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As he summed up the evidence that Peter Falconio was shot in the head at the side of the Stuart Highway, Joan Falconio rushed from the room. Throughout the eight-week trial Mrs Falconio has left the court whenever witnesses spoke of a bloodstain found on the bitumen where her son disappeared, or the impact of a projectile on the human head.

Bloodstain - The Vanishing of Peter Falconio by Shears, Richard

This morning as the judge ran through the evidence she again raced outside with her hands covering her ears. The judge paused for a moment, and said: "You might notice the family, Mrs Falconio leaving the court. You might find that's not surprising. This evidence is distressing.

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But you must put aside any emotions you see in other people and decide these questions purely objectively and dispassionately. Ms Lees had first identified her attacker from an internet article in late about a police suspect. I, like many others, do not believe Joanne.

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I feel there is a lot wrong with her version of events. But if you look at the evidence photos of her taken shortly after her escape, her clothes are not that dirty, except for a spot on the front of her shirt, and a spot of blood on her right knee that was injured supposedly in the assault.

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In fact, Joanne overall, looks pretty good for having been punched and attacked, AND left in the Outback for hours. I also find her injuries to be strange.

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She was punched yet you can barely see anything on her face. If she was grabbed by the attacker, I would expect to see bruises on her arms. Also, she was in those handcuffs for hours, yet her wrists appear normal, not even irritated from the handcuffs. I would think after five hours, her wrists would have been sore and there would have been marks from the handcuffs on her skin. To me, her injuries do not look consistent with a woman who was attacked and nearly abducted. She claims he grabbed her and threw her into the back of his vehicle.

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So, then, how did she get these specific injuries? Peter allegedly was shot right away. The killer got him out of the way to get to her. Yet, he turned his back on his victim, allowing her to escape? A killer like that would have been more careful. If he killed Peter to get to Joanne, he would not have let her out of his sight for even a minute.

He would have done what he set out to do without wasting any time.

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And he would have gotten her away from the crime scene as fast as he could. She said the man had long black hair. Murdoch had a crew cut at the time.

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That is a pretty distinct feature. She also said the killer had a dog with spots on it. Murdoch had a Dalmatian. But a liar? And what about the affair with Nick? Yes, a lot of times it is. Maybe Joanne wanted something more with Nick, but Peter was in the way. Or maybe she realized she no longer wanted to be tied down.

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And what about the sack on her head? With so many conflicting statements from Joanne and the number of facts that seemingly were overlooked or misread one has to wonder if the mystery is still On a cold July night in a panic-stricken woman dashed out of the desert scrub, bringing to a halt a huge outback road train. The story that Joanne Lees told, of her abduction and boyfriend's apparent murder, has held the world's attention ever since.

Award winning journalist, Richard Shears, covered the story from the first days right up until the verdict was handed down at the end of an eight week trial.

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After 40 years of covering wars, disasters and crimes fo