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But the concept of hospitality that it embodies timeless, and inexorably biblical, as well. In the bible, Abraham was renowned for his own hospitality, and the protection and aid he offered to strangers in need. Almost from the first page, Private Wars contains plot surprises. Alliances and mission end-goals are constantly in flux; some of them you can see coming early on, while others sneak up on you.

Do you have these plotted our before you begin writing? I have to work with a certain amount of structure at the start, but I find that the structure is actually very liberating, because it—somewhat paradoxically—allows the story to go wherever it may need to. We once again are impressed with your ability to flesh out your supporting characters, such as Lankford. Is there a possibility of seeing Lankford the focus of an upcoming novel? But I definitely plan to use Lankford much more, both in the comics and in the upcoming novels. There are so many possibilities for stories given the state of the world today, and all one has to do is spend five minutes listening to, for instance, someone from the State Department, to come up with a dozen ideas.

How do you approach each of these series when you begin writing one of their novels? And do you have any future plans to perhaps bring them together? Atticus is far more comfortable in the light, even if what he does and where his adventures take him is more often than not into darkness. Atticus is a knight; Chace is a spy. I try to envision an end for every character I write about, just so I have some idea of where they are headed. Very rarely is that ending set in stone, however. Right now, I like Chace far too much to stop telling stories about her, and there are a lot more stories to tell!

The next one I have planned is a little different. Whereas in the first two books, the narrative split between Chace and her antagonists, the next one will have a narrower focus. One who will, perhaps, be even more than she can handle. The author bio in Private Wars indicates your novel will be a return to your Atticus Kodiak series. Why have you decided to wait until now to continue with this series?

After Critical Space , I felt it was necessary to let Atticus take a rest. He was thoroughly put through the wringer in the last novel, and I wanted to let that sit for a while, to let him catch up, so to speak. What writers, of any genre or media, have had the greatest influence upon your work? And what authors do you read primarily for pleasure? What started as just an irresistible to her gorgeous alpha male stepfather has turned into a powerful love that she just can't walk away from, but when she has to return home and face the real world again, she worries that she may not have a choice, especially when she finds out that Ray and Gloria signed a prenuptial agreement with a specific clause that could make getting out of his marriage to her mother extremely difficult.

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After a month apart Ray and Natalie finally see each other again, only this time they are forced to see each other out of the context of a vacation and confront the first person that may have reason to question their relationship. Will they make it through or was he just a vacation dream she has to let go? Pinterest Twitter Facebook. Du kanske gillar. En helt vanlig familj Mattias Edvardsson. Innan ni tog oss Lisa Wingate.

Shadow's End Moira Katson. Lazarus Lars Kepler. Shadowforged Moira Katson. Whirlwind: Based on a True Story. Moira Katson. Toby : This is one time, and if we erred, it's on the side of trying to Toby : We sent you in there uninformed because we thought there was a chance you couldn't. Charlie : Mr. President, I was wondering if I could ask you a question. Bartlet : Sure. Charlie : I was wondering how you would feel about my going out on a date with Zoey. Bartlet : I'm sorry? Charlie : Well, Zoey was talking to me before, and she mentioned that if I had a free night Bartlet : My daughter asked you out?

Charlie : Yes, sir. Bartlet : I should've locked her in the dungeon. Charlie : I don't think you've got one, sir. Bartlet : I could've built one. Bartlet : Thank you for coming. How was your flight? Marbury : Intoxicating. Leo : So I see. Marbury : [to Leo] Allow me to present myself Lord John Marbury, I was summoned by your President. We've met, 10 or 12 times. I'm Leo McGarry. Marbury : I thought you were the butler. Marbury : Nonetheless, would you have something with which to light my cigarette? Leo : No, I'm afraid we don't allow smoking in this part of the world.

Marbury : Really? Leo : Yes, sir. Marbury : In this part over here we encourage it. Leo : Sir. Marbury : It's 'Your Lordship,' as a matter of fact, but it couldn't possibly make the least difference. So, tell me, how can I be of service to you? If it's within my power to give, you shall have it. Bartlet : We need your take on the situation, John. Marbury : What is your 'take' on the situation?

Bartlet : The world is coming apart at the seams. Marbury : Well, then Bartlet : Say, listen. My hesitation about your going out with Zoey before, you know, it's not 'cause you're black. Charlie : I didn't think it was. Bartlet : It's not. Charlie : I thought it was 'cause I'm a guy. Bartlet : It is. Charlie : I understand. Bartlet : Still, I want you to go out with her if that's what you both want to do. Charlie : I'd like to. Bartlet : That's fine. Charlie : Thank you, sir. Bartlet : Just remember these two things: She's nineteen years old, and the 82nd Airborne works for me.

