The Starseeker Gambit: An EAGLES FLIGHT Novel

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The Starseeker Gambit: An EAGLE'S FLIGHT Novel

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Cambridgeshire Software House. Capital Programs. Carsondale Enterprises. Carswell Computing. Cases Computer Simulations. CDS Microsystems. Central Computing. Cervin Games. Lon : ensign on the Protector I ["Devotion"]. Both pursuers and pursued are threated by its beautiful, but deadly, sentinel. Taggart soon pleasantly discovers seems to be populated entirely with beautiful women. Chen says the digital conveyor is on the blink -- literally -- so Tawny leads a rescue plan involving reprogrammed appearance generators to rescue their impulsive Cmdr..

M'Yurg 47 : refueling depot ["A Taste for Nothing"]. Madison, Sr. Madison, Jr. Madison, Tawny : played by Gwen DeMarco daughter of computer interface specialist on the Protector , although she studied to be security at Starsearcher Academy ["Artificial Devotion"]. Marte : noted for women "Parallax Premonition".

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Martenne-ni : [Fren. Lazarus introduced to Chen "Parallax Premonition". Mathesar : voiced by Erico Colantoni Thermian Cmdr. May : Cmdr. April in "Star Trek"]. Meechanese : language of the Meechans, generally considered even more illogical than English, in which their most heard phrase, "Give up! Mogifta Pto! Megabuckle : metal-rich irregular asteroid belt in the ATV nebula.

Mirad'llah : constellation visible from Tev'Mek. Stranded in the Misty Swamp Cmdr. Taggart fights to protect the never more ravishing Madison from himself and saves both ships. The Meechans trying to plunder the Trojan are forced to give up. Mottera : where Madison and Dr. Lazarus bonded to save her life ["The Sigournate Virus"]. National Space Exploration : publication of the Galactic Union, retro-serediptiously inspired the model of the planetary National Geographic.

Neboy, Leonard : science officer Dr. Lazarus served under with Cmdr. The space gypsies are evacuated and treated as guests. On the way to the nearest spaceport, Cmdr. Taggart looses the Protector to the gypsy leader in a game of fizzbin. Laredo redeems himself by noting that by the calendar of the Sunnyside spaceport on a tide-locked planet every day is Sunday and so all bets are off. Nixvowls : xenophobic planet opposed to the Galactic Peace Accord, so called because of the difficulty of other species of even pronouncing the native language see Ngh'f.

When Cmdr. Taggart orders a Mark 11 evasive maneuver the ship's plasma emitters are seriously damaged. Split-second maneuvering between passing comets by Laredo succeeds in forcing Saris through a time knot. To recover from their space sickness, Cmdr. Lazarus land on the ir-dampening planet of Dezap.

They are cornered by Gath'gor and some of his men in a cave near what had been an idyllic waterfall. Gath'gor and Cmdr. Taggart wage an epic hand-to-hand combat, while the doctor easily dispatches the rest of the gang. Taggart eventually emerges from the waterfall alone. Numahs : devolved Humans which were saved because Dr. Octavius : android crewman from Nova Roma who sacrificed himself to save Protector crew in Mirad'llah civil war ["Stardust"]. Taggart has a rendezvous with Princess Karma, but has suddenly aged [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's a "Quark" episode by Bruce Kane].

Olian guava : guava from Olian empire ["Star Trek: Voyager"]. Omachiva : duke and would-be suitor of Princess Mirabanna, defeated by Cmdr. Taggart ["Guest Starring", "Return to Delphos"]. They are squabbling among themselves when the Protector shows up in search of krevlite-housed Leopoldian bivrakium to fix their fused reactor and after the 13 surviving mutineers are captured Chen installs what he dubs the Omega 13, just to see if he could, which as always, he could.

To reach the hidden scientist Cmdr. Taggart and Ingersol have to evade the Phibian pirates the Ensors had been trying to flee. The dying scientist makes them promise not to let ORAC fall into their evil tentacles. They digitize up to the ship with ORAC and the chase begins. Paellin particles : may leak from broken starship engine ["Guest Starring", from Finnish-to-Estonian translator Kristi Paellin].

