El hijo secreto del príncipe (Julia) (Spanish Edition)

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Rafe yg gak mau mewarisi kedudukan bokapnya ngerasa kalo dirinya dijebak utk menikah dengan bangsawan apalagi stlh tahu bahwa Elizabeth hamil makin yakinlah dia kalo itu semua hanya set-up utk maksa Rafe kembali ke negerinya. Hebatnya di cerita ini, Eli Buku serial ke-4 dari keluarga Wyndham ini nyeritain tentang misi Elizabeth, anak ke-3 dari Wyndham sisters utk nyari kakaknya, James, dan ayah dr bayinya, Rafe.

Hebatnya di cerita ini, Elizabeth gak mati2an cari pembenaran atau pembuktian kalo dia gak punya rencana apapun, malah kedatangannya hanya supaya Rafe tahu kalo dia bakal menjadi ayah dan setelah tahu kalo Rafe malah nuduhnya macem2 dengan berani dia ngambil keputusan kalo dia gak akan "ngemis" ma Rafe.

Ternyata malah Rafe yg gak mau lepasin Elizabeth, alesan pertamanya sih karena gak mau anaknya ngalamin kehidupan terkekang macam dia dulu tp lama2 karena dia sadar bahwa dia jatuh cinta ma Elizabeth. Kocaknya pas dah settle dan mantebh banget mrk akan nikah, Rafe yg mang blak2an ternyata masih yakin kalo sebenernya semua dah direncanain, kontan aja bikin Elizabeth marah, padhal dah berkali2 Elizabeth bilang kalo mrk jadian itu bukan karena direncanakan krn wkt ketemu dulu pun mrk gak saling kenal.

Elizabeth pny kebiasaan kalo kesel langsung masuk kamar n ngunci pintu, Rafe nungguin depan pintunya mpe pagi n pas ampe siang Elizabeth gak muncul2 juga, ternyata Elizabeth dah kabur n ninggalin catetan yg isinya bikin jantung Rafe copot gw rasa.. Rafe lupa kalo Elizabeth juga punya hobi kabur dan ini beberapa kali terjadi n kocak banget jadinya karna kan biasanya tokoh cewe tuh gak pernah bisa tinggalin cowonya, tp Elizabeth ini berani banget, karna prinsipnya, tanpa Rafe pun masih ada keluarganya yg menyayangi dia n menerima dia apa adanya.

Berkat ini cewe juga akhirnya Rafe nyadarin betapa pentingnya arti keluarga karna disaat genting dia nyaris kehilangan Elizabeth ternyata bokap yg selama ini dibencinya sudah berubah krn menyesali perbuatannya yg menjauhkan hub ayah dan anak itu malah punya ide seru dgn ngebantu "nyelundupin" Rafe ke rumah Elizabeth supaya mereka bisa ketemu dan tentunya meyakinkan Elizabeth utk balik lagi ma Rafe yg tentunya berhasil :p View all 3 comments. Really enjoyed this one.

I am dying to know if the prince is alive or not. I'm very happy the princess and Rafe fell in love. It is believable even if it is a little out there. Princess Elizabeth Wyndham had an amazing one night stand five months ago. He left a card, and now that she is in Arizona she planned on looking him up. The thing is that Prince Raphel Thorton wants nothing to do with Princess Elizabeth since he thinks she is conspiring to force him into marriage.

Why I picked this up: In the series with a Suzanne Brockmann book. And there is too much truth in the statement that curiosity killed the cat. Why I finished the book: It amused me that half way through Princess Elizabeth Wyndham had an amazing one night stand five months ago. Why I finished the book: It amused me that half way through the story Rafe has gone from flee marriage to trying to force Elizabeth to marry him all the while he is resenting her for it.

I can't remember the name of the series but it was pretty decent too. The heroine in this novel meets the hero and loses her virginity to him at a ball. Unbeknown they are in fact both royalty of different kingdoms and have created a baby. The heroine rushes to find the hero, only for him to be angry she is pregnant and then to realize that he has fallen in love with the heroine as much as the heroine has fallen in love with him! Pengen lagi deh baca novel yang ini,,punyaku hilang:- bagus dan menarik untuk ceritanya y. Perdani Budiarti rated it it was ok Feb 03, Sweety rated it really liked it Jun 08, Kristina rated it it was ok Jan 01, Afifah rated it really liked it Apr 03, Ocha rated it liked it Jun 18, Lingga rated it really liked it Nov 24, Sari rated it liked it Feb 18, Soteria rated it it was amazing Apr 06, Teresa rated it it was ok Sep 01, Gigi rated it liked it Dec 08, Diane rated it liked it Jun 06, Asrina Maharani rated it really liked it Dec 09, Eryna Patadungan rated it really liked it Mar 26, Julia V Bradley rated it really liked it Jan 03, Fony rated it liked it May 23, Meiliza rated it it was ok Jul 27, Christina rated it liked it Feb 28, Maria Theresia rated it liked it Aug 11, Andrea rated it it was amazing Nov 30, Kexiah JS rated it really liked it Jul 03, Novita rated it it was ok Jul 15, Arjuna began his career at Lehman Brothers, where he spent five years in the power and transportation groups.

He is a French native. He studied finance in school and started his career in finance, Mergers and Acquisitions stint, brokerage in the arbitrage department, financial advising and international taxation in the mid- 90s. Early on he decided to follow his bliss Joseph Campbell "Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived".