Charlie : Yes sir. He Shall, from Time to Time And they brought the boyfriends out, and they fought, right there on television. Toby, tell me: these people don't vote, do they? Bartlet : [practicing the State of the Union speech] I came to this hallowed chamber one year ago on a mission, to restore the American dream for all our people as we gaze at the vast horizon of possibilities open to us Wow, that was ambitious of me, wasn't it? Sam : Leo. Leo : Let's take a break. Bartlet : We meant 'stronger' here, right? Sam : What does it say? Bartlet : I'm proud to report our country's stranger than it was a year ago?

Sam : That's a typo. Bartlet : Could go either way. Donna : So if the Capitol building blows up, the man my country will be looking to is the Secretary of Agriculture? Josh : It's my country too.

Donna : Yeah, but you'll be dead. Josh : Which is why I really don't care that much. Donna : What percentage of things exploding have been anticipated? Josh : Now you're bringing me down. Donna : I would think so. Bartlet : What's on your mind? Toby : "The era of big government is over. Toby : I want to change the sentiment. But we're here now, tomorrow night we do an immense thing; we have to say what we feel, that government, no matter what its failures in the past and in times to come for that matter, government can be a place where people come together and where no one gets left behind.

No one An instrument of good. If anything happened, you know what to do, right? Roger Tribbey : I honestly hadn't thought about it, sir. Bartlet : First thing always is national security. Get your commanders together. Appoint Joint Chiefs, appoint a chairman.

Have the governors send emergency delegates to Washington. The assistant Attorney General is going to be the Acting A. If he tells you he wants to bring out the National Guard, do what he tells you. Roger Tribbey : Yes, sir. Bartlet : Is he smarter than you? Roger Tribbey : [chuckles] Yes, sir. Bartlet : Would you trust him with your life? Bartlet : That's your chief of staff. Josh : I need you to read a report.

Josh : There's no doubt about it, but I need you to read this anyway. Josh : We want Congress to sign off on funds for a hundred thousand new teachers. They say, fine, but you gotta stipulate that in Sex Ed classes Josh : We commissioned a report about a year ago on Sex Education in public schools, and, well, this is it.

Josh : It's not good. Josh : It says basically that teaching 'abstinence only' doesn't work—that people are going to be prone to have sex whether they're cautioned against it or not. Josh : Something called "abstinence plus". Josh : Well, Sam's renamed it 'everything but'. Josh : A regrettable pun. Should I order you some food? Josh : By the way, pages 27 to 33? A couple of things every girl should know. Lydell : The hate crimes bill is fine. Who gives a damn? It's fine, I don't care. If you ask me, we shouldn't be making laws against what's in a person head but I don't give a damn, it's fine.

I don't understand how this president, who I voted for, I don't understand how he can take such a completely weak ass position on gay rights. Gays in the military, same sex marriage, gay adoption, boards of education. Where the hell is he? I want to know what quality necessary to being a parent the president feels my son lacked. I want to know from this president who has served not one day in uniform - I had two terms in Vietnam - I want to know what quality necessary to being a soldier this president feels my son lacked.

Lady I'm not embarrassed that my son is gay, my government is. Now this is a company whose chief executive earns high six-figures in salary and benefits per year. Yet Sesame Street is subsidized by taxpayer dollars. Toby : It's a perfectly reasonable complaint. Sondra : And? Toby : I don't care.

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Hamlin : Toby Toby : We're gonna see to all those things. In the meantime, at a time when the public is rightly concerned about the impact of sex and violence on TV this administration is gonna protect the Muppets , we're gonna protect Wall Street Week , we're gonna protect Live From Lincoln Center and by God, we are going to protect Julia Child. Lydell in St. Paul and ask them why Danny : Don't. Danny : Don't leak me a story. Danny : I've seen this look on the face of four other press secretaries before you.

You've got a story in the trash this week that's a story, you want it out there and someone said, "No. Danny : That happens sometimes. Danny : I always took a free lead. Danny : Not from you. Danny : Cause twenty minutes from now, you're gonna remember you're a professional and you're not gonna like me anymore. Danny : I don't know. But, as long as you keep grabbing me and kissing me, what the hell do I care? Danny : If there's a story, I'll find it. Danny : How do you know? Danny : Yes, you have.

