillo. Sometimes things could be organized a little bit better like how many people are needed in each school , but all in all I can fully recommend this workaway to everyone. The amount of love and support I received during my three weeks there was just incredible.

    After spending 2 weeks here, we have a lot of different things to say! This is a school built in a very poor town, which welcomes very poor children, with a difficult past. That could explain why they are not very interested in … read more school But other than that, they are very welcoming with all the volunteers, and they are always asking for affection, hugs, and games.

    This is the main reason why it's really worth it. Everything is organized by the volunteers and the school does not follow a curriculum. Some days can be very hard, when there are not enough volunteers. Of course we can not blame the owners for that, they are already doing a great deal, but we can advise you future volunteers to plan a long stay. We think that to really enjoy the adventure, and to build strong ties with children, the minimum stay should be one month.

    Taxi is obligatory because the school is 15 minutes far from the house by car. We would have like to know these informations before our arrival ; even if we are not talking about a lot of money, its a matter of principle. The beach is 15 minutes far from the house by car, in the city of huanchaco, where you will be able to take surf lessons and to enjoy a lot of bars and restaurants.

    To conclude, we really enjoyed our stay in Trujillo, even if there are some things to improve. This school really needs volunteers, and the children of La Esperanza really needs the school because their families can not afford for the public school. When we arrive to catch their attention, they become able to accomplish great things. If you want to join the school, don't hesitate more :.

    Left by Workawayer Richard for host. I've been volunteering at the school for about 1 month. It was an amazing experience and the kids are lovely. You can choose your task where every help is needed. So, you are free to participate and bring in new ideas. It was hard to leave the volunteering program after 1 month.

    If you have some time on your travel, please take your time for this … read more project and stay as long as possible. You will live with other awesome volunteers in a house with a great atmosphere. The beach is close and reachable by bus. There are waves and good surf to finish the day after working at the project. I strongly encourage you to come here if you are thinking about it. The money is going to a worthy cause and the school needs volunteers. Left by Workawayer Matthew for host. I was only able to spend two weeks here; however, it was a memorable time.

    Overall, the program has a very positive aim -- to provide education to the poorest children in Trujillo. The children are the number one reason to participate in this program, and working with them is very fulfilling yet also very challenging. Due to their environmental … read more circumstances, most do not have the skills to make the most of their education.

    I found that the vast majority of time was spent trying to motivate the children and prevent fights -- not actually teach. As such, it can feel like babysitting more than teaching a lot of the time. The children themselves are full of energy and love, and easily attach themselves oftentimes physically to the volunteers. The school itself lacks a lot of resources, such as running water or electricity. There are very few materials for the volunteers to use.

    It is unclear where many resources come from and often volunteers spend their own money to provide extra support for the children. There is very little organization. There is no pedagogical method in place, so volunteers are expected to essentially make up lesson plans on the go. It's unclear what the children have been working on, only some notes that previous volunteers have left. There is no outline for measuring student learning outcomes, or even suggestions as to what they should be learning.

    Students in the classes vary widely in terms of their skills and abilities, making planning even more difficult. Volunteers live together in shared housing where lunch and dinner is served M - F. The food is typically quite appetizing. A shared water jug is also provided, but volunteers are asked not to fill their water bottles.

    Volunteers are given a briefing when they arrive, which is helpful. However, a lot is still left quite unclear and things are known to change on the fly ie. More transparency and better organization would be helpful for new volunteers. In sum, the program seems to have its heart in the right place.

    Left by Workawayer Iratxe for host. Algo que no podremos olvidar en nuestras vidas. Nos vamos llenas de vida y amor. Gracias por todo! Paloma e Iratxe. Left by Workawayer Max for host. Me encantaba pasar tiempo con los otros voluntaries y por supuesto con los ninos tambien. No era facil ensenar ninos de ocho o nueve anos pero por eso me gustaba la experiencia, porque todos de nosotros teniamos que preparar actividades y pensar en que podia ayudar a los ninos para aprender.

