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What if their views of the world and how to behave are skewed by their interaction or lack of interaction with it? Should we empathize with these misunderstood beings? Or are they simply monsters?

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This creature, created from the body parts of deceased criminals, has no real identity. He turns on those who have abandoned him. Aware of how he looks and how others react to him, it pains him. But this damaged creature keeps seeking love despite his failures. So, what is a monster to do? He tries harder to acquire the love he needs.

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Huge and covered in hair, this scary beast is violent. However, the question remains: is he evil? Sure the Wolf Man hurts others—a lot—but once he transforms back into human form, he feels remorse for what he has done. The hunchback, whose name refers to his physical deformity, repulses others because of how he looks. People fear him and avoid him, never really knowing the man inside the damaged body. Quasimodo isolates himself out of necessity. All can agree he is simply misunderstood, or perhaps not understood at all, given that he has little to no contact with people.

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Add a Comment:. More from YellowFlash Death Battle Moveset: Megara Entrance: Megara walks and sees the opponent, putting her hands on her hips with an unimpressed look. Exit: Megara waves her hair around and does a sly smile, before walking away while waving her hand dismissively as she leaves. Special Moves: Hair Wash: Megara soaks her ponytail with water before swinging it to smack her foe in the face with it.

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Cupid Arrow: Megara takes out the statue of cupid, which suddenly comes alive and fires an arrow at the opponent. Pot Throw: Megara throws a Gr.

Though Yuri's incredible skill with a sword meant he was an amazing combatant for the Knights, his rough personality and distaste for authority led to him leaving their ranks after a very short time. Yuri would then live out his life as normal in the Lower Quarter, until he followed a thief into Zaphias Castle and met a noble named Estellise, who asked him to take her outside the capital so she could find Flynn and warn him of incoming danger.

In the hopes of finding the thief he was originally chasing, Yuri agreed, and they set off on a journey that would end up leading them far outside the Empire's borders.

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Play Style: Yuri is a character who is at his best when he can build up a lot of Super Meter. His special moves all possess enhanced versions that can be used by sacrificing a b. Yellow then fixes her straw hat, before readying her fishing rod. Standard Light : Swings her fishing rod Standard Medium : Does a downward slam with her fishing rod Standard Heavy : Sends out her Raticate to bite at the opponent Launcher: Has her Raticate kick upward with its back legs Aerial Light : Kicks twice Aerial Medium : Swings her fishing rod Aerial Heavy : Sends out her Butterfree to flap its wings and send out a gust of wind Crouching Light : Pokes at the ground with her fishing rod Crouching Medium : Sweeps her fishing rod across the ground Crouching Heavy : Sends out her Dodrio to rapidly peck at the ground in front of it Grab: Viridian Strike Yellow grabs the opponent a.

Death Battle Moveset: Weiss Schnee Biography: As heiress to the extremely powerful and influential Schnee family, Weiss grew up trying to live up to her family's expectations.

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But in an act of defiance, Weiss left her home of Atlas to attend Beacon Academy and become a Huntress, in the hopes of following in her older sister's footsteps and restore her family's honor. Though her overbearing father's influence still looms over her, Weiss wishes to both assist the reputation of her family, and carve a path for herself as a Huntress.

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Play Style: Weiss is a character that specializes in setting up opponents and putting pressure on them. Her rapier's length allows for good range on her melee attacks, and she can hold her opponent at a distance with either projectiles or ice walls that also act as barriers against attacks. She can also propel herself off her glyphs for attacks that cover a lot of distance, allowing her to easil. Tanjiro then closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, before opening his eyes as he adopts a more fierce, battle-ready expression.

Secondly, millennials have become a product of downsizing, the Boston College Center for Work and Family says. According to the center, when companies dramatically downsized in the last century, employees accepted the fact that job security would no longer be the norm.

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But, Allinson says, companies may be surprised at just how well investment in integration can pay off. More Weekly Flyers. Want to discuss?

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