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An equally ideal set-off for anyone searching for crystal-clear waters as well as a mountain breeze. Their mission is to increase accessibility to the visual arts in Madeira while giving a knowing nod to the international art scene. It holds several exhibitions every year. Sapataria do Carmo exudes class and elegance. The dedication can be seen in their handmade leather shoes. The first Sapataria do Carmo was founded as far back as A stay at this restored 19th-century mansion is like staying in a huge, beautiful garden, while enjoying a breathtaking view on the ocean and islands.

As if the Atlantic view is not enough, they also have an indoor pool and one of the largest spas in Madeira. I seek to create them. The Monte Palace tropical garden is a great place to relax and learn about how Portuguese and Japanese history intertwined.

With a bouffant effect and a high and delicately belted waist, here is the hyper feminine tomboy look. The Italian Twist — this large pair of glasses is lifted by a quirky design featuring roses in full bloom.

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This jumper features a wide neckline and is gently lifted at the hips by the use of contrasting colour. The limited-edition "Necklace of the Year " celebrating the th anniversary of Wellendorff. Contact your Wellendorff expert at tel. These khaki hues set off with an ochre raincoat create a chic, understated, modern Strellson look for the active man. The best approach, then, is to choose garments that can be mixed and matched and are understated yet smart, timeless and trendy.

This Caribbean-inspired shirt has a slightly novelty feel to it that makes it perfect for a relaxed look with just the right amount of chic. This square bag will protect your travel documents whilst also keeping your personal belongings close to hand thanks to its detachable pockets. This comfortable raincoat in a flowing material with a large hood and slightly fitted at the waist is perfect for enjoying yourself outdoors. Bags — we can never have enough of them. In short, the more h a n d b a g s we have in our wardrobe, the easier it is to choose the right one for any occasion.

The Colonia Nomade Set offers an after-shave balm, a deodorant spray and a shower gel. This mist protects the skin against urban pollution and helps improve its radiance. But why should we have to leave beauty products we use every day at home? The essential travel-sized products you need for your suitcase. The following business. This is the value, in euros, of the Luxembourg State budgetary surplus for According to Minister for Finance Pierre Gramegna DP , who presented the figures in early February, the budget balance shows the best results for many years.

Hjoerdis Stahl has been appointed deputy managing director of Post Luxembourg, joining fellow deputy managing director Pierre Zimmer and managing director Claude Strasser. Stahl was previously a director at Post Courrier. Luxembourg-based start-up Kleos Space, also a member of the Spaceresources. Ten others will be sent into orbit by Karim Michel Sabbagh decided to step down as SES chief executive officer and chairman of the executive committee. Karim Michel Sabbagh resigned for personal reasons.

Managing your real estate needs We have a multi-disciplinary real estate team to assist clients in all their Luxembourg and cross-border real estate transactions, including acquisitions, disposals, developments, joint ventures, tax matters and real estate funds. The picture is less clear for housing, though, where demand remains strong. Luxembourg needs investment, and also helps supply it through its real estate investment funds sector.

It indicates a market where businesses have trouble finding properties of the right size in their ideal location. Apartment rental costs have risen on average by 4. Having said that, he sees new projects coming on stream over the next two years being able to relieve some pressure.

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Also, other than for prime locations, there is still plenty of good quality space on the market. Properties in this new district to the south of the capital are only now coming on stream. This is an extreme example because large projects take the longest amount of time, but even modest developments take many years to acquire the permits before building can begin.

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Ban de Gasperich and other projects are coming on stream over the next 24 months and this should stabilise the market, but. Bechet is sceptical that this will lead to prices falling. Luxembourg has the technical expertise to make these complex investment vehicles run efficiently. They are used by sophisticated investors seeking to diversify their portfolios. They also help channel money into the economy as new construction is financed. These two strands are supported by the LuxReal association.

Although performing quite different functions, these sectors have many interests in common. For example, it is useful to have broad inputs when holding conference events and workshops on topics such as town planning, sustainability, digitalisation, and project funding. They will also work with other industry groups on matters of mutual interest. Being a larger association also. Around real estate professionals from all disciplines are expected to make the trip to the south of France this year. Many will be represented via a dedicated Luxembourg stand at both events. It was included the first time this year in a major annual report by PwC that compares the property investment attractiveness of leading European business centres.

Luxembourg was placed 9th out of the 30 business capitals studied.

