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We will show our top favorite places of where to get the best pizza in Tirana. Pizzaria Pavarotti. There is a place in Tirana when you can taste the famous Pizza Napoletana, just like you can have it in Italy. All pizzas are so delicious because are prepared with products grown in Italy and prepared with passion. This place will really surprise you literally. From here you will not get only best pizza, but also a great selection of wine. If you are in the New Bazaar, you should not leave without trying pizzas in Season Restaurant.

Season Restaurant by the name itself is a restaurant that is a perfect choice for every time of the year. The combination of every ingredient and their quality are another reason why locals love Saporita. Make sure to book before you go. All pizzas are so delicious because are baked in wooden-ovens. PizzArte is 3 minute walk from Skanderbeg square.

Proper Pizza is the most famous pizza chain in Albania. Tirana Photo festival is not just a photo contest. It is the biggest event for photography in the country. This year edition is set for October at National History Museum. Tirana Photo Festival gathers in one place all photographers, amateurs and professionals in a series of activities which include: photo and video contests, exhibitions, workshops, photo walks, forums etc.

For one week we talk about photography and have many visitors. Two workshops are planned during the days of festival. Young passionate photographers who want to learn more will take lessons from best photographers in Albania. Photo tours are open for people who want to explore and learn how to take photos in the nature. Forums are planned with students from high school who will be invited to visit the exhibition and ask questions to our photographers. An album will be produced with the photos of Festival and will be distributed during the opening day.

Our partner for online payment is EasyPay. Many other concerts and activities will take place during this month, and you can be informed for them always looking at our website, where are listed all the events. What we recommend for June?

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The summer is here, the hottest days started already. You can enjoy all the parks with your family, or walking afternoon. For weekends you can explore all the villages of Tirana, or Dajti Mountain and have a fresh at many swimming pools around the city. Nei musei e nelle gallerie di Tirana non mancano le mostre di artisti albanesi e stranieri. To live means to leave traces. The famous novelist Ismail Kadare is one of the few Albanian writers who has left behind a legacy for many generations. Everyone, including tourists, should learn about the life of this personality during the communist regime.

These days his house in Tirana, where he lived and wrote most of the books, is turned into a museum and opened for the public and. The old building has a typical communist architecture. It is situated some meters behind the Palace of Culture or Tirana International hotel, in the former Broadway street, or Rruga e Dibres. The building is not painted, it is grey like in old times with electric wires hanging everywhere. The entrance is from behind.

On the top of it, one can see the symbol K Kadare- StudioHouse. The apartment is on the 4 th floor. The door is so old, painted in white like all the doors in that time. Only two writers living in this building, Ismail Kadare and Dritero Agolli have the biggest apartments 4 bedrooms which was very rare that time, while all the others apartments were with 1 or 2 bedrooms. As you enter in the leaving room, you can see a big cupboard, with lots of memories, texts, photos, and documents belonging to the writer and his family. When you see the eye sign, this means that you are allowed to see inside.

You can open the drawers and have a look. Mostly are in Albanian language, you can see his notes but also the drawings of his kids, family photos etc.


In the wall in front, you can see the years Kadare stayed in this house, and the books he wrote in each year. Everywhere in the house you can read quotes from his books or from books of his wife Helena Kadare which also is a writer. In the tables you can see some catalogues with photos of old Tirana, and some other books referring to this building in that time. In the other room you will see some other works of Kadare, the books he wrote when he was living in France or in his holiday house in Durres.

Then you enter in his studio, very special, with a huge bookcase, a fireplace and the working table. In front of it, there is a dark room when you can see some pieces of movies directed by Kadare couple. Several movies are directed based on this novel. The last room is a study room, which will be used for readers, students and researchers of Kadare work and life.

You need to buy a ticket to use this room. The exit from this room directs you on the other side of the building. Another museum of the writer Dritero Agolli will also be hosted in this building. They were the most influential writers during communist time. This building will serve as a symbol of all people, tourists who want to know how intellectuals lived and worked during communist regime. Some tour agencies may include this as a highlight in their itineraries.

There are numerous lakes near the city of Tirana and fascinating lakes hidden in the mountains and hills of Tirana. The Artificial Lake of Grand Park in Tirana is the most popular and frequented lake due its location. Activities you can do here are: boat riding, canoeing and kayaking. You can take your bike and cycle around the lake. The lake was built from local waters in on volunteer work to build a metres long dam that holds the waters from overflowing onto Tirana.