He would go and have 15 different careers in 20 countries. He constantly reinvented himself. In after working in the tech field for a couple of years, winning a few hackathons, working as an Entrepreneur in Residence for 88mph. He has since helped individuals in 30 countries through his event standupforpassion. He started founded happy hacking days in both France and Aruba, a hackathon that aimed at creating start up in the field of happiness.

He has done 2 TedX on happiness and purpose in Aruba and Maastricht. His first book is due to be published in France on April 10 on 36 ways to reinvent yourself. He will do his third TeDx on April 14 and is a founding member of Happy Tech in France, an organization geared to gather tech start up around happiness. Arnoldo J. In this position, Mr. Reyes leads the development of partnerships with leading digital brands such as Facebook, Amazon, and PayPal. Additionally, Mr.

Prior to joining Visa, Mr. Before Abra, Mr. At PayPal, Mr. Reyes began his career within the investment banking division of Barclays Capital where he focused on originating, structuring, and executing transactions in the Financial Institutions, Telecom, and Media sectors. Reyes has vast international experience, having lived or worked in Latin America, the U.

He obtained his M. Law and economics student. Arthur has been working for banks, law firms and startup for 10 years.


Artie started working in HR in Computers, software and technology were hobbies at a young age. She switched careers in to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer in the banking industry. In those days companies suffered from a noticeable gap between business and ICT departments. As a young female professional in ICT, Artie enjoyed making an effort towards closing this gap and taking the bridging role.

She advanced her career in as an ICT manager with a Dutch investment bank. From she broadened her outlook and experience by working in sales, advisory and management consulting roles.

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From devotion and expertise through to concept and implementation. Knab is a full service payments, savings and investments new generation bank. This project, named Bank of Tomorrow, was implemented in September She holds the position of CIO and is also a board member of Knab for business processes, testing, operations and IT management. It is her deep-rooted belief that results are achieved through people, people management, a great place to work, engaged employees and a culture of high performance.

She places great importance on diversity in thinking and believes that if leaders focus on this it will encourage the company talent to work more effectively and add greater value to customers. Starting in , Barry became one of the first and most active investors in the bitcoin space, providing seed funding for Coinbase, Ripple, BitPay, and a number of other companies who have gone on to define the industry.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Barry was an investment banker at Houlihan Lokey and graduated with honors from the Goizueta Business School of Emory University. Nowadays, she works with new products and arrivals to markets, as an executive at the business development team of Caser's great accounts department. She is very interested in diverse technology approaches specially Fintech and Insurtech both in the corporate area and in the entrepreneurial and customer centric area. Katz obtuvo su B. After setting up the European operation for a West-Coast start-up or dotcom as they were known in those days which successfully exited, Rooney became a freelance writer for UK newspapers and magazines, writing for the Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian amongst others.

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He is the author of four books and was voted Tech Journalist of the Year in by his peers. Benjamin is a Founder of GuiaBolso, a fintech startup that developed Brazil's leading personal finance platform, with over 3. In line with its mission of transforming the financial well-being of Brazilian consumers, GuiaBolso developed unique technology to aggregate and organize all of users' financial information to help them make better decisions and choose more appropriate products. A key piece of this strategy has been the scaling up of an credit marketplace to match consumers with directed offers from banking partners online and in real-time.

In the CNBV previously, he served as Vice President of Regulatory Policy supervising the departments of regulatory development, economic studies, international affairs and financial inclusion. During this period, he was responsible for the implementation of the Financial Reform and the process of updating and evaluating the Mexican provisions for the adoption of Basel III.

Leader for the development of the National Policy of Financial Inclusion. A staunch defender of the power of marketing and communication as a medium for social change, Blanca holds a degree in journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid and an MBA in International Management. She also has more than four years of experience in various fields of communication. It was at this last experience that she became passionate for the entrepreneur ecosystem and for the potential that this kind of startups have for driving change and improving society. He coordinates and runs the business strategy linked to technology for both companies.

He has lead more than 20 implementation projects in Management and Risk Information Systems for Banking and Insurance. In the banking innovation arena he is an active participant in Afi benchmarking services for online banking and the Afi Innovation Center.

Bradley C. Harrison is an entrepreneur and seasoned business development executive with a passion for technology, media, entertainment and lifestyle. Brad has a great deal of experience launching new ventures. During this experience, Brad worked at the earliest stages with many dynamic companies including Endeca Technologies. Prior to launching his business career, Brad served in the United States Army for five years, earning both Airborne and Ranger qualifications and retired as Captain.

In this position, he is responsible for business development and implementation of e-commerce initiatives in the region, including Visa Checkout, a service that helps consumers to pay, and merchants to accept payments online, easily and simple. Peralta leads the practice of e-commerce and works in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team. The program responsibilities include leading the implementation of Visa Checkout in the region, continue laying the foundations of electronic commerce in the region through collaboration with issuers, support management risk programs of issuers and merchants, enable businesses and risk management programs, raise awareness to consumers and advocacy.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Peralta was Associate Vice President of Consumer Products, responsible for the development and implementation of the strategy of money transfers in the region, including the launch of Visa Giro, a solution of remittances by using card. Brayan Peralta has over 15 years experience in the finance and credit industry. Some of his work experience includes the Nielsen Company market research, digital media , Time Warner new venture creation , and Playtex marketing, new products , as well as smaller companies Social Media, Digital Media, Data Mining.

