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Alternatively, these variants could coexist with the standard races or even with other variants in your world. For example, you can use them as world-building tools—the existence of racial offshoots may constitute living proof of an ancient racial migration in response to some disaster. Each racial variant modifies the race to which it is applied hereafter called the standard race in minor ways. All racial traits of the standard race—racial skill bonuses, bonus feats, special sensory capabilities such as darkvision and low-light vision , ability modifiers, combat bonuses against specific foes, and racial weapon proficiencies—are retained unless the variant specifies otherwise.

For instance, a human retains his extra skill points and extra feat at 1st level, a dwarf retains his stonecunning ability, and an elf retains her ability to spot secret doors, unless the variant description specifically indicates otherwise. Many of the variant races described in this section provide alternate ability score adjustments. In these cases, the adjustments given here supersede the standard race's adjustments. Because humans are, by nature, the most adaptable of races, environmental variants are generally not included for humans.

Goblin (disambiguation)

The exception is aquatic humans, which, due to their ability to live and breathe underwater, are sufficiently different from other humans to warrant an environmental variant. Beneath the surface of the ocean lies an exotic and a alien world, complete with canyons, mountains, volcanoes, and forests. Inky depths conceal sunken cities, sleeping deities, and titanic monsters. For residents of the aquatic realm, the sunny world of the air is as mysterious and unknown as the black depths of the sea. Players wanting their characters to be ocean dwellers can use these variants.

Or, their characters might encounter these races while journeying beneath the sea. An aquatic race usually shares the temperament and interests of the standard race, but its members tend to be more serene than their landborn cousins. A water creature is taller and thinner than a standard member of her race. Her feet and hands are webbed to facilitate swimming.

Aquatic elves even have fins along their limbs that serve the same purpose. A water creature's skin ranges from pale green to dark blue. Her hair usually matches her skin color but may be one or two shades darker. Water dwellers wear very little clothing, and what they do wear tends to cling tightly to their bodies.

Some favor jewelry made of coral and other undersea treasures.

Sea Goblin

The attitudes of water creatures tend to be very similar to those of their landborn cousins. Members of aquatic races generally treat landborn creatures with guarded pleasantness on the rare occasions when they meet. Having avoided most of the political, economic, and military turmoil of the surface world, water creatures tend to take a much more placid view of life than their landborn cousins do.

Members of an aquatic race favor neutrality in at least one aspect of alignment , if not both. The civilizations of water dwellers often mirror those of their standard races, though water folk favor more loosely organized governments and more open societies. Water creatures generally have plenty of space available for building, so they rarely structure their habitats as densely populated cities.

Instead, undersea races prefer to maintain loosely defined territories in which families and individuals can carve out their own niches. Water creatures usually pay homage to at least one deity related to oceans, storms, or nature. Otherwise, their worshiping habits are similar to those of their standard races. Water creatures speak any languages spoken by members of their standard race. Many also learn Aquan to facilitate communication with other underwater creatures. While there are plenty of adventures to be found beneath the waves, water creatures occasionally venture onto land to fulfill some important goal.

Some are lured by the alien ways of the surface people, others feel a wanderlust that can be tamed only by walking the earth. None of the aquatic races have level adjustments when your entire campaign is set underwater and all the PCs have the aquatic subtype, or when playing a nonaquatic campaign. The advantages gained by an aquatic character when in an aquatic environment even out with those of other aquatic characters, and their disadvantages in nonaquatic environments make up for any advantages they might enjoy.

However, when a mix of aquatic and nonaquatic characters occurs in an aquatic or ship-based campaign, aquatic characters enjoy a distinct advantage over their land-based cousins. Beneath the waves, dwarves remain the masters of stone. They build massive, elaborate fortresses near the mineral-rich waters that surround undersea thermal vents.

Sea Goblin (Inimicus didactylus)

Aquatic dwarves have the general aquatic racial traits described above and all the dwarf racial traits, as well as those noted below. The aquatic landscape is dotted with forests of kelp and roofed with sporadic blankets of sargasso weed. Hidden among these watery groves are the ancient settlements of the elves. Aquatic elves have the general aquatic racial traits described above, elf racial traits, and aquatic elf traits, with the following exception. Aquatic gnomes travel the world beneath the waves in elaborate wood and shell chariots pulled by domesticated sea creatures.

Their vehicles range in size from single-person launches to those large enough to house several families. Aquatic gnomes have the general aquatic racial traits described above and all gnome racial traits, with additions and exceptions as noted below. Aquatic goblins are feared and reviled as ocean-dwelling piranhas. A band of aquatic goblins and their shark mounts is likely to swoop down on any individual or group perceived as weak, to strip it of everything from gold and jewelry to clothing and hides. Leaving a trail of junk behind them as they evaluate their loot, the bandits swim off in search of other unlucky victims.

Aquatic goblins to take up adventuring for many reasons. While most goblins are neutral evil, many have different beliefs and seek like-minded individuals outside the tribe. Some lack opportunities to advance, and tire of living on the scraps of those with more authority or higher social position. Aquatic goblins have the general aquatic racial traits described above and all goblin racial traits, with additions and exceptions as noted below. Aquatic elves sometimes wed aquatic humans, just as land-based elves sometimes marry surface dwelling humans. The aquatic results are aquatic half-elf children.