    En serio esta es una … read more experiencia genial porque puedes hacer conneciones con la comunidad y con las familias cerca de la escuela. Es una oportunidad perfecta para practicar tu espanol con los ninos, la gente Peruana y con los otros voluntaries. Aunque los ninos y la escuela eran estupendos,, mi tiempo con los otros voluntario en la ciudad de Trujillo era mi parte favorita de esta experiencia.

    Yo surfee todos los dias despues de la escuela y tambien muchos de nosotros tomabamos clases de salsa! Trujillo es una ciudad maravillosa y estoy muy alegre de haber ido. Americo y Rosemary estan haciendo cosas enormes en la comunidad y deberias aprovechar la oportunidad de ir a Trujillo y ensenar. Left by Workawayer Kelsi for host. I had an amazing experience here! Each morning Monday through Friday we would start school at 8am and finish at pm. The volunteers would work together to create lesson plans for different age groups of kids from years old.

    I spent 2. I would definitely recommend knowing some if not fluent Spanish before coming as you will be much more beneficial to the program if you can communicate well. Left by Workawayer James for host. I had the most amazing time possible volunteering here, rosemary and her team are all absolute saints and the children were amazing. It was very eye opening to see how these people live, and I was very glad to be able to help them, and in return received a lot of love from the children. Although some people say esparanza can be dangerous for … read more foreigners, there's no need to worry if you're staying here as everyone recognises them and will be very friendly.

    The food cooked every day was excellent, and it was great fun living in a house with lots of other volunteers. If I'm back in Peru i will definitely be returning to this project. All the best to everyone for the future! Left by Workawayer Brody for host. I was here one month and I wish it could have been one year. This is the best project I have ever been a part of. The program provides an education for kids who for the most part would not have access to education if not for efforts of the directors Rosemary and Americo, as well as the many volunteers who have participated.

    As a volunteer you … read more will play an extremely important role in the program as the school is almost entirely run by the volunteers. I quickly fell in love with the children. You will share a house with the other volunteers, who were all incredible people from all over the world when I was there. Delicious meals cooked my Marieugenia and Teresita are provided during the week. There is lots of free time to explore the vibrant city of Trujillo as well as enjoy the beach which is very near by. Our time spent working here was truly unforgettable.

    Everyone was welcoming and kind, with each person working to provide volunteers with the most informative and amazing adventure. The children are deeply intelligent and eager to learn, with volunteers being granted the liberty of organizing and guiding the course curriculum during their stay. It is a city full of amazing people, and what Americo, Rosemary, and the other teachers are doing stands out as truly extraordinary. They have provided a safe and fun learning environment, in an area where many would go without.

    I look forward to one day coming back! Super volontariat! Left by Workawayer Anthony for host. Thank you so much for this great month I spent with the Team. Rose-Marie and Americo you are just doing an incredible work. The world needs more people like you! It has been such a full filing experience. The NGO you set up is so needed in the neighborhood of la Esperanza. Kids there do not start with fair chances and they need a lot of help to … read more improve their chances of a better future. I have learned so much, how to teach kids, how to work in teams of volunteers and local teacher.

    There is so much stuff to do and you are open to every new ideas that could improve the NGO. Thanks a lot for letting me set up a planting tree and compost project, I hope it will continue in the future. I highly recommend this experience to everyone for at least a month cause there is so much to learn and it takes time to establish a trustful relationship with the kids. If you are willing to learn about how teaching, you like being independent you have the possibility teaching your own class and creative you are preparing your own materials this is meant for you!

    Lots of love and you will be forever in my heart. I hope to come back soon to visit you!!! I had a wonderful experience in Trujillo! I went there in , at i am still thinking a lot about the school, the children and Rosemary and Americo! As a volunteer you get the opportunity to prepare for the classes and make your own ideas, while you are teaching. I did only speak basic spanish, but the kids and the other volunteers were such a … read more big help and the teaching went good though I didn't spoke very well spanish. I can recommend everybody to volunteer in this school!

