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After searching in vain for a U. No-No Boy got some positive reviews, but surprisingly little attention for such a groundbreaking work.

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Okada was ahead of his time. He worked on a second novel over the following years but did not live to see the times finally catch up with him. In the s, a group of Asian American writers searched used bookstores for their literary heritage and discovered No-No Boy. Eventually, because of their advocacy, the publishing and academic establishment did too. To understand how important it was requires a look at the state of Asian America in the s. There was no Asian American studies. I was the only Asian American writer that I knew in the entire world, but it dawned on me, in at age 20, that there must be others out there.

I started looking, and I found a lot of bad books: Charlie Chan books, Fu Manchu books, tour guides, restaurant guides, cookbooks filled with stereotypes, from non-Chinese writers, or non-Asian writers posing as Asian writers. He was also an unpublished writer. We trolled the used bookstores on Telegraph Avenue and found an anthology of Fresno poets; on the cover was a group photo of 20 poets, one of whom looked Asian. It turned out to be Lawson Inada. There must have been someone who came before. We bought all the books we could find—they were only 25 or 50 cents—and No-No Boy was one of them.

China heroically resisted the Japanese invaders for 14 years.


Thus, Japan was unable to send its troops to the Asia-Pacific and European theaters of military operations. Based on the above analysis, we can get a conclusion that, the Chinese Anti-Japanese War made a major contribution to the victory of the world anti-fascist war indeed. British scholar Rana Mitter wrote in his book "Forgotten Ally", "By holding down large numbers of Japanese troops on the mainland, China was an important part of the overall Allied strategy [ 5 ].

China was the first to disclose the prologue of the world anti-fascist war. Japan first began the events of September 18, lit the first hotbed of the world fascist aggressive war, the first field of war was formed in the east.

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Then Germany and Italy formed the field of war in the west. Germany, Japan, and Italy united in a union, became the most dangerous enemy for all peoples. The Chinese people held high the banner of anti-fascist aggression, began resolute resistance, made a successful start to the anti-fascist war, and opened the prologue of the world anti-fascist war.

Before the World War II broke out in Europe in September , China had already waged a resistance war for 8 years, before the war broke out in December in the Pacific Ocean; China had already independently waged a resistance war over 10 years. China opened the eastern front of the world anti-fascist war. In , Japan began the events of July 7th, the comprehensive aggressive war in China began, the goal was the occupation of China.

shashasha 写々者

The Chinese people began a nationwide war of resistance against the Japanese invaders; a largescale antifascist field was opened in the east. In the period of Japan's offensive and China's defense, the Chinese and Japanese general armed forces were more than 4 million people, the front line was more than km, the war spread to more than 10 provinces of China, the military area was about 1. China fettered the main forces of the Japanese ground forces, facilitated the military pressure of the allied countries.

Chinese long-term resistance hampered the Japanese plan of aggression in Siberia, therefore the USSR escaped a bidirectional war; Japan went to the south with a heavy load of the Chinese battlefield, so the Japanese, German and Italian strategy to dominate the world failed.

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China sent an expeditionary force to Myanmar to resist the Japanese invaders together with the Allied army and offered assistance in terms of human, material and financial resources to the allied countries for an anti-fascist war. China actively contributed to the creation of the international anti-fascist united front. The world anti-fascist war represented a world war; the creation of the international anti-fascist united front was an important guarantee of victory over the German, Japanese and Italian invaders.

China not only created a united front of resistance against Japanese aggression in the east of the world, "but when Japan launched a war in the Pacific Ocean and World War II spread all over the world, China actively promoted strategic cooperation with the USSR, the United States, Great Britain, and France, promoted the creation of the World anti-fascist united front and favorable conditions for victory in the war".

China fought shoulder to shoulder with the allied countries, played a big role in defeating the fascists, made a historic contribution to the creation of the united front and the strengthening of military results. During the 14 years from to , the Japanese invaders occupied the northeast, northern China, central China, southern China, etc. The book on the examination and study of the wounded and killed, the property losses of China during the War of Resistance against the Japanese invader was compiled by the first research department of the research cabinet of the history of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese Second Historical Archive.

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The book was published in July , it is a systematic data on the wounded and killed, property losses of China during the war of resistance against the Japanese invader. Data are given below.

Sino-Japanese Air War (1937-1941) - Emergency Edition

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