In the heart of the village is a beautiful lake, bearing the same name, Farka Lake. This lake now is surrounded with a very modern pedestrian street, where people can walk for miles around the lake, and enjoy its panorama. Bovilla Lake is the largest reservoir in the district of Tirana. The reservoir is supplied with water from the Terkuze River, which originates from the northern part of Mount with Holes Mali me Gropa and the rainy waters of the surrounding hills. The lake is surrounded by a mountain range.

From any height of the lakeside mountains you can enjoy the spectacular view of the landscape.

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Surrounded the pine trees forest and mountaineer view, this lake is really fascinating with its deep green colour reflected from the pines. It is surrounded by all sides with hills that have once been terraced. The road is good and leads to the lake. The lake is very beautiful and offers relaxing view. You can take a walk on the trails around the lake.

Prushi Lake situated in the village with the same name, is an artificial lake beautifully surrounded by pine trees. Once you go there you will notice the lush vegetation around the lake. This place is perfect if you want to experience a different weekend with your family or friends. If you prefer you can walk, hike around the area. To go there you have to follow the road from Tirana to Vaqarr, before arriving in Vaqarr take the right road to village of Prush.

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  • The road from village to the lake is really good. The lake of Rov village is located between Petrela and Baldushk village, just off the road that connects these two areas. The road is good and can be reached by car to the lake. The edge of the lake, on one of the hills surrounding it lies the village of Rov. There is a hiking path around the lake and in the area, there are a lot of paths to explore. It is a destination where nature lovers can find pleasure and peace.

    The lake is surrounded from all the sides with green hills in different altitudes. It is amazing to see this place all in its natural shapes, with no buildings around. That means that the waters of the lake are very clean if you want to jump and swim on it. The colors of the waters are always in crystal deep green.

    The flora around the lake is very dense and natural. Apart admiring the nature, you can climb or hike in the hills around the lake. The view lake from the hills is just breathtaking. The Ensemble arrived to Albania after a successful tour in Europe and USA to perform and serve Russian culture through most famous Russian musical works. By the end of the concert, the Russian folkloric group prepared a surprise for the Albanian audience, by performing and dancing two Albanian songs, thus enchanting even more the guests of the concert.

    The hall overfull with hundreds of Russian culture lovers and strong applauses had created a very positive atmosphere for the present ones, but also for the performing artists. The artistic director, Viktor Kuzminov, expressed himself, by the end of the concert, that nowhere else except Albania the folkloric ensemble did not receive such a warm welcome and admiration of the audience. Tirana is blessed with stunning nature, various landscapes and breathtaking waterfalls.

    In Tirana outskirts there are some truly amazing waterfalls that not all of them are known. Below are waterfalls that are waiting for you to discover. Shengjergji Waterfall is another treasure of nature in Tirana surroundings. It is situated near the village Shegjin, in Shengjergj district, Tirana. Everyone can reach there, because the road is in good condition, and you can go by car. The water to Shengjergji Waterfall comes from Mali me Gropa, and while the water falls down, it creates one of the streams flowing to the river Erzen.

    The altitudes of the Waterfall are 30 meters high, while it flows in spirals through different funnels which are not visible for the eyes of visitors. The rock formation around the Waterfall is very interesting with different colorful layers, where the red color is dominant. The best moment to visit it is the Spring and Autumn, where it displays its amazing beauty surrounded by variety of colors. Hidden Waterfall. It is one of the most unique waterfalls of the Murdhari brook.

    The waterfall it flows inside the mountain. The stream water passes through its bed in the depths of the mountain and creates a waterfall of about meters high. The place where it falls is almost in the darkness except the part of the river that allows the light to enter. To reach the path there is a bit difficult and slippery. The waterfall is very impressive and mystical. Kakunja Waterfall. It is also known as the waterfall of Askolaj cliff. At about m, Kakunja waterfall is a continuous torrent of water pouring off the side of a cliff especially during spring and autumn.

