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The boys tend to be very direct, either asking for or snatching the toy.


And I think we all know that, left to run, this could very quickly turn into a slap, hit or punch. Eventually the girl with the toy gives it up in order to be included in the group. Sharing appears to be a human trait rooted in evolution , probably to ensure the best possible chance of survival of a whole group. So leaving children to discover the natural consequences of their behaviour is probably a reasonable argument.

A tunnel to the beginning of time: a lecture on particle physics and the large hadron collider — Egham, Surrey. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Rachael Sharman , University of the Sunshine Coast.

Children’s Play Becomes Work When You Get in the Way. Let Them Be.

Should we leave the kids to figure it out for themselves? In the long run, making mistakes and learning from them will give our kids MORE self-confidence and resiliency than when we swoop in to save them from failure. Let your kids know that risk-taking is an important value in your family.


Then, reinforce this belief with your actions. Emphasize the positives of learning from your mistakes and how we can learn from our miscues. Instead of setbacks, failures become steps forward to life-long learning and success. Some of the most successful people in the world, from business tycoons to all-star athletes, had to overcome major obstacles and failures throughout their careers—think Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, to name a few.

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While we naturally want to step in when our kids fail, we need to avoid rescuing them. We can, however, support them and do a run-down of what happened and what to try next time.

Sharing key information can help educators make a connection

Many times parents feel just as much pressure for their kids to bring home a straight-A report card as the students do. Learning to manage assignments and practices, dealing with teachers and classmates, and improving their work will all serve them well as they head to college and the workforce. Help them to recognize when they may be struggling and how to deal with it—talking to the teacher after class or studying with a friend, for example.

Family issues: Fill in the teacher if your family is going through a major change that could affect your child, such as a divorce , a death in the family , or a move.

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Even if your child seems to have adjusted well, alert teachers so they can watch for behavioral changes. Personality traits or behavior issues: Maybe your son is painfully shy and is worried about making friends at a new school.

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Strengths and weaknesses: Your daughter is a star student in math but is embarrassed to read aloud. Your son loves language arts but struggles with science. If your child learns better through hands-on activities than through listening to explanations, mention that to his teacher. Study habits: Does your son speed through math homework but labor over reading assignments? Teachers often can offer suggestions to make homework time go more smoothly.

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  4. Let the teacher know that your young son loves a particular comic book superhero and that your middle school daughter is a gifted painter.