Geld wie Heu (German Edition)

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As in English, there is no indefinite article for plurals. I spoke with nobody. Even Germans find the dative hard to master!

Context sentences for "Heu"

Wem hat er das Ticket gegeben? To whom did he give the ticket?

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  7. These are as follows:. There is also a group of German prepositions that must be followed by the dative case. Sie kommt aus der Turkei. She comes from Turkey. Note: In German, Turkey the country, not the bird! Here we have a group of prepositions that, just to confuse things, can take either the accusative or dative case. Das Buch liegt auf dem Tisch. The book is lying on the table. Ich lege das Buch auf den Tisch. I lay the book on the table.

    In the top sentence, the book is lying still on the table. Whereas in the bottom sentence, the book is being moved onto the table. Hopefully, this article has given you all the weapons needed to tackle the dastardly dative case!

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