    To go up there you have to take the road from Tirana to Baldushk and then to the village of Kakunje. Besh-Livadhi Waterfall. It has a height of over 10 meters and in the spring season there are large water flows. The cliffs that pass through are layered and look like tiled tiles on top of each other. The waterfall is hidden in a green vegetation oasis and is not easy to find.

    Mother Teresa square turned into a colorful place for all youngsters of Tirana and other cities and other neighbor countries. Many well-known singers and DJ performed all the day for 12 hours, starting from midday until midnight. A bag of colour powder is provided with the ticket but can also be bought at the festival as well, along with various merchandise products, like T-shirts and hats.

    Everyone enjoyed for some hours getting dirty from the hairs to shoes. Emerging Europe is a London-based think tank committed to boosting the social and economic development of twenty-three countries in Eastern Europe and raising awareness about the region. Albania is one of the countries. DMO Albania was one of applicants and after an evaluation process on some strict criteria, Emerging Europe chooses 10 candidates for each category. Tirana Photo Festival promotes touristic Albania through photography.

    Emerging Europe called organizations and businesses to present their projects for development, strategies, boosting investments and tourism. From applicants were selected nominees across all of 23 countries which make up this region. Biggest projects of DMO Albania are www. Last year we were nominated for Visit Tirana, as tourism campaign of the year. We are very happy to be selected as nominees among many competing countries in Europe. A day of awareness for all citizens to use their cars less in the city, instead of walking or biking for a better health and air quality.

    Mini-polygon shooting and paintball were two other activities that attracted quite a few young people. The Book Corner and Playground was quite frequented. April has been a very pleasant month in Tirana, with the spring blossoming everywhere in the streets. From Skanderbeg Square on a rainy day, spring on the streets of Tirana, sunset on the lake, and photos of families in the park, see the most beautiful pictures below. Welcome to the perfect time for visiting Tirana. May is the best month to enjoy the city, for its wonderful weather. It looks like real summer.

    All the tourists prefer this month to visit Tirana, and if you wander in the streets of Tirana, you will feel like you are in a foreign city. This is the liveliest month even regarding the activities in open space, since they can gather the highest number of participants. That is because starting from June and two other months of the summer, Tirana is quieter since every one run to the beach. It is also the last month of school for the elementary and high school. The first day of May is a Public Holiday.

    It is the Labour Day, but it is a tradition now in Albania that it is considered just a day off for workers, in comparison with other countries where this day is a Day of Protesters. Also, on this day, the Municipality of Tirana organizes the "Car Free Day", where citizens are invited not to use cars this day. The biggest open event of the month is Colour Day Festival on 18 May This is the largest and the most colourful festival, organizing for the seconed time in Tirana.

    This month is perfect for outdoor activities, hiking and climbing. The most preferred destinations are Dajti Adventure Park, which will be open in 1 st of May, after winter closure; Bovilla Lake is one of the most popular places for local tourists lately, while other interesting destinations are Cyclops Eye , Erzeni Canyons etc. Places where you can enjoy the beauty of the spring nature. Also walking tours in the city and cultural tours, or communist tours are the best we can offer in May. If you are looking for accommodation or for best restaurants in the town, see our recommendations here.

    We're giving 3 lucky winners the chance to get a taste from our city Tirana: one night for two at Elite Palace Hotel, a lunch for two at Gambero Gourmet restaurant, and a free game for 6 people at Paint Ball Zone Meze.

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    Invited by the Brain and Heart Travel Travel Agency, 9 female bloggers and one boy, accepted an invitation to discover Albania and introduce them to their followers on social networks. The first day was Tirana. They were welcomed by Metro Hotel located in Blloku area. Kruja was one of the stops of the travel bloggers, who visited the two museums and the old bazaar of Kruja.

    Mobistealth is a comprehensive keylogger with following features:

    After this culture and history lessons in Kruja, they were returned in Tirana and had a memorable night out in Blloku area. On their last day they traveled by cable car to Dajti Mountain where they enjoyed a traditional lunch on the Dajti Ballkoni. During their trip in Albania, they posted multiple photos, videos from each place they visited, hotels, restaurant, bars and other places, showing to their followers how amazing and inviting Albania is.