Volé dans le TGV, un homme d'affaires d'origine chinoise écrit à Matignon

This is in addition to firms which already have subsidiary and branch operations here. Compared to transactions totalling around ,m2 in Luxembourg in the first nine months of , the total impact of Brexit on demand for office space is not likely to be substantial.

Of course this could change if the UK government changes its implicit policy. Strong global growth but stresses appearing on equity markets suggest the global economy is at the top of the cycle. The property market is often a clear physical manifestation of changing sentiment. Consumer protection, giving investors clearer information, and the desire to make the financial system more secure are key drivers of major new financial sector regulations.

But will they work? This is the theory behind much of the new rules that took effect at the start of this year. Thus, before purchasing an investment product, investors receive key information presented in a standardised format, with the hope this helps them to shop around for the deal that suits them best. Also, the way financial advisors are remunerated has changed to reduce conflicts of interest. These new rules are just one part of four new EU laws that affect all parts of the financial sector.

The markets in financial instruments directive Mifid II , the markets in financial instruments regulation Mifir , and packaged retail and insurance-based investment products directive Priips came into force at the start of this year, and the related insurance distribution directive IDD will be applied from October 1. Each investment fund, insurance policy, pension, and other structured investment products must have a document detailing key informa-.

Advocates see a major step forward for consumer awareness, while sceptics argue that this creates yet more documentation that clients tend to ignore. Controversy has raged most strongly over the modelling of potential future performance. Critics argue that this is speculative, and as such may be misleading.

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The new rules do. Through its B2B services platform, thoughtfully developed along its many years of activity, FARAD Group has successfully created, developed and managed high-end companies and investment products to offer its clients great value and an outstanding service. There have also been teething troubles, with some specialised products reporting expected annual returns of several billion per cent.

Major errors with the standardised calculation methodology are easy to spot, but what if less obvious errors result? Regulators have indicated that they are ready to guide investment managers as the new rules bed in. Also, a broad review is scheduled by the European Commission for December 31, , when the practical impact of all new regulations will be examined.

Previously, one could think that bankers, insurance agents, independent advisors and the rest were helping us to make a choice free of charge. In fact, they were remunerated by the product manufacturer from commission on sales. Instead of receiving inducements following the sale of financial products, advisors need to charge service fees. These could be a cost per hour, such as one would expect when using a lawyer. Alternatively, performance fees could kick in once a certain level of return is guaranteed. These are still early days, but the evidence from a variety of. This was the case when the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland all introduced similar rules years ago.

The onus has been on advisors to explain the change and the value of advice they provide. The goal is for all financial instruments in Europe to be traded in more competitive, transparent and stable markets. It seeks to update the original Mifid from which sought to facilitate a broad and deep EU financial market like that in the USA. For example, the rules will drive more activity to take place on regulated markets. This includes a push towards electronic trading, which is easier to audit than phone trading. There are further efforts to end potential conflicts of interest, principally reform of how asset managers pay for the research they use to make investment decisions.

Until last year, the cost of this work was included in trading fees, but now,. There are also stronger standards for investment products. The changes have been expensive. Yet it will be worth it if the result is a better run, lower cost and more secure financial system. But will it? Some have speculated that making it more expensive to do business will be an advantage to bigger players which can spread the costs more easily. If smaller firms are absorbed by the giants, then this might create more toobig-to-fail companies that governments may be obliged to bail out in a crisis.

If regulation gives a false sense of security, then the result could be consumers being less careful where they invest their savings. These regulations will increase transparency, and many of the changes make sense. Yet the question remains of whether consumers have sufficient knowledge to enable them to use this information.

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  • Despite the importance of understanding how saving and investment works, too many remain in the dark about the broad ideas around financial investment risk and reward. Investment in education might do more to make the system secure than ever more complex regulatory changes. It has probably experienced high double-digit growth last year, a helpful boost to the industry just as it gets to grips with the cost of a host of new client-protection regulations.

    This should mean annual sales will be near the ten-year peak. The latter accounted for three quarters of premium income in the first nine months of , with the remainder in guaranteed return products. The CAA points. Little wonder that clients have been seeking alternatives. Most often, clients will choose to link their policies to standard investments such as equities or bonds, purchased directly from insurance firms or via banks.

