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The links between classroom realities and research and the critical use of different kinds of text will support history teachers in developing their practice and professional voice.

History Teacher Publication and the Curricular 'What? For history teachers at large, it is a stimulating book that successfully bridges the divide between theory and practice.

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The teacher research deals with familiar themes like causation, change and evidence, but also offers some refreshing new insights into teaching substantive concepts, big history frameworks, significance of localities and diversity — topics not often dealt with in the usual research on teaching history. The approach the editors have taken in composing this book is truly novel and results into compelling reading for anyone interested in history education at the level of school practice, teacher training or academic research.

Highly recommended for those entering into further study in education, heads of history departments looking for inspiration, and all classroom practitioners keen to be engaged in the ongoing discussion about history education in British schools. An invaluable companion. The diversity of ideas considered here, and the quality of teaching, writing and research engagement which informs each chapter, makes this a vital addition to any conscientious history teacher's reading list.

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It deals with all aspects of teaching individual arts and humanities subjects in higher education. Experienced teachers offer authoritative suggestions on how to become critically reflective about discipline-specific practices.

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One of the books strengths, in particular, is in locating disciplinary insecurities and concerns within the broader context of Higher Education. This is certainly a debate that history students should be conscience of, and, actively engaged in. To the authors further credit, the use of a wide variety of comparative examples from institutions around the world is novel, and certainly, warmly welcomed. The use of international examples will, I hope, encourage students and teachers to contextualise their work, research, and its associated problems in new ways. There is definitely a lot of potential here for encouraging students and teachers to employ comparative and contextual approaches within their specific areas of studies.

I also felt that the attention to new novel methods and means of delivery, assessment, and engagement was also informative and timely given the demands on academic practitioners to push their creative and entrepreneurial teaching boundaries. My reservations about the book are only very minor.

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In some places, for instances, the flow of the book is not as cohesive as it could be. There are also a number of obscure headings that are not as well articulated. In a few instances further concrete examples would have helped augment the practically-orientated suggestions and ideas. This said, this is still a very worthwhile book, particularly for those students embarking on their historical studies or teachers looking to reinvigorate their classroom practices in more relevant, meaningful, and inspiring ways. Used alongside other 'methods' texts, this would be a welcome addition to the undergraduate history syllabus.

The book raises essential questions about the history of the subject of history. Methods are reflected in the light of their use in the past and general tendencies are highlighted.

Teaching and Learning History

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Download flyer Recommend to Library. Description Contents Reviews Preview 'This book, informed by exceptionally wide inquiry into current history teaching practices in the English-speaking world, is a real achievement. The authors convey current context and challenges with great insight, and they move through possibilities in sequencing, content, skills and assessment, without strident comment, extending our knowledge of options and pitfalls in the process' - Peter N.

Stearns, Provost, George Mason University 'Comprehensive, persuasive, and at all times accessible in style and argument, this text both encourages and empowers university historians to review and enhance their teaching practices.

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