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We had an inch tsunami during low tide. We're lucky out here that our offshore geography shields us from the worst of those, and our best wishes go out to everyone who wasn't as fortunate as us. March on the Peninsula also saw my guild's fabulous quilt show!

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If you didn't get to attend in person, you can still check out pictures and winners at the Peninsula Quilt Guild Facebook page. The dates for next year's show have already been posted, so be sure to plan ahead! We had our first longarm class in March, too. Three people came for half a day to learn how to use Jelly Beans' foot Nolting. I cover setup, machine basics, pantograph instruction and free motion. Three people seems to be the perfect class size, so I'll be scheduling the next class as soon as I have another three people signed up for it. Once you have taken the class you can rent the longarm by the hour or entire day.

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Also, they say, there was "spring break" thing at the end of March. As of yesterday, I would have said I hadn't seen any spring yet this year. But today, we got our out-of-nowhere unexpected five-minute rain deluge, followed by clear blue skies. We got that three times, in fact. Nothing says spring on the beach in the Northwest like schizophrenic weather, so I can say for sure that Spring has arrived!

I have some interesting news about new batik techniques. Instead of small stamps to pattern, batik makers are starting to experiment with larger-scale screen print patterns. I just got my first shipment of those. They really take batiks to a whole new level! Check out some of my new arrivals below. More will be arriving all spring long.


Bags are becoming more and more popular for a quick project and a way to use up your fabric. As we spend more time making bags they end up more complicated.

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Zippers are becoming a standard part of bags. Bag that can close are wonderful, but I admit it, zippers scare me. My mom used to tell me they were no big deal; they were easy. Yeah right. She put them in so quickly, I couldn't even follow what she was doing. Eventually, I found a Butterick pattern with pictures and instructions that I understood.

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I kept it in a drawer and pulled it out whenever I needed to put in a zipper. Good news about the fall retreat! Janet King is set to teach Shatter and Sew. And a professional thread monger will be coming to teach about thread -- weight, color, uses and all the other questions you and me Sign up for our mailing list, and you'll be the first to know about our Sunday Circular sales and other deals.

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Debra B. Hi there! I just wanted to drop a quick note and tell you that your webpage, photos, and products are absolutely breathtaking! It has been such a pleasure being part of the Lima Beads community, and your hard work makes each purchase a pleasure! Keep up the awesome job everyone, and have a wonderful week! Over the last few months, we've been hearing a lot of people asking us to let them shop the Big Green Bead Machine on their iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices. Well, a couple of weeks ago, we did just that.

Vintaj Patina Tutorial. Apply Gilders Paste to a Stamped Blank. I grew up in the s and 60s where we spent most of our childhood outside in natural settings, with lots of unstructured free time, and little or no adult supervision. Today many children are preoccupied with electronic devices, inside and in front of screens, eating junk food, and lacking in physical activity, let alone contact with nature. Labels: active play , coordination , development , Discount School Supply , games , Get Outdoors , gross motor development , learning locomotor skills , make it fun , outdoor play , physical activity , Take a Child Outside Week.

Wednesday, September 12, Education Through Movement!

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Building the Foundation. Ask the children to describe movements as they are doing them. Having children think about and label their movements leads to those movements becoming purposeful and planned. Once children are comfortable with a movement activity, suggest that they lead it in their own way. Depending on the activity and the length of time available, one, a few, or all of the children can be leaders. Over time, make sure that every child has a chance to lead some activities. Use only one method of presenting an activity or concept.

Give verbal directions or silently demonstrate the movement or silently provide tactile guidance. Children respond better when you use only one presentation method. Children have short vocal chords and will sing in tune more easily when you pitch songs in their higher range middle C to A on the piano. Steady beat is the consistent repetitive pulse that lies within every rhyme, song, or musical selection. Pat steady beat with both hands or rock to the steady beat. Mother Goose nursery rhymes are wonderfully appropriate for incorporating steady beat.

Children speak words that define actions or body parts touched SAY and the match the movement to the words DO. When first introducing equipment balls, scarves, bean bags, rhythm instruments, etc.

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  7. Wednesday, July 11, Summer Mini-Olympics. Involve them in all the fun physical activity by staging a kid-friendly version on the playground or in your own backyard.