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Kelly Conway. Stephen Byron. Sara Ward. Marissa Torrone. Henry Goodreads Author. Children's , Fiction , Young Adult. Learn more. To ask A. Henry questions, please sign up. To some this is a general area, but to a select few it translates into an actual way of life I'm happy to meet you.

My name is Krisi. Henry Hi Krisi, nice to meet you. Not too far Upstate, I'm in Orange County.

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Technically that's not considered "Upstate", but it's easier to just say …more Hi Krisi, nice to meet you. Technically that's not considered "Upstate", but it's easier to just say upstate than explain to non-New York Staters that I don't live anywhere the City I wish I was farther upstate. One day! Are you an Upstater? Write a comment See 1 answer from A. Combine Editions.

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Series by A. Tales from the Other Side of Real 4 books by A. Upcoming Events. No scheduled events. Add an event. Henry rated a book really liked it. Henry rated a book it was amazing. Gone South by Robert R. Henry is currently reading. Boy's Life by Robert R. Henry has read. Seeing as without insulin I will be hospitalized I said that I felt that was irresponsible of them and the receptionist told me I was the one who was irresponsible and it was my fault. Anything could happen in this weather. I could have slipped and broken the 1 vial provided and then I would be left with nothing and be in real problems.

Perhaps a working knowledge of how important insulin is to a diabetic is needed. Luckily a doctor phoned me and was very helpful.

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Underwood Surgery replied on 02 March I am sorry that you felt we were rude and irresponsible when you phoned. The Surgery has a problem with a large number of diabetics who register with us but who then fail to come to any review appointments. Most of these diabetics are managed by hospitals around the country but because of the slow NHS system we often don't know anything about their care, don't know their doses of insulin, and don't know how well their diabetes is controlled.

The only way to find out is for our patient to attend a diabetic appointment with our diabetic nurse. She will provide a comprehensive review and as she is a nurse prescriber will adjust all medications to help with restocking. We send reminders by letter, by text, then by a reminder in the dose of the insulin. Sometimes not all of these systems work so sorry if your letter went to the wrong address. Finally as we don't want to throw patients off our list we reduce slightly the amount of stock we give.

This latter approach is difficult but normally we would still issue one month supply at a minimum and it is only done to try and help patients remember to book as more reminders are generated by giving 1 month rather than 3 months stock. In your case it sounds like 1 vial of insulin only lasts a few days so this was not right; we would not have been aware of this so apologies if this was the case.

As you have booked into see our Diabetic nurse hopefully we can sort out all the above issues and to prevent this happening again; yours Dr Robin Hollands.

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Apart from 1 receptionist, I have had nothing but trouble over the years. Regularly have problems with repeat prescriptions, once they lost 3 in 1 day. One doctor aside, I have completely lost confidence in this surgery, I once spent the whole consultation arguing with TWO doctors about eye drops recommended by optician, I was proved right, was given no apology. Too many issues to note, just diabolical care. We are sorry you have had these problems with your prescriptions and eye drops.

Unfortunately as we have no details we are unable to investigate. However the practice does have a complaints procedure for patients who are unhappy with our service, so if you would like us to look into it, please get in touch.

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When I got there all of the doors were locked and the lights were all off expect one window at the far side of the building. I knocked on this window and waited. Eventually a lady came and opened the adjacent door slightly and peered through this was a side door not accessible to the public , she didn't ask what I was there fore and just said "sorry we are shut".

The lady then said sorry I am the emergency Dr tonight and there is no other staff here now, come back on monday. I said that the surgery is supposed to be open until , she did not explain why it was shut early, but just repeated that she cant help me as she is just the emergency Dr. I then asked her if she is the emergency Dr, how are patients who need emergency help supposed to access her if everything is shut?

She replied that they wouldn't be able to access her as they are now shut, and with that she shut the door. Is this appropriate? Underwood Surgery replied on 08 January We are sorry that you attended the surgery and expected to find us fully open. Unfortunately, as published on our website, we are not fully open after on a Friday. We have reviewed this decision on a number of occasions and found there is little demand for appointment requests or routine enquires during the last half hour of the week.

There is no statutory requirement for us to provide a receptionist, but we do provide emergency treatment via the telephone and in addition if a patient arrives at the surgery unwell, the on call doctor will answer as you discovered.

See a Problem?

We are sorry if one of our receptionists told you to attend after when only the on call doctor would have been here. We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate it must have been frustrating for you to make the journey and then find you could not hand over the documents. We will speak to the doctor involved but she is away on holiday this week. I would recommend this practice to anyone as the doctors are good, kind and experienced with strong links and knowledge of the area.

Getting an appointment is a nightmare, this is where you're made to feel like you're wasting time and i expect some people who underestimate their illness are put off by the reception who are pretty aggressive with appointments. For this specific call, i was ringing on the advice of the PAU at Glos Royal, who said i needed an appt within 48hrs, which i explained, still made no difference, 10days or keep ringing for a cancellation.

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Perhaps this isnt any fault of the surgery, too few GPs, too many people, no idea were responsibility for that would sit, the surgery, local NHS, regional etc. So certainly not apportioning blame. But the fact remains, its too long and there must be occasions where people are being treated later for conditions if addressed earlier would have been beneficial all round - less time spent on care and less resources used.

We are sorry that you were not offered an appointment within a suitable time. The surgery has an on call doctor and GP triage appointments every weekday morning and evening for patients who cannot get an appointment quickly enough. There are also Choice Plus appointments available on the same day and the following day which are appointments held on your behalf, staffed by local GPs for urgent problems.

We appreciate it can sometimes be difficult to find an appointment if your problem is not urgent or you need to see a particular GP, but unfortunately we do not have enough information to be able to investigate why you were not offered an appointment sooner, especially if PAU had advised you to see a doctor within 48 hours. Skip to main content. Ratings More information about ratings This link opens in a new window. Telephone access 11 ratings. Appointments 11 ratings. Dignity and respect 11 ratings.

Involvement in decisions 11 ratings. Providing accurate information 11 ratings.