P.A.S.T. Parenting As a Single Teenager

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Why Teenagers Act Crazy

This gives everyone a chance to join in, which makes it more likely that your child will follow the rules. Try to be consistent Keep reinforcing the limits and behaviour you encouraged before your separation. Stick to your rules as much as possible, even if your child pushes back. Just remind yourself to be calm.

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Work on not giving in next time. It can help to choose your battles. Before you get irritated, ask yourself if it really matters. But as long as the marker washes off, does it really matter?

P.A.S.T. Parenting As a Single Teenager

Single parenting can sometimes mean parenting under pressure. If you find yourself being too hard — for example, shouting at your child or putting him in his room for too long — try not to get too upset with yourself. Instead, think about how you could handle the situation better next time. But dealing with behaviour issues as they happen avoids problems later. It also teaches your child about acceptable and appropriate behaviour.

Your child is bound to see you feeling sad, angry or upset when major life changes happen.

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Reassure your child that things will get better. Expressing your feelings also gives children permission to express their own. As a general rule, try to keep grown-up issues out of discussions with your child. They are mercurial things with a sense of what about me that defies all reason.

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Leaving you wondering what, exactly, you just did all day if not demonstrating my care for you. Talking constantly about themselves, or not at all.

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The former is exhausting. Teenagers can clear a room in 30 seconds with their attitudes. And about the most immature shit.


Sometimes, I spend so much on my teenagers, I have nothing left for my other kids. My husband and I fight. The little kids get forgotten. The teenager tantrums fill the house with a gray, heavy angst.

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We all feel it. You see them standing against a wall, doing nothing, and the way their body holds their fire — you can feel it, the way it fills space in the room, pushes against the world with all the hope and newness and life you once had. They are your past, and they are your future, and the days are so numbered.

A glimpse of your own mortality. A glimpse of what you could have done at their age, when the world was yours to conquer.

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We text. We talk shit.

Can Parenthood and Pessimism Live Side by Side?

We send messages to each other on Instagram. She legitimately makes me roar in laughter and beam in pride. These kids are remaking the world.