    Pyramid remains the most mystic building in Tirana, but not for long. Until now it was linked with the communist past, but very soon it will turned into the biggest regional center for youth, technology and innovation. The new project for revitalization of Pyramid and transforming it in a multi-functional hub for all young generation, was introduced today by the prime Minister of Albania Mr Edi Rama and the Mayor of Tirana Mr Erion Veliaj. The project will be financed by Albanian-American Development Fund. Granoff, as well as architects and urbanists who have been involved with the news design of the Pyramid.

    This is a very ambitious project that lacked in Tirana. Pyramid was created as a Musem for the Dictator Enver Hoxha, and was designed by his daughter who was the architect. Having this symbolic it has been the center of debates to destroy this building considering it as a communist symbol. But it is a very rare object, so keeping it, is a reminder of the past, but transforming its role is a fantastic idea, in accordance with the saying: reminding the past, building the future. The pyramid will serve as a kind of incubator for businesses in the field of innovation, art and creativity.

    The innovation of revitalizing the center lies in the fact that the TUMO model is a new type of educational experience at the intersection of technology and design. Young people will be given the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their potential and they will be able to develop their learning skills to face the challenges of the 21st century. The TUMO Learning Program consists of self-employment activities, workshops and labs in 14 change programs under the supervision of the best experts from around the world. Mr Edi Rama and Mr Veliaj were very enthusiastic for this project and for its role in educating the youth generation of Albania.

    Dozens of cars are displayed today from am to pm for all enthusiasts and owners of historic vehicles. The event is part of the project www. Catholic are celebrating Easter according to Gregorian calendar, while orthodox Easter are celebrated usually at least a week later than Catholic Easter, according to Julian calendar.

    It is interesting that these celebrations now important festive days for each christian family, while during the communist time for more than half a century this events were banned. No one is allowed even to mention "Easter Sunday" or Christ Resurrection. They couldn't go to Church or to follow the specific rituals.

    The regime of Enver Hoxha pretended to create an atheist state, so religious days were banned. But when the democratic years came, all the Catholics and Orthodox believers returned to their traditions to celebrate these events according to their own calendars. Both Catholic and Orthodox believers attend services throughout Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, despite usually going on different dates. Both faiths hold Holy Saturday vigils to welcome Resurrection Morning.

    Orthodox follow up the vigil with early-morning prayer and song services. Both faiths decorate Easter eggs, the Orthodox dyeing many of their eggs red to symbolize the blood of Christ. Orthodox also eat a special Easter bread, drink brandy, and eat roast lamb for Easter dinner. We are known for our religious tolerance and coexistence.

    Also a statue of Mother Teresa can be found at the entrance of the cathedral. It was inaugurated on 26 January The cathedral, finished in , is one of the largest in the Balkans. But there are many other churches in Tirana and all over the country. The most famous one is Kisha e Lacit, one hour far from Tirana. The biggest festive celebrations are held in Shkodra and Lezha, where the catholic community is bigger. So if you are in Tirana these days, you can choose to visit these cities which are two hours from Tirana, and experience the real festive tradition.

    Tirana is a family friendly city, great for kids and plenty of fun activities for all. Here are some tips and inspiration to help you plan a family break to the colorful Albanian capital. Skanderbeg square. Skanderbeg Square has been regarded for more than half a century as the very centre of Tirana. Scanderbeg square had a huge restoration and it was reopened in The Scanderbeg Square, The National Opera, National Museum and National Bank surround the stone pavement, while behind these buildings, there are planted trees from all over Albanian territory.

    Mini- parks, benches, flowers, platforms for taking photos are part of the square. Kids can enjoy a ride at the most famous carousel in Skanderbeg square. Tirana Castle Justinian Fortress. The Fortress of Justinian, known simply as Tirana Castle is the only one found in the city centre.

    The fortress is where at one time the main east—west and north—south roads crossed, forming the heart of the town as it was then. The castle history dates back prior to The castle was reopened for the public on December and today the area inside the walls serves as a culinary environment for traditional cooking, but also as an area of culture and art. In this cultural and commercial space there are souvenir shops with a focus on Tirana's history, mosaics, traditional restaurants, etc.

    After arriving in Dajti National Park you can enjoy a delicious lunch at Ballkoni i Dajtit restaurant. Kids can play in the playground or go to the Dajti Adventure Park. This Adventure Park is for all ages. For children up to 7 years old there were easy games and trails. The other games were for children above 8 years old and for adults.