Brian is currently an Adviser to a number of early stage co's. MassChallenge is the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet. No equity and not-for-profit, we are obsessed with helping entrepreneurs across any industry. We also reward the highest-impact startups through a competition to win a portion of several million dollars in equity-free cash awards. Through our global network of accelerators in Boston, London, Mexico City, Geneva and Jerusalem and unrivaled access to our corporate partners, we can have a massive impact -- driving growth and creating value the world over.

Caribou Honig enjoys pursuing harebrained ideas and supporting the creation of new businesses. He is also cofounder of the HR Transform conference focused on the impact of technology on the workplace, and insurAPI. He previously cofounded QED Investors, a boutique venture capital firm focused on data-driven companies. Caribou and his wife live in Richmond, Virginia with their two children and two occasionally annoying dogs. Carina has spent most of her career in banking with special focus in direct banking.

Carina is a believer of the profound changes that are completely reshaping the financial services industries due to the irruption of new technologies but specially to the new attitude and behavior of the consumers that obliges to rethink business and build customer centric companies. She is currently Board Member of Abanca and Reparalia and an investor in digital and fintech startups.

Innovation strategist, developing and deploying cutting-edge solutions to transform organizations and create sustainable competitive advantage. Dynamic leader, building and motivating cross-cultural teams to deliver top performances.

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Proven track record transforming traditional market approaches into ground-breaking concepts through digital and a flair for banking innovation. Extensive banking industry experience within international contexts, with broad understanding of current trends and their impact on business environments. His recent work focus has been on disruptive and innovative consumer mobility products in fintech to financial institutions in mobile banking, payments, offers, loyalty and commerce as well as a vertical agnostic MBaaS software platform to enterprise customers for B2C and B2B mobile app development.

At Mercado Pago, he leads the team in Mexico and is in charge of accelerating growth and consolidating the company as the most secure and reliable alternative to carry out online payments, mobile and prepaid card transactions. Before joining Mercado Pago, he served as Director of large companies such as PayPal, where he lead the marketing and sales strategy in Mexico for this segment, and created the firs division focused on SMEs in Latin America.

Similarily, he was Product Director of Incomm, where he played a key role in developing the sector of prepaid cards in Mexico. Driven by a continual desire to learn, evolve and build things, she moved to Mexico in convinced that Latin America and emerging markets are the breeding grounds for authentic, impactful innovation that comes out of organic need and great ambitions. Christine has worked on a variety of projects related to transformation, growth and strategy execution over 15 years and across three continents within various oneworld airlines, a Swiss bank, Big 4 consulting firm and early-stage HR Tech and Consumer Tech companies.

She has been recognized for her commercial expertise as well as talent for preparing gluten-free desserts and Thanksgiving turkeys. Christine has a B. Christine has a demonstrated record accelerating innovative enterprises and supporting courageous entrepreneurs that have a profound impact in Latin America. As a Partner at IGNIA, Mexico's largest venture capital firm, Christine invests in companies that are reinventing the way to do business with the emerging middle class in Latin America in high impact sectors such as financial services, employment, e-commerce and marketplaces.

Christine was recognized as one of the top female investors in Latin American by the Latin American Venture Capital Association and as one of the 30 people to most impact Mexico's development by Expansion magazine in Cian currently works as independent consultant. He is member of the advisory board of FInn Ventures and also works as advisor for several international Fintech startups regarding their strategy, business model and fund raising.

He previously organized Fintech events both in Spain and abroad, including MoneyConf, the biggest and most international Fintech event in Spain. Claudia is Innovation Manager in UniCredit with more then 14 years of banking and management consulting experience. She is passionately working in different projects to enable internal collaborative innovation as well as to boost interactions with fintech startup ecosystem.

She has co-founded and managed UniCredit Fintech Accelerator program, the initiative aimed at creating industrial collaboration with selected fintech startups. He founded his first company being 18 years old: a recognized agency of tech events in Chile. After finishing Civil Industrial Engineering at the University of Chile, he decided that his great strength was to support and encourage others to be an entrepreneur. His next adventure was being part of the innovation and entrepreneurship departament of Telefonica Chile, founding the coworking Center Movistar Innova. In he assumed the leadership of Wayra Chile, the startup accelerator of Telefonica Group under the Head of Acceleration functions.

Claudio has more than 20 years of experience. Similarly, he has led projects Finance Shared Services and Transformation in major multinational, regional and local clients. Coni Riveros es one of the foremost advocates of business innovation in Mexico. NUMA has launched more than businesses into the Mexican market, created the first free co-working in Mexico City, and is the first free technical training space for Facebook in the world, with more than 3, people impacted within the first year of operation.

Coni also leads the Community of Corporate Innovation Directors of Mexico, which is dedicated to bringing together corporations and startups for technological innovation. She has more than 20 years of leadership in Human Resources, and Quality and Compliance in international companies in the health, auditing, and telecommunications industries. Additionally, Coni is a guest professor in Talent Development in the Maters program at the University of Buenos Aires and the Catholic University of Argentina, and has taught entrepreneurship for the post-graduate diploma program for high-impact companies at ITAM Mexico.

She is a career coach certified by Gallup, holds a masters in Business Organization from the University of Buenos Aires, and a journalism degree from the Catholic University of Argentina, where she graduated with honors. Born in Argentina, she has lived in Mexico since Constancio is a recognized entrepreneur and venture investor for the Internet sector in both Latin America and the US markets.

