Sex, Sedition, and Murder in Utopia : The Incredible Story of Father Rikers Holy City

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Riker mind reading ca. Riker and gentleman, at mind reading stall ca. Copies of Riker mind reading photos ca. Riker Riker and Holy City Van ca. Copies of Riker and van photos ca. Riker in sickbed Riker portrait ca. Riker, Fisher and Lucille, and class, San Francisco Irvin B. Fisher portrait Elsie Burch portrait ca. Unknown [Joe Albert? Unknown [Stephen Rozum? Lucille Riker and Winifred Allington ?

Lucille Riker portrait ? Lucille Riker portrait ca. Lucille and Mae Jensen Riker and Son ca. Bessie Zetty Riker n. Willis Riker and airplane n. Holy City van ca. Holy City headquarters ca. Unidentified woman ca. Unidentified woman and child ca. Proof sheet one ca. Proof sheet two ca. Mother, Be a Man The Cause of Infantile Paralysis Explained; The Aura about his head, symbolizes his various per cent arguments and true solutions to all major and your concerned problems n.

Holy City Tells: How to overcome the last enemy; How to become a real Christian and to Grow out of old age; How to become all-wise and go free n. The Two Great Men of God, Who are divinely functioning in a spiritual , wise and Divine Wedlock as herein explained, that challenges and defies the Elite in this world n. Oversize account book No online items. Roxanne L. Machine-readable finding aid by Eric Schultz. History San Jose Research Library. Collection Size: 2 ms boxes, 1 flat box.

San Jose, California Physical location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the History San Jose Research Library. Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English. History San Jose can only claim physical ownership of the collection. Users are responsible for satisfying any claims of the copyright holder. Riker first met Fisher in Indianapolis in By the early s, little was left after arson and bulldozers destroyed most buildings. He subsequently moved to Arizona.

Fisher, then approaching 90, provided additional details about The Philosophy, while Joe Albert, an early disciple and one of the few remaining PCDW residents of Holy City, allowed him limited access to the Riker house. Fourteen years later, Clogher still held the San Jose Mercury News culpable for siding with Riker and Kline in dispossessing the elderly disciples. In addition to the original material, several sources particularly Wallace Stovall allowed Plate to photocopy their originals.

Also included are news clippings, and a notebook kept by postmistress and bookkeeper Winifred Allington. Charles J. Joan B. Unpublished paper submitted to the Santa Clara County Pioneers. Books, Reference Coll: F Eleanor Mauro, William E. Manuscripts, Correspondence and other Documents Physical Description: 1 ms box. Harry Plate: Drafts. Physical Description: 8 leaves, carbon copy. Includes typescript and two additional photocopies of first two pages of introduction.

Physical Description: 2 leaves. Physical Description: draft, 4 typescript leaves. Plate to resident September 3, Physical Description: Carbon, 1 leaf. Plate to post master September 3, Physical Description: Carbon, 1 leaf. Heintz October 5, Physical Description: Carbon, 1 leaf. Harry Plate: Legal Research Scope and Content Note Riker and other PCDW members were often involved in property related lawsuits, and more serious legal actions, including alleged fraud, sedition, and murder most of which are covered in correspondence and newsclippings elsewhere in the collection.

Kline Physical Description: 7 leaves. Lists of grantors and grantees Physical Description: 10 leaves. Notes Physical Description: 5 leaves, typescript, annotated. Interview February 25, Physical Description: 1 leaf, typescript, annotated. Riker: Correspondence and other documents Arrangement Chronological Order.

Incorporation to promote friendly, benevolent, spiritual and beneficent association and feeling, with directors W. Riker, chairman, Anna Scramm, secretary, and I. Riker, the sum of ten 10 Dollars as a deposit on store Hayes Street, San Francisco January 7, Physical Description: 1 leaf, typescript, signed. Riker] March 25, Physical Description: 1 leaf two pages , typescript, signed. Hanson, and their three children. Marshall November 8, Physical Description: 1 leaf, typescript carbon, not signed. Riker for no other purpose that to do them up. I also know that Pearl Archer holds the power over my father.

I positively belive [sic] my mother siuicide [sic] was cause the evil influence of Pearl Archer and if she had been left alone under the care of Mrs. Riker were she was always happy while there she would be alive and happy to day. I feel that I have been amply paid for all I have ever done for you. Is it not in your possession? William Riker October 29, Physical Description: 1 leaf, typescript, signed. Leland October 29, Physical Description: 1 leaf, typescript carbon. Re: pending case Layne v.

Re: upcoming Layne v. Pick out those who would present the best appearance and who would be able most intelligibly to answer the questions. Assunta was the mother of Donald Dencole, listed by Plate as an employee following an auto accident. I nid your precious help in everi ten now.. Wish we had one. Riker February 27, Physical Description: 4 leaves [7 pages], holograph signed. I want Mr. Riker to teach me what he knows and help the PC. The animals here are just the thing for your zoo. What I would like is a debate with Mr. Bring your daughter, the others can come too and decide what to do.

Bleuel, deputy. Re: People vs. Evelyn Rosencrantz. Riker July 31, Physical Description: 1 leaf, holograph signed, with cover envelope, to Mrs. Riker of the Holy City Los Gatos. Re: Layne vs.

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Layne attorneys asked him to produce the lease in question. Riker will make every attempt to find it. Jan 17 trial. Riker April 3, Physical Description: 2 leaves, typescript, signed. With enclosure. Loakley, assistant. Loakley was not familiar with the case; if documents were introduced in evidence, are in the custody of the Clerk of the Court and can be withdrawn only with the joint permission of the Judge and District Attorney.

