The Resurrection Testament (The Ocean)

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Waite Willis, Jr. They also stimulate cogent and constructive thought about the meaning of one's own death in light of resurrection.

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Keck, Blurb from reviewer. The glimpses given from insights and debates on the present-day scene illustrate that questions are raised and doubts must be taken in to account, but they also document that the belief in the resurrection of the dead is a living conviction of many today. This book gives informed lay people, ministers and scholars in this way reliable and helpful access to current research in the various historical sources within and outside the Bible. They respect honestly other positions.

Even if the reader will not agree with their balanced arguments and their personal conclusions the book is so well written that it will create respect for their position. It is a very useful book for the exegetical and the systematic discussion of this central topic of Christian faith. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. This website uses cookies to improve user experience.

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The brim was "like the calyx of a lily" and turned outward "about an hand breadth"; or about four inches. It was placed on the backs of twelve oxen , standing with their faces outward.

It was capable of containing two or three thousand baths of water 2 Chronicles The fact that it was a wash basin which was too large to enter from above lends to the idea that water would likely have flowed from it down into a subcontainer beneath. The water was originally supplied by the Gibeonites , but was afterwards brought by a conduit from Solomon's Pools.

‘And the Sea Gave Up the Dead Which Were in It’, Frederic, Lord Leighton, exhibited | Tate

The molten sea was made of brass or bronze , which Solomon had taken from the captured cities of Hadarezer , the king of Zobah 1 Chronicles Ahaz later removed this laver from the oxen, and placed it on a stone pavement 2 Kings It was destroyed by the Chaldeans 2 Kings The basin contained water sufficient for ritual baths mikveh. According to the Talmud the laver was not entirely round, as might be inferred from Scripture; the upper two-fifths were round, but the lower three were square Talmud.

10 Most Dangerous Ocean Phenomena In The World

Eruvin 14a, b. The symbolism of the brazen sea is described in detail in the Midrash Tadshe. The sea represented the world; the ten ells of diameter corresponded to the ten Sefirot ; and it was round at the top according to the Talmud passage above cited as the heavens are round. The depth of the sea was five ells , corresponding to the distance of five hundred years' journey between heaven and earth compare Chagigah 13a.

And the Sea Gave Up the Dead Which Were in It

The band of thirty ells around it corresponded to the Ten Commandments , to the ten words of God at the creation of the world, and to the ten Sefirot: for the world can exist only when the Ten Commandments are observed, and the ten Sefirot as well as the ten words of God were the instruments of the Creation. The two rows of colocynths knops below the rim were symbolic of the sun and the moon, while the twelve oxen on which the sea rested represented the zodiac " mazzalot ".

It contained 2, baths cubic measures , for the world will sustain him who keeps the Torah, which was created 2, years before the world.

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In the Priestly Code of Exodus , instead of the Molten Sea is described a bronze laver basin , which was to rest on a bronze foot presumably meaning a stand. The size and shape of this laver are not mentioned anywhere in the Bible, and nor are those of its stand, unlike the case for the Molten Sea. By contrast, the special golden candlestick is described by the Priestly Code, but not in the description of Solomon's temple.

It might therefore be the case that the laver and the candlestick are somehow the same object. Solomon is described by the Book of Chronicles as having constructed a special platform in his Temple, for him to use during the opening ceremony.

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This platform is literally described by the masoretic text as a laver Hebrew: kiyyor , and as with the Priestly Code's laver, there is only one platform, and it is placed in the centre of the outer court. The Septuagint calls it a base , [8] and the size of the brazen platform is the same as that of each base for the ten brazen lavers.