    Alternatively, wealth managers can suggest more sophisticated strategies tailored to individual needs, with clients pursuing strong growth or adopting defensive strategies. Exposure to any mixture of asset. Even personal assets such as businesses and property can be incorporated into a fund unit linked to life insurance. Flexible inheritance planning is a key argument for life insurance, particularly for clients with cross-border lives and interests. Clients choose the length of their life insurance policies, with maturity either for a specified period, normally as part of retirement planning, or at the end of a life.

    Clients can also define who will benefit after death and to what extent. It is even possible to nominate beneficiaries who are yet to be born. Regulations in Luxembourg seek to make these investments more secure. Insurance companies must have sufficient funds to cover full liabilities contracted on behalf of clients. Thus, if the insurance company goes bust, the underlying investments are protected because they are held separately.

    Located at 7a rue des Glacis, close to the heart of the city, in the calm and prestigious district of Luxembourg-Limpertsberg, this stylish and noble art deco mansion will be converted into four outstanding turnkey apartments. More than just an address, the Glacis revisits the codes of luxury housing by plunging you at once into a warm and felted atmosphere. This turnkey project embodies unique elements for a unique experience: the highest quality of architecture and interior design, a selection of exclusive furnitures, refined fittings and decoration, services tailored to match your high standing and specific needs.

    Architect: Gauthier Destenay - A. This has been made impossible by global rules that are now in force in more than countries. Introduced in , these rules first applied to client holdings in , with these reported during This was just the first of a range of regulations that the industry has had to deal with.

    There was a major change with the roll-out of new financial stability rules from the start of These concern primarily the amount of capital that EU insurance companies must hold to reduce the risk of insolvency. As well, new complex rules on client information documents and how financial advisors are remunerated came into force at the start of this year. Then this year, the insurance distribution directive will be implemented in order to boost competition and consumer protection.

    All of this has cost time, effort and money but the industry is seeking to make a virtue out of necessity. Digital transformation is a preoccupation of most financial sector businesses, and insurance is no exception. A recent ACA survey conducted by the agency Vanksen pointed to substantial desire to move in this direction and much work to be done. The majority of firms claim that the cost of regu-. So far, Hengen has seen 12 UK-based insurance companies choosing the Grand Duchy as their post-Brexit hub, but all have been in the non-life sector.

    Dublin, Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam have attracted life companies seeking to make plans in case the UK leaves the EU internal market. So far, none of these dozen firms have yet opened an office in Luxembourg, as all are in the process of gaining regulatory approval.

    They will be ready to transfer activity if the political weather changes in the UK. It is internationally minded, with the bonus of being able to operate in. English as well as French, German and Luxembourgish. So far, ACA has no direct concerns of this nature, although they will be keeping an eye on the project to review the workings of the European supervisory authorities, including the body dedicated to insurance, European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority EIOPA.

    ACA calculated that 2, full time equivalent employees were employed in life insurance in Nevertheless, it adds an extra element to the broad ecosystem of know-how and capabilities in the country, as well as providing a useful, niche service to international clients. The Company addresses private clients objectives, which include management, conservation and transmission of their wealth with complete peace of mind. From cash dispensers to credit cards and to online banking, technology has transformed the financial sector.

    Luxembourg is seeking to become a hub for digital transformation in financial services. Clients are increasingly aware of the fees they pay for products and advice, and this coincides with an era of low investment returns. Moreover, we are now used to being able to run our affairs from our phones, with highly sophisticated tools having become commonplace.

    This concerns Luxembourg directly, as much of the work carried out here are back-office functions that make the financial system function. Ideally, much of this would be automated in order to cut costs, reduce errors, and facilitate online services. This is why Luxembourg has positioned itself as a hub to bring together local and international financial services businesses, IT developers, investors, regulators, public authorities and academics. Many of these operations have considerable scope to act in an entrepreneurial fashion, investigating and helping to develop innovative ways of working in a more cost effective fashion.

    The national strategy is to reinforce and expand the existing ecosystem of financial sector service providers. Encouraging interaction between, and the growth of existing players, while attracting new. They work with everyone, from established practitioners seeking to innovate and make partnerships, to start-ups taking their first steps. Then, there are local, regional and international connections with the wider environment, including venture capitalists seeking projects to support, other fintech hubs around the world, and academics with knowledge of potential practical benefit.

    Vol de nuit (1931)

    Not forgetting introductions with the government, business support agencies and EU authorities, which may be able to grant financial or material assistance in certain circumstances. The Lhoft also know the people to talk to at the local regulatory authority. Start-ups receive tailored incubation, co-working and soft-landing services, and also assistance meeting potential partners.