Yes, we have. Bartlet : Mrs. Landingham : Yes sir? Bartlet : You're not going to believe this but I think I'd actually like a banana. Landingham : I'm afraid not sir, no. Bartlet : Why not? Landingham : You were offered one earlier, sir, and you were snippy. Bartlet : I wasn't snippy! Landingham : I'm afraid you were, Mr. Bartlet : Thank you, Mrs. Charlie : Nigeria. Sam : Pakistan. Charlie : Saudi Arabia and Iran? Sam : Yeah. So, that's a list we definitely want to be on. Toby : The Torah doesn't prohibit capital punishment. Rabbi Glassman : No. Toby : It says, 'An eye for an eye'.

Rabbi Glassman : You know what it also says? It says a rebellious child can be brought to the city gates and stoned to death. It says homosexuality is an abomination and punishable by death. It says men can be polygamous and slavery is acceptable. For all I know, that thinking reflected the best wisdom of its time, but it's just plain wrong by any modern standard. Society has a right to protect itself, but it doesn't have a right to be vengeful. It has a right to punish, but it doesn't have a right to kill.

Toby : Well, for one thing, neither is the President! Rabbi Glassman : Say what you will about the Catholic Church, but their position on life is unimpeachable: no abortion, no death penalty. Toby : I spent yesterday Rabbi Glassman : You spent yesterday hoping the President wouldn't call the Pope.

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Toby : You're damn right I did. Rabbi Glassman : If he had done it, after doing so, the fear of every non-Catholic who voted for him would be realized. Bartlet : Charlie, I'm going to ask you a question. And this is one of those times that it's OK to tell me I've stepped over the line, and I should shut my mouth, okay?

Charlie : Okay. Bartlet : What happened to the guy who shot your mother? Charlie : They haven't found him yet, sir. Bartlet : If they did, would you want to see him executed? Killing a police officer is a capital crime. I figured you must have thought about it.

Bartlet : And? Charlie : I wouldn't want to see him executed, Mr. Bartlet : [looks thoughtful] Yeah. Bartlet : I want you to know that I had a number of people on my staff search for a reason the public would find palatable to commute the sentence. Any evidence of racism. Father Cavanaugh : So your staff spent the weekend looking for a way out. Bartlet : Yeah.

Father Cavanaugh : Like the kid in right field who doesn't want the ball to get hit to him. Bartlet : I'm the leader of a democracy, Tom. The people have spoken. The courts have spoken. Father Cavanaugh : Did you call the Pope? Father Cavanaugh : And how do you do that? Bartlet : Oh, for crying out loud, Tom. I open my mouth and say, "Somebody get me the Pope. President, but I was thinking Bartlet : Anyway I looked for a way out, I really did. Father Cavanaugh : "Vengeance is mine," sayeth the Lord.

You know what that means? God is the only one who gets to kill people. Father Cavanaugh : That was your way out. Father Cavanaugh : Did you pray? Bartlet : I did, Tom. I know it's hard to believe, but I prayed for wisdom. Father Cavanaugh : And none came? Bartlet : It never has.

And I'm a little pissed off about that. Father Cavanaugh : You know, you remind me of the man that lived by the river. He heard a radio report that the river was going to rush up and flood the town. And that all the residents should evacuate their homes. I pray. God loves me. God will save me. A guy in a row boat came along and he shouted, "Hey, hey you! You in there. The town is flooding. Let me take you to safety. And a guy with a megaphone shouted, "Hey you, you down there. And standing at the gates of St.

Peter, he demanded an audience with God. I thought you loved me. Why did this happen? What the hell are you doing here? Not to mention his son, Jesus Christ. What do you want from him? Bartlet : Yes, please. Celestial Navigation [ edit ] C. Josh : [looks up] What the hell happened?

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Josh : What happened to your cheeks? Josh : Why are you talking like that? Josh : Yeah, I heard you the first time, I was just amusing myself. Josh : Are you in pain? Josh : You're gonna need to stop saying that, 'cause you just look and sound so ridiculous. Sam asked C. Bartlet : Who did?

Josh : I did. Bartlet : Oh, God. Josh : You're going to be reading a bit today about your secret plan to fight inflation. Bartlet : I have a secret plan to fight inflation? Bartlet : Why am I going to be reading that I do? Josh : It was suggested in the press room that you do. Bartlet : By who? Josh : By me. Bartlet : You told the press I have a secret plan to fight inflation? Josh : No, I did not.

Let me be absolutely clear, I did not do that.

The Real Book Spy’s 12222 Reading Guide: Every Thriller We Know About So Far

Except, yes, I did that. Bartlet : Josh, I'm a little confused. Josh : Sir, there was this idiotic round robin. It was sarcastic. There was no way they didn't know that. They were just mad at me for imposing discipline and calling them stupid. Bartlet : Okay, before we go on: C. Josh : I denied it for half an hour, they wouldn't take no for an answer! Bartlet : You were clear? Josh : I was crystal clear! They said, "Do you think that if the President has a plan to fight inflation, it's right that he keep it a secret?