    It is a place to have fun, test your courage, and overcome your own fears and enjoying the beautiful nature in the forest. Grand Park in Tirana is a must for all visitors to the city, young and old. Families can rent a bike or buggy and ride alongside the lake. Rinia Park Youth Park. Rinia Park is situated in the very heart of the city. It is one of the most popular places in Tirana, especially for families and the nearby residents. Tirana Zoo. Tirana Zoo was established in As the only Zoo Park in Albania, it welcomes lots of visitors every day.

    On average, three hundred people visit the zoo every week. Zoo Park is in Tirana's Grand Park, next to the botanical gardens. Together with Grand Park and the Lake these comprise the green crown of the city. New Bazaar. The New Bazaar is located at Avni Rustemi Sqaure, only 8-minute walk from the center of Tirana has quickly became the most popular attraction of the city. Local market offers a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood and meat.

    Narben Im Gesicht Schminken Rezept

    It is a nice place for people to spend time with their family or friends. During weekends various activities are organized here such as fairs, concerts and open theatres for kids. National History Museum. If you are keen to know the turbulent history of the Albanians, this is the place to visit. The National History Museum is the most important museum in Albania and contains a well-documented history of the country. National Gallery of Arts. The gallery currently houses artworks and more than registered artists in the archives.

    The Gallery of Arts is the only national institution that exhibits, conserves, studies, restores, publishes, documents and archives the works of art in the country. Families often prefer to take the kids here and there educative hours where kids can paint and have a good time. National Archeology Museum. It was the first museum to open in Albania after WW2. Kids will be fascinated by the objects from prehistory, through historical times to the Middle Ages. Tirana is changing every day. So, if you want to be updated with all these changes, we suggest you follow our walking tour as following:.

    We start the tour at Skanderbeg Square. The new square is restored in summer of and is the main destination for all tourists visiting Tirana. After taking some picture in the Square, we go to the National Historical Museum to have guidance on the history of Albanians. You can choose to visit the Mosque or Clock Tower. We turn back for a tour to Blloku area, former isolated area during communist regime.

    Dajti Adventure Park is a very popular destination in Tirana, especially during the Spring and Summer. For it will open in April, earlier then the previous year. How to go there? You can reach the park by a car, or by Cable Car. With Cable Car you will enjoy the amazing view above villages and mountains and price of the Cable Car ride is included to the prize of the ticket to Dajti Adventure Park.

    The entrance to Dajti Adventure Park costs 11 euro for adults and for kids 8 euro including Cable Car ride. Once you arrive you can see how much people love this place. You wait for a while to get the proper uniform in order to be able to start the climbing journey. This park is for all ages. It is a place to have fun, test your courage, overcome your own fears and enjoying the beautiful nature in the forest. In a park they can act independently, try and fail and try again, and overcome their own fears without any risk.

    The staff of the Dajti Adventure Park are there very attentive and helpful. Each path finishes with zip lining, where people are sliding down rapidly from top to the bottom. This is a fantastic experience, and you want to do it again and again. Many foreigners or tourists are frequenting this park since it was opened in It is nice to see these people happy at the end of this adventure. The park is one more reason to visit Dajti Mountain, from which the view is just spectacular. This attraction puts Tirana in list of cities for active tourism.

    It is the most flourishing month in every sense. Stay updated with our events in Tirana section. Keep in mind that mot of events in Tirana are announced one or two week before. Albanian Christian community is celebrating this day in different ways, but the common thing is going to Church, and then cook the best food for their family, including coloured eggs, which they distribute to their relatives.

    April is starting with perfect weather. The summer comes early in Albania. The first week of April the temperatures are going to be 20 degrees which is a fantastic time to enjoy Tirana. Spring is the perfect time to visit Tirana, and to see as much as you can, starting from cultural destinations, to natural destinations around Tirana, including all surrounding villages. The Dajti Mountain is always the best solution, where you can entertain yourself at the Adventure Park , which is now open after the winter closure.

    But Tirana offers much more. We would recommend you to see our site outside Tirana and choose a place to visit especially during weekends. We can arrange you the best guide and the best tailored tour. See here restaurants you should try in Tirana. Don't forget to submit your photos from Tirana in spring, use hashtag TiranaSpring for a chance to be featured. How to participate? Read here! Today is the International Day of Happiness. It is a day when all we have to put a smile on our face, to remember the things that make us happy are.