Taggart and Madison strangely changed after their return from Z'tara. Taggart is unable to command, being obsessed with the Protector 's "tools" and refers all questions to "his friend the monkey". Madison meanwhile keeps falling asleep when not mumbling incoherently about "leaky hominids" and the sixth dimension. Lazarus declares a medical emergency, assumes command and heads for Z'tara.

There he discovers ancient-looking duplicates of rest of the Protector crew about to be activated and substituted as were Cmdr. Taggart and Madison. Cloaking himself with a magneto-reflective shield, he rescues the real Cmdr. Taggart and Madison, who battle and eventually destroy their dull-witted, nonsense-spouting duplicates. Pax-Galactica : broad-view space opera strategy game [Andrew Kelman]. Pax Galactica : idealistic goal of the Galactic Union, based on the idea that peace is built on mutual understanding. Pentillium : frigid, seemingly uninhabitable bronzium mining colony in Rexillum system ["The Icicles of Pentillium", beryllium dental alloy aka Rexillium III].

Peraxis V : planet manufacturing black-market bivrakium ["The Bivirakium Element"]. Peytonians : amphibians who like the Iotians have based their society on a book left by the Horizon , namely Peyton Place , adding the zest of hypocrisy, class conflict, incest, abortion, adultery, lust and murder to their otherwise dull lives ["Astro Quest: A Dollop of Apocalypse" by Naren Shankar, inspired "A Piece of the Action" by David P.

Physics of Galaxy Quest : noted for explaining what Mark speeds mean, how the digital conveyor works, plasma shields, voxes, etc. Krauss with foreword by Steven Hawkings, Galaxy Quest fandom website]. Pladvog : rogue telepath who mindcontrolled the Eonids ["A Taste for Nothing"]. Garbanian, The" : The Protector discovers a small planet hidden behind double stars within a nebula -- and Dr. Lazarus prays, "Pef trom grabthar pef nof warvan mun sheck nofthack.

Pleqq, Qomm: see Qom Pleq. Lazarus disintegrates the pod people by adapting his medical tranquilizers [retro-seredipitiously inspired "Invasion of the Body-snatchers", Galaxy Busters by Sheila Paulson]. Poniya : Thermian commander [Lost Questarians website]. Taggart replaces the Gdonk with a not-yet-perfected mime simulife prototype and manages to escape with the original just as the substitution is discovered. She rather likes all the attention, but not so Chen. He tries to work out a way to remotely disable her appearance generator.

Who: The Androids of Tara" by David Fisher] Chen's disrupter works just in time to expose the imposer as an imposter just as she's about to marry the prince. Mathesar of Galaxy Quest , nurse Teck and Dr. Protector IV : returned to fight in Aladdin system. Pryll'a : nebula noted for its cheese ["Time Spirals of the Pryll'a Nebula"]. Qese : from agricultural colony, Qa, jailed with Dr. Questarian Society : society for the philosophical exploration of living and life's meaning, and so tangentially related to "Galaxy Quest".

Lazarus identified as prophesied Meaninol of the Iathenans, Fellieny colonist freed from Thermian nursery [by Mandy Marguerite]. Quincy, Peter : maternal grandfather of Peter Quincy Taggart. Rafferty, D. Reneran : enemy leader [" Protector II"]. Lazarus shares his dream with Madison and together they convince Cmdr. Trip LaTorr of the Traveller.

When Meechans demand surrender, they cry out as one, "Khox! Chen saved the computer, but Dr. Lazarus cannot save Miranee, who gives Chen and Lailari her blessing. She needs him to fight the unwanted suitor, duke Omachiva. Lazarus and the Protector are both simultaneously stricken by mysterious viruses. Madison, unneeded in her usual duties, tends to doctoring the doctor. She claims to have translated his mumbling into Tev'Meckian and English,.

Roj hos wak pot wab thack khet av paf dre ban wab bug wak khav trut lox. With all our people preyed upon, it is you who must pray to us for his recovery. Taggart however convinces her that it was mere delirium, until they tell her in a dream, "Sok paf gub zog lazarus voz.

His fever will consume him. You must wash him in the spring of Adirolf on the planet Amexon. Rinse and repeat. She manages to revived Dr. Lazarus and together they overcome the Rulfians, albeit revealingly ripping her body suit. He returns the ship, then she revives the rest of the crew.

