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It was incredibly emotional. I spent hours poring over moments from my life, reframing them through the lens of this new knowledge where suddenly they made sense.

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And I could embrace the things I was great at — my special interest in language, my creative passions, my logic and reasoning skills, my ability to spot patterns — I could go on and on there too. Ultimately, this discovery has been freeing, transformative and life changing. Autistic artist Jake Chodesh paints celebrities for charity. Labour MPs who did not sign letter to remove Williamson whip have nowhere to hide.

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OSO version 0. University Press Scholarship Online. Sign in. Not registered? Sign up. The cycle that we are in now is a two-year cycle of understanding and growth. There is an outline that has been drawn for each of you. We see you each already in your realization.

10 Questions That'll Reveal Who You Really Are

And how that energy gets filled, how the picture gets filled out, if you wish, is in many ways your calling and your choice. Understand this, please. We can create the template with you but we cannot fill it in without you. So two years, we say, will keep you focused on your path of growth with a sense of realization to come. Now, if there is no realization, there is no work.

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And we want you to know this. We want this work to be experiential for those who come to you to be taught. We want this work to be truthful for you so that you can teach it in your integrity. If you are not operating from that place, you are merely in guessing.

Self-Worth Value #2: You recognise the difference you make.

And that is an okay place to start. We will say this to you: You have the expression of Word.

Self-Worth Value #1: You have positive self-esteem.

You have each had experiences with the frequency at one time or another, and most of you express it each time you meet in an amplified way that you can know. Paul has this question every day.

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He has the ability to bring us through clearly, but he is a wastrel when it comes to his own commitment to the expression in his life. And by wastrel we mean he is worried all the time that he cannot be who we say we are. Now, we say we are an expression of God, and we know this to be so. God, God, God. We know ourselves as this, and we know you as this. We know you already as the divine expression of Source realizing himself, realizing herself, in Word.

Now, all you have to do is catch up and get on the boat and ride the wave of love. Do the work. Each day you are to state this intention, and then meditate on what it means. And as you do that, you are tilling the soil so the seed can take hold and begin to grow.

Is this an acceptable assignment for you each? This is all we ask of you at first. But as we said, you are making a very great decision here, to go into this expression. And your lives, we will say, will transform as a result. Now, transformation, we have to tell you, is another one of those words, like love, that people get excited about and create ideas around.

I am interested to know / I am interested in knowing [I'm ....]

Transformation is not always pretty. If you look at a field that has been burned, to create room for new growth, that is transformation. And as you create new consciousness, the old consciousness must be released to create room for the new. In the past we have had the experience of people being frightened by the work because it meant giving up something, or foregoing a sense of self that the self was attached to. And we bless them, and we trust them to be on their journeys. In your case, we require you to strap yourself in as it were and go on the ride.

Transformation, we will say to you, will be experiential. Your lives will have to become the vehicle for your expression. And you have to be where you are required to be in order to be gifted with the lessons you need to relinquish the past behaviors that you have created in fear. I am now choosing to remember this instruction, that the transformation I experience may, at times, not be to my liking, but will be of my benefit as I move through it. And I trust myself to know what is good for me at all times.

I am Word through this intention. Word, I am Word.

Knowing That I Am Thinking

Now, the mission of this night has been stated to you several times with a lot of explanation. And we would like to say, we are glad for this opportunity to speak to you so directly. As we speak to you we learn more about your requirements for your evolution. We are in school too, you see, and part of our learning is our cooperation with each of you as you emerge into your own knowing. So tonight we will gift you with love.

We want you to have the expression of love. And we want you to remember always that we are in love with you. We cannot see anyone out of love, because all is of God. And God, we say, is an aspect of Love embodying within you now.