    So as well as short-lease office space and related facilities, there are mentoring services, networking and marketing opportunities, training, workshops and working groups. There are currently 15 companies in situ, with 40 members in total, most of which have come to Luxembourg from abroad. Most resident firms have people, with the maximum currently being It makes sense to embed sound regulatory compliance early in the development of new solutions. It would be a waste to produce a tool which performs well technically but fails to meet consumer protection and good practice requirements.

    Consumer protection is the number one concern, but not at the price of stifling innovation which will benefit consumers directly and indirectly. Luxembourg has a track record of making sure innovation and regulation complement each other. This reputation has spread, helping to encourage investment in the Grand Duchy. This utility will enable people to convert their digital currency holdings into traditional money. Its Luxembourg. It competes with Bitstamp, which received its Luxembourg licence in Other exploratory projects are on-going.

    For example, work using blockchain is seeking to streamline investment funds processing procedures. But at the very least, this drive projects an image of a forward-thinking country that actively encourages innovation. We enable secure EMV payments anyhow, anywhere. Our hosted platform unifies multiple payment channels allowing merchants to trade in over 30 countries worldwide. With our team of experts and leading industry insight we continually strive to improve the customer payment experience.

    The web designers developed a colour code system, so that customers can easily find the most affordable fares and various services according to their reservation class , as well as an online service section, allowing them to check in remotely and manage their bookings. Customers can therefore easily organise their trips on their smartphones, tablets or on their computers. The new interface allows intuitive navigation on any device. Scan and discover. LuxairTours thanks its customers for their loyalty, by offering numerous special deals, contests and some nice surprises throughout the year to mark its 50th anni-.

    This campaign, especially during the Foire Vakanz exhibition, helped LuxairTours to get off to a flying start at the beginning of the year! Register Enregistrez-vous To obtain your card, visit www. Become a member free of charge to enjoy multiple benefits. Pour obtenir votre carte, connectez-vous sur www. They include check-in at Business Class counters, higher priority on standby lists, a higher baggage allowance and a guaranteed seat up to 24 hours before your flight.

    Become or maintain your Frequent Traveller status with just 30 scheduled flights! Details and conditions available on www. See for yourself at www. You may for instance redeem your Miles for flight awards or for an upgrade. Discover all the details on www. Redeem your Miles for Luxair flight awards! For instance, you have the possibility to redeem Miles for free airline tickets or an upgrade see detailed conditions table below. Book your Luxair flight award now on www. If there are seats available in the requested booking class on the specified dates, you will receive your ticket directly to your email account.

    The passenger assistance area is located in the departure hall, opposite the check-in counters. Luxair passengers departing from Luxembourg in the morning between 6. Traditional check-in Enregistrement traditionnel Check-in at least 45 minutes before departure for Luxair and LuxairTours flights. LuxairTours passengers are requested to present themselves at the check-in desk 90 minutes before departure.

    For travellers with a business class ticket. Passengers must check-in at least 30 minutes before departure. Enregistrement au plus tard 30 minutes avant le vol. To save time, it is possible for Luxair flights to check-in on the www. All passengers have to go through the security control while all baggage items have to be screened by being passed through an X-ray machine.

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    Please note that regulations regarding size and weight may change depending on the airline you fly with. Area where passengers can collect hold baggage. Please note that other restrictions may be imposed by the authorities or by the airlines. Each liquid container cannot exceed ml and all containers must fit in the closed bag. Only one bag per passenger is allowed. Containers over ml are not allowed in the aircraft cabins but may be carried in the luggage hold. The personnel of LuxairServices will be delighted to welcome you there and offer you newspapers, hot and cold drinks, sandwiches or finger food, as per your requirements.

    LuxairServices Baggage Assistance Assistance bagages Assistance provided on delayed luggage, for declarations and other useful information. The Baggage Assistance area is located on level -1, in the baggage retrieval hall.

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    E-cigarettes and similar simulated smoking material cigars and pipes are strictly prohibited in hold baggage. Passengers may carry their e-cigarette and up to 2 spare batteries in cabin baggage. Les passagers peuvent les emporter dans leur bagage en cabine, avec maximum deux batteries de rechange. This will avoid a long security check and a possible delayed delivery of your luggage to the aircraft. Print out a copy of the itinerary, take a photo of the bag and keep it with you. Remove old flight tags and barcode stickers. Check the condition of your luggage.