He started his career while still in college as co-founder of Patagon, the first on-line stock broker of Latin America. Patagon was subsequently merged with Santander-owned Open Bank in Spain. Concurrently with that transaction Constancio became venture investor and Chairman of Bumeran. After a bidding war between Starmedia Capital, Monster.

Constancio then became President of Vistelmar, a diversified company in the agriculture and real estate industries operating in Argentina. Weemba was the third venture where Constancio got involved, in this case as President. The company provides a social-oriented lead generation platform for the lending industry. Constancio gets involved as well with startup mentoring and angel investing, most notably with Futbol Sites, the largest soccer oriented digital advertising network of Latin America.

Management of finance technologies and innovation strategies, Bancolombia. Her work focuses on promoting the culture of innovation inside and outside the organization, connecting the development challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean with innovative solutions involving the most creative minds in the world. Works directly with Demand Solutions a platform for global innovators focused on inspiring innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, because she firmly believes in innovation and creativity as a development tool to improve lives.

After studying Systems Engineering at the University of Waterloo in Canada, Cristina has always gravitated to problem solving in areas of high impact throughout her career. After working in Asia, Africa, and Europe in a range of fields from investment banking, economic development in the non-profit sector to coding software for some of the fastest-growing technology companies, Cristina settled on tackling payments in Latin America where together with her two partners she founded an online payments platform called Conekta.

In her current role at Conekta, Cristina manages the company's growth, helping thousands of merchants transact online in markets such as Mexico where ecommerce has tremendous potential despite many challenges such the large unbanked sector and the emergence of new payment technologies. Cristobal Perdomo is an experienced Internet investor, entrepreneur and executive focused on Latin America. Previously, Mr. Perdomo began his career as a lawyer focused on international financial transactions in the energy sector.

The line of credit is integrated with a mobile wallet resulting in cashless collection for FMCG distributors. Dan worked for 12 years in New York in financial services as a strategic management consultant in various fortune firms. Dan started his career as a FX trader in Citibank in Venezuela. Dan has spent the last 20 years of his career with one foot in the United States and one foot in Latin America, his primary skill-set is to help companies in Latin America, large and small, take advantage of the opportunity and challenge of digital transformation.

A few of the specific challenges that he has direct experience solving are leading the transformational process to incorporate digital into the key functions of an existing operation and launching new operations in markets in Latin America Specifically Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Central America and the Caribbean. Daniel W. Underlying each area is a keen interest in consumer behavior, innovation, and technology-enabled strategy. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and client gatherings, having addressed audiences ranging from intimate meetings of CEOs and central banks to conference keynotes in more than a dozen countries.

Marketing Technologist, Systems Engineer, with 16 years of experience in leadership of technology teams, software development and processes of technological innovation and digital market. Postgraduate university professor of information systems and digital marketing. Passionate about generating impact in the business through technology and the digital market, managing programs that impact business results through process innovation and the business model.

With extensive experience in the management of digital transformation programs in the financial sector and mass consumption. Daniel has been with Axon for more than one year, having previously worked at CitiGroup for over 6 years managing and selling financing, supply chain and liquidity products. He recently graduated from Harvard Business School. Daniel was an early employee at Quantcast, a tech startup in Silicon Valley that has close to 1, employees today. His dream is to grow the Bitcoin ecosystem in Mexico and LatAm. Previously, she was Fund Manager and member of the Committee of Investments of Redwood Ventures, the first early-stage venture capital firm based in Guadalajara.

She accounts for more than 9 years of experience working in the private equity and entrepreneurial ecosystem. She has analyzed over investment opportunities, executed more than 10 investments and accompanied more than 50 entrepreneurs in several different sectors across Latin America and the United States.

Additionally, she is an angel investor for several Mexican startups. Dario is a seasoned Internet and e-Commerce top executive with international experience opening and operating different companies in Mexico. At present, he is the head of the eCommerce Division at El Palacio de Hierro, the biggest aspirational and luxury department store in Latin America. His role is to lead and develop the eCommerce strategy of the company. Before El Palacio, he created skinizate.

Dario is a mentor at Endeavor, a non-profit that supports high-impact entrepreneurs around the world and a Fellow at Victoria , a non-profit that supports women entrepreneurs in Mexico. Native from Argentina, Dario is married, love dogs, running, travel and wine. David G. Birch is an internationally-recognised thought leader in digital money and digital identity. Dave is a Director of Consult Hyperion, the technical and strategic consultancy that specialises in electronic transactions. Before helping to found Consult Hyperion in , he spent several years working as a consultant in Europe, the Far East and North America.

He has lectured to MBA level on the impact of new information and communications technologies and contributed to publications ranging from the Parliamentary IT Review to Prospect. He wrote a Guardian column for many years. He is a media commentator on electronic business issues and has appeared on BBC television and radio, Sky and other channels around the world. He graduated from the University of Southampton with a B.

Sc Hons. He speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese as a native, having lived throughout the United States, Brazil and Mexico since an early age. David leads the commercial, business development and marketing activities for the Open Data Institute. His 20 years in data-driven insight and marketing have seen him work with many leading brands in multiple sectors and countries. In addition to working for some of the largest players in the data world such as Experian, Callcredit and Telefonica, David also ran his own boutique data insight business, Thinkdata, for 5 years before its acquisition by Bertelsmann.

