American Indian Creation Myths

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God is Red by Vine Deloria, Jr. Call Number: BL D44 In God is Red Deloria argues that Christianity has failed today's society, and describes basic tenets that underlie Native religions. M18 C7 Folio.

The Native American Myths: Creation to Death

An original narration of the Maidu story by the story teller Hancibyjim circa Translated by linguist William Shipley. Beck Call Number: E R38 B43x Ref.

Coyote and Raven, American Tricksters: Crash Course World Mythology #22

An informative introduction to traditional and contemporary religious concepts of North American Indians, and a standard reference for all U. Shamanism and the Ancient Mind by James L. Pearson Call Number: CC P43 Using the theoretical premises of cognitive archaeology and a careful examination of rock art worldwide, Pearson discusses current theories of why ancient peoples produced art-totemism, art-for-art's sake, structuralism, and hunting magic. A6 S38 The Spiritual Universe of the Plains Apaches, offers numerous stories recounted by seven self-appointed tribal historians, the last surviving primary repositories of Apache history, born between and The Plains Apaches' mystical kinship with the land and the natural environment that the tribes perceived and nurtured is embodied in their four sacred medicine bundles-the no bikagseli, or "prayer on top of the earth.

Jordan Call Number: E C9 L49 Called the Mvskoke in their language, the Creek Indians of Oklahoma continue to practice traditional medicine. Zobrod Call Number: E N3 Z65 Paul Zolbrod collates his own transcriptions of Navajo oral traditions with the records of other scholars from decades past to create a narration of the Navajo story of creation. F6 A47 A gathering tales from 80 tribal groups to offer a comprehensive study of the Native American mythic heritage. Sullivan Call Number: E R3 G46 Ref.

A detailed guide exploring the numerous variety of mythical beasts, heroic humans, and nurturing spirits that make up the spectrum of Native American mythology. Taylor Call Number: E T2 S65 S68 A compilation of fifty-seven stories from Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek, and Seminole mythology, in such categories as creation and migration of tribes, the origin of tobacco, fire, and other gifts of the Great Spirit, and monsters and heroes.

H7 M Tells how several animals failed in their efforts to steal fire for the Hopis, but eventually Vulture succeeded. C9 G68 An extensive collection of all known versions of Creek creation stories, myths, and migration legends compiled from the reports of early ethnographers, sociologists, and missionaries, obscure academic journals, travelers' accounts, and from Creek and Yuchi people living today.

North american indian Folklore Studies - Persée

Spirits of the sacred mountains : creation stories of the American Indians by William E. R3 C Written from an American Indian point of view, the book contains over thirty creation stories from the oral traditions of a wide variety of Indian tribes. A study of the use of medicine bundles in the Siksika religion. N3 Nx Stories of life on the Navajo reservation including the role of women in religious life. Documentary on the historical roots of Native American religious persecution and issues such as access and protection of sacred rites, first amendment protection and the use of peyote in the Native American Church.

A documentary exploring the popularization and commercialization of Native American spiritual traditions. CMI has pointed out for years that if the history of the Bible is not true, then neither are the doctrines that depend upon that history. However, his contention over which origin story is the original, or the true one, highlights the problem that it is a matter of historical unobserved , not operational observable science.

Deloria identifies the main reason he believes evolutionary scientists would want to ignore any account that supports belief in creation as follows:. So by downplaying the OT creation narrative, he is actually shooting himself in the foot! He does encapsulate the evolutionist stranglehold on the scientific establishment quite well however:. The body of evidence is substantial and the conclusion undeniable. Throughout the Americas various NA groups share similar, highly detailed creation accounts that mirror not only the Genesis account in the Bible, but parallel accounts from virtually every culture on the planet.

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With the mounting evidence from Geology , Biology , Astronomy and Anthropology in support of the biblical creation account, perhaps it is time for people around the world to dust off their Bibles and re-read the true history of humanity that really reveals both a common brotherhood of man and their desperate need for the Saviour. We have supplied this link to an article on an external website in good faith.

But we cannot assume responsibility for, nor be taken as endorsing in any way, any other content or links on any such site. Even the article we are directing you to could, in principle, change without notice on sites we do not control. Further Reading How do creation and global flood legends from different cultures compare to the biblical account? Archaeology Questions and Answers The mystery of ancient man.

References Bullchild, P.

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The Genesis of Native American creation stories

Hunt, N. Helpful Resources. Mystery of Ancient Man comic. Patrick D.

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ZA June 10th, I like! I truly believe that, if all the evidence for and against creation were presented in an impartial court of law against the evidence for evolution, creation would win hands down! Robert B. CA June 11th, Indeed creation or flood stories coming from these well travelled peoples in the Americas and this being the case with most other peoples who have written material from their earliest histories its impossible not to see the fantastic agreement on main points as in Genesis. The Indians never advancing beyond tribal groups kept an accurate memory of their ancient memory of the Creation and flood.

If it was not this way a critic could right ask why, if true, do not most or all peoples remember the great flood etc in their histories since it would be such a big point. It should be a top ten great point for biblical creationist evidences of the great flood.

Wade P. ZA June 12th, Of course, atheists would say that other accounts of creation are so similar to the Bible because the Biblical authors used other creation accounts.