Book of Proverbs, The: The Wisdom of Words

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Generational Insight. Ten speeches from a father and four poems from lady wisdom show us that Proverbs is God's own invitation to learn wisdom from previous generations.

  1. Too Many Funerals;
  2. (2-1) Introduction;
  3. Book of Proverbs?
  4. Why read it?!

The Good Life. Read hundreds of sayings that apply wisdom and fear of the Lord to every subject imaginable.

50 Bible Verses About Wisdom

They offer formulas for success but are not promises. Godly Woman. A woman of noble character models someone who takes God's wisdom found in Proverbs and translates it into practical decisions for success in everyday life.

Keep Reading Proverbs. Continue Your Learning Journey.

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Series Blogs Podcasts Downloads Books. Related Video Series. His name—Solomon—became synonymous with wisdom.

PROVERBS of Wisdom by King SOLOMON

Solomon was, and still is, the wisest man who had ever walked on earth. We can reach all the treasures of godly wisdom as we follow the One who came after Solomon—the eternal King of Israel from the line of David, the Word of God: Jesus Christ. By His Holy Spirit He gives us the ability to obtain wisdom and to live a life of communion with God.

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What are its main topics? Why should we bother to read it? Can God learn new things? Who was Israel's richest king?

  • Eccovi Mosca (Italian Edition).
  • Unser Traumhund: Collie (German Edition)?
  • Weeping Willows!
  • Who wrote the book of Psalms? The bloody kings of Israel!

    Introduction to the Book of Proverbs: Wisdom for Living God's Way

    Read the Bible in one year! God's humorous correction of Philistines!

    Proverbs: the wisdom of God

    Who was Israel's greatest enemy? Alcohol Wine. God hates. Good - Evil. Trust - Faith. Truth - Lies.