He also loves to challenge the status quo in order to find better ways of doing stuff. The Open Data Institute has been instrumental in developing Open Banking in the UK, working with HM Treasury and setting up the Open Banking Working Group in September to explore how an open data infrastructure could help the UK government achieve its objectives of increased competition and consumer choice.

The ODI continues to advise on the development and implementation of open banking in countries including Australia, New Zealand and Japan. David is responsible for leading the finance and legal departments as well as all investor outreach and engagement, including relationships with banks, credit funds and equity investors. Truman Scholar. Demetrio leads Banregio BanregioLABS, an experimental laboratory, part of Banregio that aims at identifying and capitalizing new growth opportunities.

Demetrio is an active mentor of the Mexican Fintech community and has developed strong relations with startups trying to work in the financial system in Mexico. Demetrio was part of the founding team of Banregio in and since then he has had the priviledge of working in diverse areas of the bank including IT, commercial, new channels, product design, and now Innovation.

He is a regular speaker at Fintech and innovation conferences in different countries. Prior to founding CardFlight, he was the Founder and CEO of LocalBonus, a credit card-linked loyalty network which rewarded consumers for purchases they make at local businesses. Earlier, Derek was an Engagement Manager at Oliver Wyman where he led C-level strategy projects for some of the leading global payment networks and retail banks. Diego has responsibility for driving performance and maintaining partnerships within our Latin American markets.

Diego has previous experience working as a project manager and consultant in Latin America and the U. Diego has 16 years of experience in software implementation, planning, coordinating and leading systems projects. He is a specialist in the analysis and design of electronic payment solutions contactless, EMV, Mifare and chip and transactional processes.

He has worked on various IT projects analyzing business cases, project feasibility, building teams and managing suppliers with frequent regional travel. Diego complements his expertise with the application of the Lean Startup methodology for the construction and validation of projects. He is a coach and a content advisor on Lean Startup methodology in entrepreneurial training programs for the government of Buenos Aires City. His work includes topics such as fintech, regulation, capital markets, financial inclusion, productive financing, among others.

In the past, he was Superintendent of Market Risk and Integrity in the Colombian financial regulator. He was professor of financial microeconomics and financial risk at the Universidad del Rosario and the Universidad de Los Andes, in Colombia. He is the author of academic documents on financial regulation.

Since then has led three investments in the technology space. Prior to joining Alta Ventures, Diego collaborated with Advent International, a global private equity fund. He spent 12 years in their Mexico City office, and then relocated to Bogota, Colombia, where he launched the office in He also collaborates as an Endeavor mentor and participates in the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystems in Colombia and Mexico. He invests in high growth Latin American companies innovating in technology and business models. He also collaborates as Endeavor and Wayra mentor and participates in the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystems in Colombia and Mexico.

He writes a blog on entrepreneurship and venture capital at serebrisky. Before joining Oliver Wyman in , Dieter developed his professional career as a consultant for twelve years, within different leading international consulting firms. He led the launch of a retail network and a children computer education franchise for three years. He participates in the Board or as advisor to several start ups in the games, business intelligence, e-publishing and e-training sectors.

Dieter has lead different assignments in the sales and distribution areas of FIs and co-written industry reports on banking, clients and customer experience. Dominic Pym is an Australian businessman and technologist. He's been involved in software, web and mobile development for over 15 years from start-ups to global enterprises in Australia, the UK, the USA and throughout Asia.

Dom has a passion for financial services, and has co-founded and invested in several FinTech start-ups over the past decade, most recently Ferocia where an extraordinary technology team has been assembled and they've partnered with a major Australian bank to re-imagine Internet Banking. Dominik holds a Ph. Edgar has extensive experience in solutions for the financial services industry. Eduardo is a founding partner of Nazca Ventures.

He has spent 10 years specialising in and is now responsable for sourcing and selecting investment opportunities in businesses with high growth potential. Eduardo acquired solid experience in the development of new business opportunities, operation management, investments in seed capital and intellectual property issues. Before joining Finnovista, Eduardo served as Manager of the Wayra Academy in Mexico City, a global startup accelerator and seed capital fund looking to promote entrepreneurship in Europe and Latin America. Elena's greatest motivation is to impact the world in a positive way and generate chains of collaboration that promote entrepreneurship and transform economies.

She immediately graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the UNAM was involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, collaborating for 3 years in Wayra Mexico working as Operations Manager where he supported more than 40 technology startups, managing acceleration services and linking startups with the public sector and private, in addition to acquiring experience in venture capital, operations management and entrepreneurship events. She currently works as Operations and Administration Coordinator in Startupbootcamp Fintech, impulsing the Fintech sector in the region, as well as studying a Master in Business and Technology at Collective Academy.

Eliza brings a diverse background in global development finance to Omidyar Network, where she manages investments across the Entrepreneurship, Education and Financial Inclusion initiatives. Focusing on Latin America, she invests in organizations that create economic opportunity for millions of people living at the base of the pyramid. Agency for International Development, providing management consulting and investment services to development finance institutions in the United States, Latin America, South Asia, and North Africa.

Eliza helped found MFX Solutions and serves on its board of directors. She also serves on the board of the Cultural Development Corporation, which creates affordable living and working space for artists in Washington, D. Emilio is also part of the team in charge of identifying and partnerring with creators of new business ideas within the broader Santander Innovation team, and help them partner with entrepreneurs and take their ideas to market.

