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Photo-realism - because Mixed Media paintings are printed first, it's easier for artists to get all the details in your photo. Giving your photo an obviously hand-painted artwork look. Cleaning up or restoring old or poor quality photos. Portraits - gives an artsy look to a person depicted in your photo Cleaning up or restoring old or poor quality photos.

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Portraits - gives an artsy pencil drawing look to a person depicted in your photo Cleaning up or restoring old or poor quality photos. Greg Kumparak. I absolutely loved the painting that Joy did, it was so life like and absolutely beautiful. I gave it as a Father's Day Very good communication and excellent work. This is a gift for my wife and she loved it. I highly recommend Joy! I am simply blown away by the final product. It is stunning, I can't take my eyes off of it. I am grateful for this You're all signed up!

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Weather conditions may affect oil painting drying times. Expedited shipping ranges from business days, and Economy Saver shipping can take up to 4 weeks for transit. With expedited shipping, most orders are at your door around 3 weeks from ordering, and with economy saver shipping it can take weeks. These seem to represent the two sides of Solano, both silent struggle and feisty spirit. Young Solano took to coloring books, dancing, and making plasticine figures.

Things took a turn in early adulthood when, as the burgeoning artist was about to begin art school, they were hit with an HIV-related illness.

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Left untreated because they were repeatedly denied care by government clinics, Solano lost their sight in the spring of , at 26 years old. I thought even if I tried to be an artist it would be seen as a joke, like a dog walking on its hind legs or something. Their first museum show, at the Museo de Arte Carillo Gil, took place two years later. The multidisciplinary artist reminds themselves everyday to keep moving forward, despite the obvious challenges that come with not being able to see their own artwork. Solano now employs tactile and oratory perception in order to complete a piece: outlining the canvas in physical markers, using their hands to apply paint, and asking friends for feedback.

I can never paint the way I was painting before I became blind, and so I had to reinvent my practice entirely. Back, before I became blind I was, I would say I usually painted oil on canvas, so when I became blind I had to change to acrylic on paper. And I had to start not questioning myself so much and not ever questioning whether or not I should paint something, because it would be valid as a work of art or as part of my work, but always ask myself why I want to make that painting.

And to trust myself. Are you experimenting with any different mediums? I worked on acrylic on canvas, and I worked on what I would call large format.

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These canvases are all larger than me, like centimeters on their longest side. I use tactile markers like pins and thread and pipe cleaners and stuff like that to mark different points on the composition. Then I feel my way around, put my hand to my paint, let my hand work. He was the only person who understood that this was a kind of emergency and that I really needed to make my best paintings for the show. It was such a blessing to be working with him, to work with someone who knows me so well and who understands my sense of humor and, yeah, who loved me so much.

Being blind, I find, requires a lot of asking, but especially requires knowing how to ask and what to ask. I see the fluidity of my own gender perception and also my own identity, how my personality shifts. I find myself a very chameleonic individual and I am always taking from here and there and mixing it up into something else.

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I painted a portrait of someone wearing pearls and I was afraid to paint that because the lighting on the pearls was very important for me to get right. Back when I was sighted, I was very proud of my ability to paint those types of effects accurately. The same painting made me realize some things about my own gender, through my work, and gender performativity and how much of our gender is the things we do to feel like we match our body and our mind. I mean, we see them as superficial because they are changes on our surface. But they definitely are symbols, right?

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And the human mind works through symbols. Our whole reality is constructed by our interpretation of symbols and signs, so these things do signify things in us and about ourselves. And I realize that I have been doing that, I have been making all this work using signs for things about myself, things that are here and are true. And coming to that realization after that painting was very emotional for me. I performed there and that triggered a lot of introspection, a lot of self-analysis. And I saw that it had to do with gender and this confusion about my gender.

I guess I am confused.