    Best regards Maya. Christian fue un excelente voluntario, siempre fue responsable y muy amable con todos. Left by Workawayer Christian for host. Rosemary and Americo are absolutely wonderful people. My experience with their school was unforgettable! The children are so loving and open to anyone who comes in willing to help them. When I arrived, they came to greet me at the bus station and never once made me feel like anything but their own child. There is a lot of freedom in terms of how … read more to help the children in a way that suits your strengths.

    Some day, I plan to visit them again in beautiful Peru. Fue una de las mejores experiencias que hemos tenido en nuestras vias! Rosmery lanpresidenta de la ONG nos trato super bien, como si fueramos sus hijas. Disfrutad por nosotras! We really enjoyed working with the children here.

    Rosemary is extremely caring and motherly. She makes you feel very welcome. We had a great time living with the other volunteers too! Anna muchas gracias! Left by Workawayer Anna for host. Fue una experiencia maravillosa. Gracias Marlenny por decidir venir ayudarnos.

    Fuiste amable con todos muchas gracias por venir a Trujillo , Eres muy responsable y formaste un buen equipo. Left by Workawayer Avi for host. Volunteering at this amazing place with those adorable children was increiblee! Rosmery and Americo have so much love for these children and their families, and this project comes from a pure good of their heart! I really enjoyed volunteering there, i got to know the children and their families which unforunately, in most cases have horrible … read more stories..

    I had some free time to go surfing at the town nextby, there are really good waves there, and it's only minutes away. And i got to know volunteers from all over the world! They provide a place to sleep and 3 meals a day. I am vegan and their cook made meals espacially for me! It was really nice. So if you have some spare time in peru, i really recommend on this place :.

    Michael es un chico super responsable y amable con todos. Left by Workawayer Michael for host. I spent 2 weeks here and I really wish I could have spent more time here as you form a bond with everyone involved. The children truly make your heart full and you get close to them really fast. Rosmery along with everyone involved truly cares about the kids and has been doing as much as she can for quite some time now.

    When we walked around … read more almost everyone knew her by name and you could tell she had touched many families with all the good she has and will continue to do. I was really touched by all the effort that goes in and how much they take care of you as a volunteer from picking you up at the airport to providing a house with internet and 3 meals a day. I enjoyed all the conversation along with all the wonderful people I met. The children are so sweet and enjoy learning from you and really make you feel welcomed immediately.

    I do wish I could have stayed longer and hope to return in the future. If you have the time and want to make a difference I highly recommend coming here as they are all appreciative and you will really feel like you made an impact. Un abrazo de todo. Te echaos de menos!! Left by Workawayer Chanel for host. I worked at the project for two weeks and I fell in love with these kids! They are so much fun, smart and they taught me some Spanish too. If you have the time to spend longer here I would highly recommend it as these kids will make their way into your heart.

    I worked with the little one year olds and they are already learning to write the … read more alphabet! I sang with them in English and we danced they love singing and dancing so if you know any songs for little ones in any language, share it with them. While I was there we stripped the walls of paint and repainted them all so that we could paint something bright and colourful over the top. It will look amazing when it is finished! Rosemary and America have a real passion for educating these kids and the community.

    You will do home visits to see how the children live and what hardships they have to face, it is humbling and sometimes heartbreaking. If you can bring donations of clothing for children or adults with you to the project I know the families would truly appreciate it. The volunteer house is dormitory style, you will meet people from all over the world. You will have 3 meals a day provided which are good and definitely fill you up.

    The shopping centre is within walking distance and the beach is only 25 minutes away by bus. It helps if you speak some Spanish to teach the kids, especially the older ones. I had very basic Spanish but I was happy to work with the little ones. I hope I have the chance to return here, it was an incredible experience. Gracias for Todos Rosemary y Americo! Left by Workawayer Gyula for host. Un ONG muy buena. Claro hay cosas para mejorar, pero te escuchan si tienes ideas para mejorar.