She was never violent or suicidal. Can not remember where she was institutionalized. Riker September 10, Physical Description: 1 leaf, holograph signed. Thanks for book. Ella Gardiner, spiritual medium. I wrote you at Christmas but did not hear from you since. List April 1, Physical Description: 1 leaf, typescript, signed. List of Nieces and Nephews of Lucille Riker, deceased, as obtained from several of the below listed relatives….

Natal horoscope February, Physical Description: 5 leaves, handwritten. Harry Plate's Notes Physical Description: 6 leaves, holograph. Nephews and nieces of Lucille Riker, deceased Physical Description: 1 leaf, typescript. Biographical notes Physical Description: 1 leaf, typescript, each, except where noted. Catts, D. Newsclipping April 24, Physical Description: Clipping and photocopies.

Obituary n. In , he first met Riker—who piqued his curiosity, not his loyalty. Although he was not a disciple he rented a room behind the gas station , Clogher enjoyed their anti-establishment stance, but remained highly critical of Riker as a bigot and self-proclaimed prophet. Robert Clogher to Harry April 17, Physical Description: 8 leaves, typescript annotated and signed.

Fisher September 5, Physical Description: 4 leaves, typescript. Sent as enclosure with above.

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In , Fisher murdered Joseph Witzig and seriously injured Arthur Kastner in an argument over a location of a fire ladder. Sentenced to five years in San Quentin, he was paroled in , and cautioned not to return to Holy City. Fisher September 14, Physical Description: 1 leaf carbon.

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  • Constance, J. Kidwell Mrs. Letter, Bredt to Kidwell January 28, Physical Description: 1 leaf, typescript, signed contract and copy. Manuscript of article submitted to San Jose Mercury; note editors questions regarding unsubstantiated accusations and statements. Ray provided family background and other information and some misinformation on both Ed and Lucille Riker.

    Biography: Ray Gifford Riker. Interview February 13, Physical Description: 5 leaves, typescript transcript. Interview February 20, Physical Description: 2 leaves, typescript transcript. Stovall of San Jose. Stovall first met Riker in as a child, and later as a radio repairman. Riker, who had been in and out of rest homes, died that year. Both Stovall and Joe Albert were allegedly writing up the story of Holy City, but only Stovall agreed to help Plate, on the basis of quid pro quo. Plate-Stovall Correspondence.

    Assembly Journal April 6, Physical Description: pp. Enclosure with above. Notes, Harry Plate Physical Description: 2 leaves, holograph. Riker Correspondence. Christ Blooded people…. Physical Description: 1 leaf, typescript photocopy. Here is a list of a few things I want to do at once. With typescript transcript, 1 page. Physical Description: 2 leaves, holograph photocopied , signed. With envelope photocopy addressed to Mrs. Riker October Physical Description: 1 leaf, holograph, signed. With envelope postmarked October 17, Card Physical Description: 2 Photocopies.

    Physical Description: 15 leaves, typescript and photocopy. Is it necessary for the boys to lean back in their chairs which keeps me from passing when serving? Testimonials Physical Description: photocopies.

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    Riker and his teaching, they are exactly as represented in every particular. Lucille Jensen, Farnam St. Arthur Landstrom. Fisher, Miss E. Nothingham, L. Stewart, W. Wallington, S. Petition January 11, Physical Description: 1 leaf taped together, photocopy. To Dr.

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    Signatures include W. No date. Note: Amelia Krahn is listed in U. Census at this address.

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    Signatures include A. Rommel, Anna Schramm, E. Allington, L. Nothingham, David Capp, J. Albert, Joe Witzig. Louis Post-Dispatch Physical Description: 2 copies. Jump page, continuation from page one, column one, not available. Re: Fred Rosencrantz, alias C. Reid, injured while evading police son of Evelyn Rosencranz, herself awaiting trial in Oakland. Margaret White, in Scope and Content Note Obituary. Faint copy — magazine article. Watkins, Rev. Isaiah M. Santa Clara, San Jose.

    In , he taught a course in black history and race relations and was an activist in projects for racial understanding. Two handouts. Business Card. Watkins, DD. Scope and Content Note pp. Scope and Content Note p. Photographs and Negatives. Two story clapboard Market building. Larger white building may be the garage. Note post-war cars. From scrapbook album. On same scrapbook album page as 9. On same scrapbook album page as Riker and van, with signage Riker in back with loudspeakers , parked in front of Gift Shop.

    On same page of scrapbook as 11, on back are nos. Riker in back with loudspeakers, [Stovall? Top, On same leaf of scrapbook as 14, on back From scrapbook album, photo on bottom of page, on same leaf of scrapbook as 13, on back It is called a new Jew and Gentile World. Observatory ca.

    Head and shoulders portrait of Riker, bearded, in turban, frock coat, white waistcoat, black tie. On front: [-] Portrait Co. Riker, bearded, in broad brimmed hat, frock coat, white waistcoat, black tie, standing. Riker, bearded, in white waistcoat, and long black frock coat, seated in wicker chair. No hat. Riker, standing with hand on chair. Three piece business suit, fore-in-hand tie, hat. Unknown studio.

    Rikers Island 6 of 6

    Photo upper left corner damaged, print silvering. Riker in high crowned fedora, bow tie, and suit that looks too big for him. Variation of previous, signs and stall more visible, gentleman client looking at Riker. Riker, in bowler hat and long coat, standing, with right hand to forehead of seated gentleman.

    Signs and stall visible. Riker, smiling, in suit and hat. Associated Press photograph, Los Angeles. Riker, cult leader of Palms, Cal. Margaret White there in November, Riker, who was questioned, denied the accusations, which were made by Mrs. Evelyn Rosencranz, a San Quentin prison convict. No charges have been filed against Riker. West CX1NV1. Sign In or Create an Account. Sign In. Advanced Search. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Article PDF first page preview.

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