Environmental Racial Variants ::

They often serve as the diplomats and negotiators for either their human or elf communities, depending on where they live. Aquatic half-elves have the general aquatic racial traits described above and all half-elf racial traits, with additions and exceptions as noted below.

In their remote and wild tribal homes, aquatic orcs occasionally coexist with barbarian tribes of aquatic humans. Sometimes the two groups intermarry, producing aquatic half-orcs. Aquatic half orcs have the general aquatic racial traits described above and all half-orc racial traits, in addition to those noted below. Aquatic halflings are much more settled than their surface-dwelling cousins.

Their slight size means they are easily buffeted by currents that flow beneath the waves like the rivers of the surface world. Many predatory creatures think nothing of swooping down on such small prey. As a result, aquatic halflings often live among dwarves and humans, within the defenses those races provide.

Aquatic halflings have the general aquatic racial traits described above and all halfling racial traits, in addition to those noted below. Aquatic humans have a place beneath the surface of the sea, perhaps as descendants of forgotten civilizations whose island cities sank beneath the surface. They may replace merfolk in such campaigns, or exist along with them. Aquatic humans have the general aquatic racial traits described above and all human racial traits, in addition to those noted below.

Aquatic kobolds are seldom seen outside their mines, much like their surface-dwelling cousins—despite the fact that their broad tails make them exceptional swimmers. They dig constantly, always expanding their subterranean territory, and as a result frequently come into conflict with aquatic dwarves.

Aquatic kobolds often hire mercenaries to fight for them, hiding behind their carefully constructed traps and other defenses and paying their defenders with the mineral wealth they uncover while expanding their warrens. The life of an aquatic kobold is one of constant toil and fear.

Some few kobolds seek peace of mind through personal power and boon companions. These rare individuals become adventurers. Aquatic kobolds have the general aquatic racial traits described above and all kobold racial traits, as well as the following trait. Aquatic orcs survive on the slopes of cliff sides or undersea drops, far from the warmth of volcanic vents and the nurturing light of the sun.

As such, they control access to the secrets of the deep ocean trenches—but are menaced by fell creatures that rise up out of the trenches in search of fresh prey. Aquatic orcs stand ever vigilant against attackers and thieves when they're not making preemptive strikes against those foolish enough to settle near their territory. Occasionally an individual orc questions the need for constant battle, or seeks strategies other than brute force.

Such iconoclasts often leave their tribes—at least temporarily—to become adventurers. Aquatic orcs have the general aquatic racial traits described above and all orc racial traits, as well as the following trait. Your campaign might be set in a snow-swept expanse of glaciers, mountains, and icy seas. Settlements cluster around sources of heat, including hot springs and volcanic vents.

Frozen in the ice are relics of a forgotten, warmer time. Strange creatures descend from the glaciers, wreaking havoc and drawing adventurers like beacons.

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Players wanting their characters to be nonhuman arctic dwellers can build characters using these variants, or their characters could encounter these races while journeying across the ice and snow. Nearly all ice dwellers are more grim and humorless than members of their standard races.

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Efficiency in word and deed is crucial to survival in the harsh arctic realms, so arctic creatures tend to get straight to the point in conversation, and they have little patience for those who speak in riddles or half truths. A talent for necromancy doomed their race though, and in a great cataclysm their continent was sunk, leaving only scattered islands.

The goblins adapted. On the mountains remaining above the waves dedicated goblins made their new home, while refugees settled in the cities of other races, or battle them for territory. The goblins who still brave the Sea of Ghosts split their time between hunting the undead created during their fall and pirating the ships of other races crossing above their former home, or maybe even getting a bit of legitimate trade in. Goblins have created a gunpowder-like substance called boom jelly. Their warships mount actual cannon, a feat no other race has equaled on land or sea.

Boom jelly is also used in the matchlock pistols carried by pirate raiders. Boom jelly requires an ingredient found only on their home islands.

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  • The old Goblin Empire is also the source of the common language now used for trade. Roughly years ago, the Goblins were a major superpower. Based on a small continent in what is now the Sea of Ghosts, they possessed advanced magical skills, especially in the powerful field of necromancy. Those beings came and the gods had war with them, a fight for the survival of the world and all its past, present and future, for they outer gods would devour time itself. Yet those ancient necromancers were the ones who finally drove them back: for they took the body of a fallen god, his head and lower body crushed to naught and his hands sliced clean away, and woke his flesh again with the very power of their enemies.

    Thus risen was the Phantom Shadow Beast, Bongo Bongo, and deep below the earth he beat the rhythm that tied those ineffable horrors to time, forcing them to flee or else to age and die. All the mortal world forgets him now, save only in the dustiest of ancient necrotexts, and in the darkest rumors of the dwarves: for when the people of the earth venture deep, beyond the clang of anvils and the echo of words in their halls, to the deepest, darkest silence of the uttermost depths, they may hear the distant rhythm that echoes up from beneath the world. The beat of Bongo Bongo.

    He is the One that leads the Dance of Ruin. This is the giant necromantic effect that spawns the necrostorms whenever someone else casts necromancy. Past 'De Agterbaaier' take the second road left into Concorde Drive. How do I know if the property is available? How can I contact the owner? How will the owner contact me? What if I don't hear back from the owner? How do I pay? View all property FAQs. Do you own a vacation rental? List it here. Extra income. Earn money by renting out your home.

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