Emilio joined Santander Group in , serving for seven years as a member of the Group Corporate Development team, outlining the strategy of the Group and contributing to its expansion through various acquisitions. Emilio was a bank equity research analyst before joining the Santander UK strategy team in He then became part of the team responsible for developing and launching Santander InnoVentures in , contributing his deep knowledge of Santander Group, expert understanding of the banking industry and the wider fintech ecosystem. An intrapreneur and blogger www. He acts as a mentor or judge for several programs for entrepreneurs and startups and as such he analyzes over hundred projects every year.

After having lived in countries like the UK and Cuba, and getting to know the most flourishing startup ecosystems, he really believes that Spain offers outstanding conditions for becoming a global hub for fin-tech startups. Previous to BBVA he used to work for a big-5 consulting company as a strategy director for telecom companies, providing c-level insights and recommendations to technology companies.

During his role at BBVA Enrique has developed several key payments strategies and related solutions, also helping to implement them in different countries. Gentera is a listed holding company on the Mexican Stock Exchange, integrated by six subsidiaries focused on offering financial inclusion services. Part of this experience was the development of the first version of Ticketmaster. Eric holds a B. He holds a B. Abra enables free cross border and domestic money transfers and payments between any two smartphones or an Abra user any online merchant in the world instantaneously and for free.

Abra is the only full interoperable non-card based mobile money application in existence. Eric is a Fintech and Emerging Markets veteran who has spent the last ten years working across Latin America, Asia and Europe prior to returning to his home country, the US. Eric is an advisor to the Peruvian based eCommerce company, Magnolia and the California based advanced banking analytics company CuNexus. Before becoming fully focused on Fintech, Eric spent numerous years working in international development with the the Inter-American Development Bank, the United Nations, the US government and the Spanish government.

He created the LeanStrategy methodology. Esteban is the founder and Managing Partner of Velum Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm. He has extensive experience in managing venture capital investment focused on Colombian technological enterprises. He founded and financed his own tech firm, focused on analytics in Fabiola has over a decade of experience working with private sector companies, governments and NGOs in Latin America and the US developing strategy to drive growth and innovation, with a customer-centric lens. Prior to joining Dalberg, Fabiola was one of the leaders of the consumer goods and retail practice at A.

She has also conducted studies in international development at New York University. He is Managing Partner since Fabrice began his professional career at Banco Santander, where he occupied several positions in Mexico and New York. Federico is a pioneer in the venture capital industry in Mexico. He has overseen 25 investments to-date across four sectors: FinTech, Digital Consumer, Healthcare, and Smart Cities, such as Cornershop, recently purchased by Walmart Internationa and Alkanza, investment advisor that provides online, automated portfolio management through most major brokers in the US and Latin America.

Experiences that allow him to add a great value to startups. Renowned for translating data into actionable strategies that elevate business performance, market share and customer profitability. Innovative leader with more than 20 years of experience with demonstrable results and often above the target in complex environments. Able to establish the strategic vision and lead its execution. Published in renowned journals such as Forbes and international scientific journals, guest lecturer at several international forums.

His professional exposure extends to clients in over 18 countries on 4 continents. He holds a degree in Accountancy and a degree in Finance from the University of Illinois and currently resides in Sao Paulo. Muhammad Yunus en el desarrollo de instituciones de micro-finanzas y negocios sociales en Colombia, Alemania y Bangladesh.

He is also a Foundum. Previously he worked in sales and marketing at global companies like Xerox Spain, Regus Business Centers and xing. Fermin is Co-founder and Managing Partner at Finnovista, where he has pioneered a fintech innovation platform driven by a smart collaborative network, that manifest itself through startup competitions, acceleration programs, fintech evens and corporate-sponsored open innovation programs in Europe, US and Latin America. Before Finnovista, Fermin was part of the leadership team that launched an impact startup accelerator and an M-euro impact investment fund in Spain, where he managed startup investments in fintech, mobile, enterprise software and semiconductors.

Fermin has also worked as management consultant and technology researcher in early mobile technologies in Europe. Fermin holds a M. Fermin Ezquer-Matallana is a Managing Partner with Think Creative, a multidisciplinary business accelerator that develops innovative product, service, and brand extensions to sustainably increase top-line growth. Additionally, he serves as Chief Strategist for Imagemme, a branding and packaging design agency and sister-company to Think Creative. Specialized in business model innovation, Fermin has led client engagements across industries throughout the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

These projects include: creating a business model for millennials at BBVA; working with Robin Hood Foundation to help nonprofits in NYC develop sustainable business models; facilitating the idea-to-business model transformation process at Petronas Malaysia; and many more. Fermin is also advisor to the Chief Innovation Officer at Grupo Gentera, the leader in financial services to the base of the pyramid in Latin America with a mission to eradicate financial exclusion.

Fermin is also an experienced academic. Academic in innovation and entrepreneurship Finis Terrae University. Master in Innovation Catholic University of Chile. Entrepreneur focused on interaction, usability and data science in the Fintech space. Fernando leads Aplazame in the areas of product, risk, compliance and finance. Previously he cofounded and led Ibercheck. In the past, he was senior consultant at Monitor Group, serving the financial, industrial and energy clients on three continents over 4 years. He joined Self Bank in September after having been in charge of Bank 2.

Prior to that he was the director of digital business for Caja Navarra, which he joined in in charge of innovation technology and where he led the initiatives which converted CAN into an online model in the use of social networks in the finance sector. During this time he was involved in the investment board of Eurecan, the support unit for entrepreneurs at Caja Navarra which invested in projects like Abiquo, Spamina, Just in Mind, Rockola, Bubok and DaD.