Bartlet : Are you telling me that not only did you invent a secret plan to fight inflation, but now you don't support it? Toby : Something really kinda freakish about you, you know that? Mendoza : You pull all the strings you want, Toby, but not for me. Come Monday, I'm gonna avail myself of the criminal justice system for which I have worked my entire adult life. Toby : Judge, due respect. Get your things and let's go. Mendoza : [angrily] My kid was in the car, Toby. They patted me down and they handcuffed me in front of my nine-year-old boy.

Then he and his mother got to see them put me in the squad car and drive away. Toby : He's also seen you wearing a robe with a gavel in your hand. Mendoza : He doesn't understand that. He doesn't know what that is. He understands what the police are because he watches television. That's what he's gonna remember, his father being handcuffed. So America just got another pissed-off guy with dark skin.

Zoey : Hi. Charlie : Listen, uh, I don't know if I'm going to be able to be as attentive on this trip as you would like. Zoey : That's okay. You're working. Charlie : Well, I've been trying to listen to some of the many lessons you've been giving me on how to be a better boyfriend and I know that attentiveness-- Zoey : No, this is one of the times when it's okay. It's hard to tell the difference between those times and the other times.

Zoey : I know. Doesn't that suck for you? Charlie : A little bit, yeah. Bartlet : Okay. Zoey's 19 and she wants to be a teenager. She wants a college experience, and I can't blame her. I loved college. So did my other daughters. I want Zoey to be comfortable with her protection, I don't want her to try and give you the slip. It's not your job to tell me she wants to cut English Lit, it's not your job to tell me if she's dying her hair blue, or going to a strip club, or whatever it is she's doing with her friends.

You know what your job is. Gina : Yes, sir.

Gina : [gets up and shakes his hand] Thank you, Mr. Bartlet : Gina? Gina : Yes, sir? Bartlet : If she's cutting English Lit, I want to know about it. Gina : No deal, Mr. Toby : What, I'm not coming in the car? Bartlet : No, and you know why? Because you made fun of the guacamole. Toby : I didn't! Bartlet : I could tell you were thinking it. Fair enough. Leo : Well, sir, when you've exhausted all the other reasons, the last can be that you can't fire the Vice President.

Al Kiefer : Mr. President, do you want to sew up reelection right now? Do you want a lock on your second term right here, right now in this room? Bartlet : What do you got?

  1. The Increased Necessity of Augmenting the Teaching of Commonly Used English Language Idioms, Clichés, Proverbs, Slang Words, and Expressions with Context Examples in the ESL Academic Setting?
  2. Slovoed Compact Swedish-French dictionary (Slovoed dictionaries) (French Edition)?
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  4. A Queen & Country Novel;
  5. Josh : Why do you encourage him? Bartlet : What do you got, Al? Al Kiefer : A truckload of voters, Mr. Overwhelmingly white men, pool and patio types. Who voted against you by 20 plus points? They share an affinity towards authority, a President. And they see you as smart and having vision, so why didn't they vote for you? Because they also see you as a wimp. Two-thirds of them on a thermometer place you as some degree of weak.

    Josh : We've heard these numbers before. Bartlet : Yeah, but I never get tired of hearing them, you know. Especially in front of my daughter. Al Kiefer : Look, I get that this is not the most popular idea in the room. But I got numbers, and I know numbers, and I trust numbers. And the reason you're all looking a little pale right now is so do you.

    This is not theoretical. The flag burning amendment made it through the House with 20 votes over the required two-thirds. It hasn't made it through the Senate yet, but that day will come, that day will come, that day will come soon. Laws against flag burning are favored overwhelmingly in the polls, and a constitutional amendment won't be subject to a Presidential veto, or overturning by the Supreme Court.

    Toby : Look Al Kiefer : This all adds up to one thing, Mr. It's over! The game's been played and won. But because of guys like me, you get the results before anyone else does, so you get to pick which side you're on. And not only do we get to be on the winning team, we get to lead the winning team. He walks away from the table. Al Kiefer : Toby, you're smiling. Toby : I just figured out who you were. Al Kiefer : He's going to say Satan. Toby : No. You're the guy that runs into 7-Eleven to get Satan a pack of cigarettes. Leo : John, I know we've had our ups and downs, but let me be your guy here for a second.

    You can't be thinking about being the first vice president in history to break a tie going the other way. Hoynes : I'm not looking to make history. Leo : Then what are you looking for, John?