    Wheels, handles and zipper should be in good condition. Check-in on time. Baggage needs time to travel from check-in to the aircraft. Take care of the tag stub you receive. Your feedback is vital and we would love to hear from you. Please use the contact form on the Luxair and LuxairTours websites. Veuillez utiliser le formulaire de contact disponible sur les sites web Luxair et LuxairTours. Contact: www. The Video Clip Awards VCAs available on board are an initiative of the Rockhal and Rocklab which aims to promote, disseminate and support the creation of video clips in Luxembourg and the artists and directors who produce them.

    The complete video programme is shown on all flights operated by Boeing B A range of international newspapers is available whilst boarding the aircraft. In Business class, an additional selection of magazines is offered. According to the flight time, either a snack or a meal will be served. Available on certain flights. Disponible sur certains vols. Luxair operates a young fleet with constantly optimised flying procedures.

    Please, note that: - all Luxair flights are strictly non-smoking including electronic cigarettes ; - the use of handheld games, media players, hearing aids, pacemakers or cameras is authorised during all flight phases take off, landing and in flight ; - the use of remote control toys, personal air purifiers, two-way radios or transmitters is prohibited during all flight phases take off, landing and in flight ; - the use of all laptops is prohibited during take off and landing; - devices that transmit or receive calls or texts must remain switched off during the flight.

    Exception: Devices equipped with a flight mode, which must be enabled prior to departure. Devices not equipped with a flight mode must be switched off. The crew will refuse and prohibit the service of alcoholic beverages to passengers aged under 16 as they are not allowed to order or consume alcohol. The operating air carrier has no obligation of care if this would give rise to a greater delay.

    This financial compensation shall be paid by electronic bank transfer or vouchers. This financial compensation is not granted to passengers who have voluntarily surrendered their reservations in exchange for benefits. Your very first flight experience ever I was very young when I took my first flight on an aeroplane and the only memory I have of this experience is the image of my twin brothers in their Moses basket during the flight. I do remember my second flight, though: I was only 10 years old and was proud and excited to be flying alone from Lyon to Paris under the watchful eye of a female flight attendant.

    Please tell our readers an anecdote during a flight! My best experience was a flight from Singapore to Paris in June I had an infection at the time that was starting to spread through the veins of one foot and luckily managed to get upgraded from business to first, meaning that I got to stretch right out and enjoy a perfect sleep. Who would you choose to design the aeroplane of your dreams and how would you expect the plane to be? I think we have to respect the planet and take inspiration from the wonderful living science book that the universe, the planet, nature and the beings that have evolved here over the centuries represent when it comes to innovation.

    Could you imagine yourself as a pilot? No, but I do dream of visiting the cockpit during a flight because, as I have observed when travelling in a helicopter or even just by car, the sensations and the range of vision you experience as a passenger pale in comparison to those you get as a co-pilot. En agence, au 42 et sur bgl. Assurances et assistances prises en charge par Europ Assistance.

    Kennedy, L Luxembourg, R. Luxembourg : B Communication Marketing janvier Naturally different. I hope you have an enjoyable read and a pleasant flight! Bonne lecture et bon vol! Archivez-le, transmettez-le ou bien faites-le recycler! Le Mois du don a lieu en avril. Donation Month takes place in April. L uxair crews have been enthusiastically participating in Donation Month since Photo LuxairGroup 24 wealins. Le job-board de ceux qui ne vont pas sur les job-boards l u x e m b o u r g F Akira Yasuoka arrived at Kamakura in Camilla, who was just 16 years old at the time, submitted a project concerning the transmission of bacteria and the most con- Sousana Eang, director of the Fondation Jeunes Scientifiques Luxembourg.

    Fin de parcours pour les autres tricolores. Vous avez entre 20 et 35 ans? Une belle initiative. Coline Aumard, chez les femmes, tentera de l'imiter. Il affrontera Paul Coll en quart. Compte-rendu des matchs. Si Victor Crouin est grandissime favori pour conserver son titre, la lutte semble beaucoup plus ouverte chez les filles. Les classements PSA d'octobre sont sortis. Le site web officiel est en ligne. Les inscriptions sont ouvertes. Le classement provisoire de Mai est disponible! Laura ne passera pas. Place aux qualifications femmes avec Coline Aumard et Laura Pomportes.

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    C'est le grand jour pour les huit finalistes. Place au tableau principal! A vos billets! Initiations, autographes, discussions, photos