Fernando is a recognized sales leader with an extensive and rich international startup and corporate innovation experience. During the last decade Fernando spearheaded several startups to end up hired by Telefonica Global Services where he currently leads a LATAM regional sales team and serves as a Columbia Business School certified mentor for Endeavor global acceleration program. Fernando has over 15 years of experience developing web-based tools for the financial industry in the US. He is an active mentor and angel investor.

Fundador de ComparaMejor. Flavio has a B. At Latinia, he is the leading manager of the expansion actions in addition to bearing overall responsible for business. After that, he became the director of the b2b department of the same company, where he launched several location based services and products. Later he joined InOut where he lead the launch of the first European Personal Video Recorders until he decided to join Latinia where he has been leading the sales department since Francesco studied Nuclear Engineering in Turin and worked as a management consultant for more than 10 years.

He began by leading the business team, then one of the product teams and is currently leading the internationalisation efforts of Chaordic. He is passionate about inventing and implementing new business models and working with small organisations creating new products. He speaks 5 languages and loves putting them to work in internationalisation projects.

NXTP Labs has already invested in companies and plans to complete a company portfolio during the next 2 years. NXTP Labs has had a great impact on the Latin American entrepreneurial community for its contribution as a fertile ecosystem for technology innovation, entrepreneurs and investors. Francisco has actively participated as an advisory board member in a wide range of projects with local, regional or global impact. His technical contribution has been related to the development of successful business plans, investment rounds, and advisor to startup expansion programs.

Coronel has an Economics major from Buenos Aires University and a postgraduate specialization in corporate finance from the University of California at Berkeley. Prior to the foundation of Bankaool, he was General Director of Agrofinanzas, Sofol, a company that was awarded by the G20 as one of the 15 leading companies in inclusive business innovation.

Also, the history and the innovative business model was recognized by the World Bank and the Gates Foundation. Its management was recognized with a "case study" by the School of Business at Harvard University. Convinced that business encounters are always transforming experiences that inspire people to take action, he participated during more than 7 years in the organisation and commercialization of over 30 major congress, including World Business Forum in NY, CDMX and Bogota.

Fue consultor en BCG de a En la actualidad es co-fundador de Indexa Capital, Aplazame y Soysuper. Fidor TecS enables disruptive digital banking by reshaping the customer relationship through technology. Before he worked as a Senior Advisor to McKinsey. In more than 20 years at Deutsche Bank Frank was the chief architect of the retail banking division, director of European co-ordination and head of internet banking. Previous to this role, she was part of the Strategic Planning team for Mexico and Latin America at Citibanamex - where she oversaw priority business projects within the region.

Additionally, she worked with Vittana and the Grameen Foundation in Ecuador back in In the coming weeks Fulvia will join the leading digital asset exchange in Latin America as a Product Manager. He co-founded Koibanx, a blockchain services firm for banks and governments, where he is CEO. Gabriel Manjarrez is co-founder and CEO of Mimoni, a company that since has been developing proprietary scoring processes and algorithms focused on instant credit approval for the unbanked middle- and bottom-of-the-pyramid majority in developing countries.

Since launch, Mimoni has acquired hundreds of thousands of members and made over tens of thousands loans. Gabriel and his co-founder, Pedro Zayas, were selected as Endeavor Global entrepreneurs in late Gabriel previously was co-founder of Progreso Financiero, a US-based, Greylock-backed consumer financial services company focused on providing unsecured loans to the unbanked and underbanked Hispanic immigrant community in the US.

Gabriela is a Financial Markets Lead Specialist at the Connectivity, Markets and Finance Division of the Inter-American Development Bank IDB , where she is working in topics related to Fintech, financial inclusion, digital currencies, gender issues in the financial sector and the use of guarantees to scale up private financing for development.

Gabriela joined the IDB in and has had different positions, including coordinator of concessional finance, economic advisor to the Vice-President for Countries, and country economist. Gabriela is a strategic advisor to various private and public institutions and fintech startups involved in financial inclusion and financial health of low-income households in Latin America.

She started her career as a strategy consultant at Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux , where she had the opportunity to work directly with the CEO on several tech projects, turning them into strategic added value. Back in France, she joined Alter Equity as a VC analyst, and contributed first hand to the very first steps of this fund first deal, etc.

Garrett has over twenty years of experience in technology and financial services and is also an Advisor with Anthemis Edge at Anthemis Group. Gavin's expertise lies in advising companies on recruiting, developing, and retaining high-performing talent and with them building world-class teams. These clients have ranged from the world's most prestigious multi-nationals, to the most disruptive small start-ups. Gavin became one of the youngest partners in the firm's history at 29, and was recognised internally and externally as one of the very few executive search professionals who really understand the intersect point of the financial services industry with technology, change and innovation.

Gerardo Obregon is a chemical engineer graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana, with engineering studies at the University of Sydney, Australia, and finance studies at Stanford, USA Gerardo founded Yeah Baby Solutions, SA de CV in , a trading company; Beef Mart in , retail shop selling meat; and Prestadero in , the leading platform for loans from person to person in Mexico.