    Me gustaria volver: Gracias por todos!! Esperamos que mas adelante podamos contar con profesionales como tu, para poder continuar con sus terapias. Fuiste muy responsable, dedicado a tu trabajo y siempre dispuesto … read more ayudar!. Muchas gracias!!!

    Left by Workawayer Daniel for host. Late response! I spent 3 weeks here in the school and community. There is a need for medical professionals in the community, I can only speak for physiotherapists, therefore if you happen to be qualified, your services would be very helpful! There are members of the community with generic to complex mobility issues. As I was only there for a … read more short time, I mainly tried to provide people with exercises to continue with at home as most cannot afford therapy along with advice on mobility devices.

    You are here

    Just remember to work within your own limits as you can only offer what you are able to! This is a very thoughtful project where ALL the money they receive goes straight back into the kids and community. There are 2 places in which you will work, either the school or day center. The kids need consistent teaching, therefore the longer you stay the better! Muchas gracias para todos Rosemary! Un muy buena experiencia.

    Beun Suerte con todo! Gracias Thomas por venir ayudarnos y fue muy bueno conocerte. Esperamos que puedas volver a Trujillo! Un gran abrazo de todos!!! Left by Workawayer Thomas for host. Excellent NGO. I stayed here for four weeks and loved the project very much. Rosemary and Americo treat their volunteers like family and the rest of the staff members were very welcoming.

    You fall in love with the children immediately and the city begins to feel like home very quickly! I enjoyed it so much here I will try to return next year as … read more well! Gracias Kalanit Sharon!!! Esperamos que mas adelante puedas regresar. Un abrazo de todo el equipo!!! Left by Workawayer Kalanit for host. The experience here was an important moment in my trip.

    I'm saying moment because two weeks it's not enough. The kids are amazing, beautiful and smart. Of course that kids are kids and it's takes them a bit time to trust you , but when they do it's something that I can't replace in any other thing. Love you will get from the firs moment that you … read more will go inside the school. In my class We where three volunteers and we where a good team together so I feel that we succeed to teach them new things and to help the teacher in all of the things she needed.

    Beside that I got everything that I needed from the project, comfortable bad, laundry machine, great food! Three times a day on Saturday and Sunday you need to cook for yourself but you get a lot of ingredients. The project is a good place to stop in your trip and to do something good for other people.

    Thank you Rozmary and Visente for given me the opportunity to take part in this important project. Oliver gracias por tu ayuda!! Abrazos de toda la familia! Left by Workawayer Oliver for host. A wonderful experience! This project has a positive and charitable ethos and as such the experience of volunteering is very rewarding.

    The children are much fun to work with, as was spending time with fellow volunteers. If you have the time and are proactive, I recommend working here! Also to all the wonderful staff and superb volunteers! Gracias Camille por venir a Trujillo!!! Que todo te vaya bien!!! Left by Workawayer Camille for host. Muchas gracias a Rosemary, Americo, Vicente y todos los voluntarios que he encontrado! Fue una muy muy muy buena experienca y estuve triste de partir!

    Los ninos son muy monos y entranables. Es un magnifico projecto y espero que el va a conseguir mucho tiempo! Gracias Anna, gracias a ti por el gran trabajo realizado. Left by Workawayer David for host. Left by Workawayer Francesca for host. Thank you very much to Rosemarie, Amerigo, to all the kids and all the voluntarys i met there. That is the place where is possible cross over about many thinks and open the hart.

    I wush all the best to the kids and all the people that work on the progect. Asi que solo nos queda decirte gracias gracias y esperamos volverte a ver. Un fuerte abrazo de todos!!! We volunteered here for two weeks, and it was simultaneously the most challenging and rewarding thing we've done in our time traveling through South America. These kids really need the school, and Americo and Rosemary have built a wonderful community to support young people, some of whom wouldn't have anyone else looking out for them otherwise. We … read more are intermediate Spanish speakers, and we had our struggles, but even beginning Spanish speakers will do just fine.

    It's a great way to learn!