    All of us have plenty reasons to be happy and one of them is that we are free and unique human being living in a planet. The Spring Equinox marks the change of the seasons and as the northern hemisphere begins to tilt towards the sun, our days start to get longer and our nights shorter. In the northern hemisphere, we enjoy the arrival of spring and the promise of warmer days. In the southern hemisphere, however, this marks the changing of their seasons to autumn.

    Albanian culinary is getting a high reputation around the world for its unique flavour and delicious recipes. Many bloggers are writing articles about our traditional cuisine, praising the traditional recipes which are a mix between Albanian, Turkish, Greek and Italian culinary. The best restaurants are located in Tirana, where you can always find a good place to eat almost in every corner or street of the city. Visit Tirana is promoting the city every day and we know well what are the best things to do here, so if you are visiting Tirana these days and need some hints about the best restaurants, here are our suggestions:.

    Gambero Gourmet. If you are looking for fine dinning restaurant in Tirana, then head to Gambero Gourmet, the place where you will get a superb culinary experience and service. The first quality of the products, the latest word of technology used in the kitchen, the desire of the chiefs of the kitchen to bring you the best of you but not only, very reasonable and economical prices accompanied by over different walnut labels make up the luxury of really in Gambero Gourmet.

    If you want to eat with a view go to Ballkoni i Dajtit , located on the top of the Dajti mountain. The restaurant offers a comfortable interior where you can dine and enjoy a wonderful view over Tirana. The restaurant is stylish, modern, comfortable and of course very warm and attractive for customers. If you visit Tirana, don't miss Ballkoni Dajtit! If you need to try the best of farm food, in a rural area, go to UKA Farm. Try the best wine and the tasty food and for sure you will come back.

    This two acres farm includes the restaurant, vineyard and the winery where the family produces its wine. The open air restaurant is set in the middle of a farm and provides a unique opportunity to taste and enjoy the local favor. Season Restaurant. Season Restaurant can tell by its name that you can go there and find the best dishes of each season.

    This modern restaurant is located in the newly renovated area Pazari Ri New Bazaar offering freshly wood baked pizza, a selection of beverages and tasty dishes. The restaurant location at one of the oldest neighborhoods of Tirana, New Bazaar has preserved some traditional elements in the painting and pillows of the couches. Hotel Colosseo Restaurant. Looking for somewhere to enjoy a romantic treat, or a group night out? Hotel Colosseo Resturant is the perfect place to relax, for lunch or dinner.

    Enjoy the tasty lunch and dinner menu from midday to 11 pm. Tuck into a satisfying menu: seafood variety, classic Caesar salad, pasta and risotto, fresh fish and meat cooked with love from the Chef. Located in an uphill overlooking Tirana, this a perfect place to get out the buzzling capital and enjoy some time in the serenity of nature. The charming decoration with gold and white makes you feel like dining in a royal palace, not to mention watering-mouth and art food served here.

    And the best is that prices are very reasonable. This is the 9 th photo contest organized by Visit Tirana in three years. The competition ran in social media channels but mostly on Instagram from 1 December to 28 February Photos representing different parts of our Tirana: the winter holidays atmosphere in Tirana, snow in Dajti, Shengjergj and other highlands of Tirana.

    The jury of VisitTirana selected 10 winners, where 6 were given certificates of contributes, and 4 finalists. First place: Erald Halili drone photo of a couple with umbrellas in the snow in Dajti. The winner of the first prize will enjoy a night accommodation at Metro Hotel, the newest hotel in Blloku area in Tirana. Locals call it Summer Day , even though it is celebrated in the first days of spring.

    Summer day was the first day year of an ancient calendar of Albanians, a day celebrated centuries before the birth of Christianity. It was celebrated by March 1 st of the Julian calendar, the first day of the New Year according to the Gregorian calendar, "March 14". It started to be celebrated massively in all over the country only the last decade, but its roots are deep in the ancient time in the city of Elbasan. People celebrate the end of winter, the rebirth of nature, and a rejuvenation of spirit among Albanians. Although the epicenter of this festival is around Shkumbin region in Elbasan, the festival is widely celebrated in Tirana.

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