Gerardo is certified as a professional project manager to the "Project Management Institute". Gerardo has won several awards for entrepreneurship, as one of the top 20 enterprises in by CNN-Expansion and one of the top 20 enterprises by Pitchbull. Gerardo is a contributor to Executive World for finance section and was recently appointed by the office of the Presidency of the Republic as one of the Digital Leaders country. Prior to that, he was Vice president at Nmas1 within the alternative asset management department and worked as a Strategy consultant at A. He also founded and managed a company in the young accommodation market focused on student halls and youth hostels.

The innovations of a world-class entrepreneur in the technology industry have been a topic of interest for universities such as Wharton, Columbia and MIT, where German has given lectures and participated in conferences. He has also been interviewed by major international media companies, the CNN TV chain, and top business and technology publications, such as America Economia and Latin Finance. Executive with more than 15 years providing innovative solutions and services to financial institutions in LATAM.

Passionate about technology and its application for the creation of innovative business solutions, providing exceptional user experiences. Currently responsible for leading the strategy, design and development of innovative software products for the financial sector, which enable Infocorp to fulfill its mission: ""Helping People Love Their Bank". Ghela is active in the fintech industry, having spent the last ten years focused on business development for core insurance and banking system solutions, the last half of which has centered on financial services pricing governance functionality.

She is a regular contributor to fintech publications and discussions, specializing in dynamic pricing and customer centricity. Since joining Arcano in he has primarily been responsible for evaluating and monitoring investments in venture capital, growth equity and buyout funds and co-investments, primarily in North America, Europe, Latin America and Africa. Gonzalo was also involved in evaluating investments in debt of European corporates. Gonzalo is currently managing director and founder of HumanUp, business accelerator focused in innovative business models and developing strategies for startups.

He also loves football, mediterranean food and wine Today, Wayra has a portfolio of more than innovative companies in 20 different digital industries. He currently divides his time between Madrid, Latin America and the rest of Europe. Gonzalo is also a passionate marathon runner. He is primarily responsible for sourcing, analyzing, executing and managing direct private debt and equity investments in the specialty finance sector.

Watson also actively works on making investments in public debt securities in middle market companies where VPC can seek to actively influence market companies. Watson was a portfolio manager focused on distressed debt at GLG Partners, a London based 31 billion multi-strategy hedge fund that concentrates on a diverse range of alternative investments. Watson was a partner. Watson received a B. An entrepreneur and investor with a deep finance and technology background, Greg's career across asset management, enterprise sales and consumer web industries has given him a unique view of the technology gaps and vast opportunities for startups in Finance.

A native New Yorker, Greg grew up with a deep network in finance and was also an early adopter and beta tester of web products. He spent the first half of his career in hedge funds as a technical analyst trading futures, ETFs and options. Greg left the hedge fund industry after the global financial crisis and joined a successful FinTech startup that was recently acquired by Bloomberg, then led enterprise sales for a large technology research firm.

Greg was also the co-founder of Freespeech, a Top 25 mobile messaging app in and early competitor to WhatsApp. He has a B. Guilherme Horn is one the pioneers in Fintech in Brazil. He is the Editor of Finnovation, the 1 blog in Fintech in Brazil and writes a weekly column at Estadao, the main Brazilian newspaper.

Casado, tiene un hijo. Creator of the first diploma in agility in Venezuela, promoter of several communities agiles in latam. Active in social networks, creator of the blog: Technology Capsules, where he writes reviews of his experience in topics such as: Digital transformation, Agility, Management of Projects, Product management, among others. Gustavo has more than 15 years of experience in key leadership positions in the Telecommunications, Technology, Food and Drink sectors. During his career he has developed projects in various areas of business: CRM, pricing strategy, UX and business and innovation development.

His professional experience includes roles at Ericsson, Amena and France Telecom, where he played an active role in the development of the Telecommunications sector in Spain. At the same time, he was involved in entrepreneurial activity and is an active mentor to other entrepreneurs. Harrie Vollaard is Head of Innovation at the Rabobank. Started the innovation department from scratch and built it to a department also responsible for trend watching and strategy. His team has a now a tremendous record of initiating major changes within the bank e.

Renewed the role of the department several times and is now focusing on open innovation, investments and spin offs. Through the Prosperity Fund of the British Government, he contributes to the programming and implementation of international cooperation programs for the development of the financial sector. Particularly, his portfolio is focused on areas such as financial technology, open banking, financial inclusion, climate finance and public-private associations.

This has enabled him to collaborate very closely with different governmental departments and entrepreneurial associations in Mexico and the United Kingdom to promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

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CEO and cofounder of Conekta conekta. Hector cofounded Conekta to create a better way for companies to collect money in Mexico. Hector is the CEO and cofounder of Conekta www. It is worth stressing the recent implementation of the transformation process of Bancomer, which he led as Senior Vice-President, improving the quality of customer service, the productivity of sales of the branch network and the internal control through the integration of technology, new process and human capital management.

He is responsible of the development and evolution of the value proposition for retail banking in Mexico. Also an expert in digital solutions development and disruptive transformation promoter in the financial industry. His responsibilities were the rise of innovation inside the Group and the identification of projects to promote the expansion of Banking advance-guard and global proposals. During his career, he has been on charge of business units like Capital Markets, Institutional Investments, e-Business, Alternate Channels, Innovation and Business Development, allowing him to create a transversal vision of Banking.

During his career, he has been actively involved in projects regarding e-trading, payment methods, design of new products, alternative channels and e-business, among others, which has allowed him to develop a broad vision of the business.