The Protector 's good doctor mercifully keeps secret her mutiny and allows Madison to cheerfully return to her routine duties as computer interface specialist. Lazarus returns with his new bride, Tawny nad-vor Lazarus, to his homeworld [second part of three-parter with "The Sigournate Virus" and "Resurrection"]. Rexillium III : see Pentillium. Ribbit, Timothy James : played by Kermit T. Rovelstad, Dr. Sargacia : capital planet of the Abraxas quadrant ["Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe"] whose inhabitants tortured, enslaved and stole technology from the innocent Thermians, killed by Cmdr.

Scithya : homeworld of the Scithyans ["The Sithyan Syndrome"]. Two Scithyans, high on Cerebrum crystals and gat extract, kidnap Madison. Taggart and a security team are squirted with paralyzing goppa juice. Single-handedly Dr. Lazarus outwits and out-hits his drug-enhanced foes. He celebrates his victory with kep-mok, but his "Kep-mok frutwux av rox for frutzox shev. Serial Universe Theory : Theory that the universe consists as a nested series of observers, observers of observers, and their observers and so on, that past, present and future are in fact simultaneous, that a dreamer, even a daydreamer, is able to perceive past and future as easily as the present.

They capture and impersonate the Protector 's officers one by one, only to "boil from the inside out", as the doctor diagnosed it, from the stress of shapeshifting. When asked to explain why he was the last to fall victim, he replied: "Shaz sheg Mak'tar av khax khal trak. Singularites : dangerous nomadic lifeform adapted to living near singularity ["Time Escape"]. Mitchell and Capt.

Taggart's body vertically in half. Lazarus ingeniously manages to keep the two halves alive so the half-cyborg commanders can battle Zarnonian rebels. Lazarus comments "Verily, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Starfest : attended by Gwen DeMarco. Alexander R. Stasis : populated planet in the Ugon system which dangerously changes orbit toward the asteroid belt, but is saved by the Protector ["The Mystery of Stasis"].

Taggart and Madison are captured by the underground-dwelling natives. Madison's life support is now connected to a second bomb's guidance system. Meanwhile Cmdr. Taggart escapes, but has been poisoned by a robotic bird. Lazarus saves his life and together they save Madison and Earth. Chen and Laredo literally pull them through. The Commander and Ingersol infiltrate Lyra in disguise, but their disguises are not good enough. The Commander manages to save both himself and Ingersol and together they free the true king. Mergo challenges the Commander to a personal plasma shield fencing duel, with low-energy weaponry, but now the genuine king saves the Commander.

Video" episode. T'kalandon empire : ancient empire of which the Protector finds the last remnant while pursuing Phibian pirates. Its beautiful but deadly sentinel threatens them both ["The Lost Outpost"]. Taggart, Chuck : commander of space station Odyssey 5 "Odyssey 5". Richard Taggart. Taggart, Richard : played by J. Patrick McNamara captain of Repulse , grandson of Cmdr. Targathian : referring to Targath mountains on Empyrion which became a refuge to those fleeing the Talon [Galactica Con Forums]. The freed mindslaves turn against Pladvog and complete his cocoon-turban. Teivennil : merchant ship that helped track pirates' shuttle ["Guest Starring"].

Terrakians : noted for enslaving humanoid females ["The Slave Girls of Terrakia"]. Tev'meck : Mak'tar homeworld, Warvan system, destroyed by the Meechans. Thelianar : Thermian mutineer ["Guest Starring"]. Thermia : possible colony for homeworldless Thermians [" Protector II"]. Thermian mosquito : mosquitoid that managed to survive the destruction of Theramin and re-colonized elsewhere only to be accidentally exterminated [ Quasi-Scientific Ponderings by David Sagis].

Tikaru Rulu : Cmdr. Taggart from three hours in the future, after the Protector has been destroyed [inspired "Time Squared" by Kurt Michael Bensmiller]. Laredo and Chen build a Time-Extractor Pod in time to free the crew and prevent the theft. Lazarus are timewarped to Earth.

Lazarus is forced to disguise himself by playing an actor playing in the premier of "Hamlet". Taggart orders them to find out who they fought, why, and whether they won. When all clues lead to dead-ends, Dr. Lazarus advices, paraphrasing Matthew , " Jud av'zef eb nof av-khev.