The Making of Modern Nevada (Shepperson Series in Nevada History)

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The Making of Modern Nevada

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Owen McKenna mystery series. Todd Borg. Borg's protagonist, McKenna, is an "everyman" detective with no super powers, but a talent for solving mysteries. The eight short stories in "Grind" are Nevada snapshots with characters familiar to all, from the homeless man feeding his breakfast money into a slot machine to Patrick's demented railroad memories. In the mids, photographer Alfred A. Hart chronicled the Central Pacific Railroad in stereoscopic images. Goldbaum and Huffman present them to 21st century readers.

Allen Grosh and Hosea B. Grosh" edited by Ronald James and Robert Stewart. The letters detail life in the West, including pre-Comstock era Nevada, its hardships and small graces. This memoir of Jacobsen's youth as a member of a pioneer Nevada family details the challenges of ranching in the high desert in the first half of the 20th century. A planned trip to a rainforest as a way to heal broken human connections forms the heart of this novel.

The history of what has been written and said about Nevada, its people, geography and culture to make it the nation's nuclear Ground Zero is the substance of this book. The couple became captivated more than 40 years ago by a unique style of folk art found in the aspen groves of the Eastern Sierra. Ronald examined a series of tests, researched the stories of the people involved with and affected by the "knothole-upshot" tests, and blended her research with her imagination in this novel.

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A look at the Washoe tribe's successful attempt to ban rock climbing at the South Shore site at Lake Tahoe. Cage has taken this line from Johnny Cash song personally, analyzing its importance as a referendum on the directions of country music and as an essay on Reno's live music scene. Noted Reno photographer Dondero photographed everyone in Reno's golden age, from movie stars to athletes, and from the wealthy to the over-the-hill publicity seekers.

In this study, Fox writes about the world's emptiest spaces, the playas of the Great Basin. A friend and coworker of Mark Twain in Virginia City, DeQuille's history of the era is very large and very all-encompassing of the Comstock era. This durable history of the Silver State has remained in print for three decades and through six editions. Some 16 legends from Nevada's past are explored, along with some rare illustrations.

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Selected columns from to by this noted Reno-Gazette-Journal writer and former newspaper editor make up this intriguing collection. This two-volume set for Northern and Southern Nevada takes desert lovers anywhere they want to go in the Silver State. This is one of many volumes about Nevada written by one of the founders of the University of Nevada Press and helped create the Nevada Humanities Committee among other accomplishments.

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Wild horses, Joe Conforte and other Nevada essentials turn up in these stories. Everything about Las Vegas comes under Rothman's keen appraisal in this sturdy cultural history.

Another look at Vegas, from mob-run gaming to the current big names in the industry. It's a real town with a handful of citizens in Elko County. Martin's treatment is affectionate and enlightening. Wheeler writes this history with an eye toward the desert's beauty as well as its ancient, foreboding aspects.

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A journey through Reno's changing fortunes from the Comstock era forward and the connection between its reputation and development. Long-time Reno resident Lear's memoir of her life with the brilliant and mercurial Bill Lear, inventor of the Lear Jet. Oral historians Kling and King created the definitive biography of gaming pioneer Harrah. Another gaming pioneer, Smith recounts his history and that of Reno's Harolds Club. The definitive history of the woman who is one of the two Nevada people enshrined in the federal Statuary Hall in Washington D.

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Ed and Brother S" Frank Bergon. This western tale, at times humorous, at times not, involves monks, government villains, a nuclear test site and an order to vacate property.

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Meade Slaughter, the main character in this novel, meets everyone who was anyone in Nevada gambling, including Bill Harrah, Pappy Smith and Bugsy Siegel on his way up the ladder of success. In this scholarly work, Highton examines mining camp reporting, ethnic newspapers and modern journalism in the Silver State. An trigonometric Le sexe pour les nuls French dohas out field animals to his parody, trying to perception habitats seconds.

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