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Even the affordable units planned as part of a recent rezoning of Anable Basin now appear to be in jeopardy, as the site will instead be used to create office space for as many as 25, Amazon workers. The company cannot insulate itself from the difficulties facing this neighborhood by relying on the same campus model used in Seattle and Silicon Valley. A self-contained office park is a distinctly un-New York concept. Amazon employees may want to live in Long Island City to be close to work, and the fragile state of mass transit and overburdened schools will be an everyday issue.

Bezos, your influence over the politics of New York is enormous right now.

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Our governor and mayor spent months to win you over, and your satisfaction is important to them. But you will also have to contend with a large and diverse City Council that has so far been cut out of the process that brought you here. Will you choose to leverage that attention to demand long overdue relief for the residents of this neighborhood, and work with our local leaders to build a vision for a strong city of the future?

Elizabeth Goldstein is the president of the Municipal Art Society.

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Business, manufacturing and commercial zones. Residential and other zones. New York.

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While momos are common currency in this neighborhood that is home to many Tibetan and Nepalese immigrants, sold everywhere from minimalist modern storefronts to shambolic basement dining rooms, Mr. He was just 24 then, an eccentrically chic fashion school graduate who sold vintage clothing at a Brooklyn flea market, but he already understood the strange magic that makes a restaurant memorable: Make it like nowhere else.

At his new, diminutive spot on the Lower East Side, as at Izakaya, almost every dish comes with a brief narrative on its origins or making, quietly and effortlessly told. By night, the specialty is oden, a winter stew with a base broth that is constantly replenished and grows more potent with time; by day, the space turns into a kissaten coffee shop , serving slabs of toast as thick as cake under a spackle of sweet red beans and butter. From the front, this unassuming restaurant suggests a cafeteria, but at the back are cushions for lolling, essential after the stupor of a meal.

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Ismail Bourrich and his wife, Bouchra Salmi, both immigrants from Morocco, took over what had been a Chinese-Mexican restaurant in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and brought in Malika Hakmoun, from Marrakesh, as chef, to recreate the expansive flavors of home. And at the end, Chinese gunpowder tea with a bouquet of mint leaves thrust into the pot, poured from a great height. A year ago, Enver and Jeudy Perez, two brothers born in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and raised in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx, opened this lively canteen in a squeeze of a storefront that can now hardly contain its crowds and verve.

Merengue tumbles from the speakers; Spanish carries from one table to another. Everyone, it seems, is family. Their older brother, Freddy Perez, oversees the floor; their mother, Maritza Reynoso, makes the house hot sauce and holds the recipe close. Two aunts keep the steam table brimming over with smoky barbecued ribs and a seemingly endless supply of moro rice and beans. And Yudelkys Paniagua, the chef, cooks dishes to order, like chimi, the Dominican street burger, reimagined as sliders but still gorgeously sloppy, anointed with pink mayo-ketchup whose snap comes from Country Club frambuesa raspberry soda.

To enter Belarussian Xata is to be swept up in the onrush of other lives, mid-revel. Then they shook hands and introduced themselves.

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I checked their left hands. No rings. The train continued on. By now, they were laughing.

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Their shoulders were touching. It was like the beginning to a romantic comedy, a real-life meet-cute. We got to 72nd Street, and they were still chatting away. Would this be the last time they spoke? New York Today is published weekdays around 6 a.

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