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I felt real good about it. At the rehearsal they had pictures of people like Meryl Streep and Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz and all these other fabulous actors in the places where they would be seated. Everyone goes, trumpet player, sax, of different venues, any favorite spots? Rome is great. When I played with Superimprovise by himself. Roman Colosseum in Nimes, France twice. So it was an amazing lineup. Awards Show. Which do you think you enjoy the most to be playing out of it all? IPapa Roach guitarist, Jerry Horton, talks about everything from guitars to touring.

Jerry: Yeah, I think back then we still sounded like our influences. We album. Do you have a favorite song to play live from kind of have a way of distinguishing ourselves. On the road though see one? You have the same guitar and amp combinations an official video done yet. We plan to at some point but so you have to get creative. So I try to create different sounds depending on each song on stage.

Jerry: Really?!

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BRM: You guys have been tirelessly touring how do you manage to keep it fresh, especially when spend so much time on the road doing live shows? Jerry: We try to change up songs here and there and we know when to give each other space, which is important. BRM: From the last resort video to now, you guys have progressed and evolved so much, both physically and sound-wise. How would you describe your Broken Records Magazine. Jerry: The most obvious answer is the fans. The energy that we get between the crowd and us is what makes it worth it. There is really no describing it any further than that.

Jerry: I guess that depends on how the single goes. So come out! Broken Records Magazine: Why did you decide to go with naming the album just Awake instead of awake and alive? You stand up for what you believe in and stay unafraid, that was the concept.

BRM: Is there a stigma with being a Christian rock band? Do you feel you have to play harder and better to prove yourself? John: Yeah, being a Christian rock band is a little like being a girl drummer. I like meat and I like Jesus. These bands are Christian bands and nobody knew.

You label yourself by being in the Christian market. So in some ways I could see it as a negative term, because it has hindered us harder than the guys. I love what the stigma that Christian rock is the Diet Coke of Colas. I love our fans and our fans love it when Like it kind of tastes alright but not as good as the real we stand up for it. Because it makes them feel credible thing. I and I know how that feels. I thought that was really awesome. As a joke I always say, I love meat!

Why not?! How would you describe your sound on this record? We do actually have some symphony elements to our songs and classical elements. It just means it sounds like a soundtrack. But it kind of came to where there was nothing she could do about it, but she got sick with cancer when I was in sixth grade and passed away when I was fourteen.

He just wanted me to be able to have a real job. My dad is just happy to see his kid supporting a family. BRM: You have that symphonic element to you, so are you classically trained? John: I grew up taking classical piano for eight years. My mom was a piano teacher. That is why classical music is my core structure. I want to let it mean to people what it will. I love the way it makes me feel, but what is it about? I will down the road, but it is about losing someone and wishing you could have a second chance.

BRM: So what do your parents Hopefully it will inspire people to have to say about you being in a take advantage of the relationships rock band? It will probably unJohn: I know. My mom was really ul- where it takes us. How is it different from touring Europe? Andrea Ferro: We enjoy both. I mean the kids are really great here in North America.. They do have a little different approach in the public. North America was there anything that really stood out for you?

Any shows or anything AF: Hahaha! Mostly, we have had pretty good shows every night and I have to say even though the combination was kind of different cuz there was a very crossover line-up on the tour with all the bands being so very different. One night we had to play without our bass player cuz he injured his shoulder so he had to cancel a few shows and the same night, our drummer had a problem with his big toe so our drum tech actually learned all our songs in basically one night.

Don Williams discography

That one night we played our show without a bass player and with another drummer!! Life going for you? AF: With this new album we are taking some different ways compared to last. So far the beginning of the cycle has been pretty good. Those are the two songs that are doing better than ever for us on the radio. We have never Broken Records Magazine. Taking things step by step, taking every opportunity, every new way of promoting the band.

Have you actually sat down and started talking about a new album? AF: Um.. The album is just out 7 months or so now so we still want to decompress and focus on the touring and maybe some other songs but not a full album. So I think we will wait till at least next year before we really start to collect ideas and material for the next album.

We need that your working on right now to be home and reflect and to sit you care to tell us about? Emergencies are seen immediately. Convenient location with plenty of parking. In private practice since Not to mention the 16 different albums, and years of relentless blood squirting, limb ripping, ear pounding shows around the globe. I got a chance to sit down with Oderus Urungus, lead singer, and Dave Brockie, the man behind the mask, and take a trip through the twisted world that is GWAR. To view the unedited, untamed, and unbelievable interview with Oderus Urungus, please go to BrokenRecordsOnline.

Is there any truth at all to that? I have no idea why that would be out there. BRM: Where do you get the ideas for the different stage antics you have going on? DB: Things that amuse us! We come up with kooky riffs and things that make us laugh. We spend our time working in the shop and trying to crack each other up. DB: Well, it was Hunter and he had these crazy costumes and I had this band that was practicing down the street from him in this weird old abandoned milk bottle factory. I saw the costumes and told him he should let us wear them. We had been playing in punk rock bands, playing really hard, practicing hard, working hard and still getting like 20 or 30 people at most to come see your band.

Then all of a sudden we started doing this crazy costume band and every show is sold out. Promoters were handing us stacks. BRM: When you put the costume on, and the mask goes on, does the persona of Oderus Urungus just take over? DB: It takes up until you slap the rubber head on. I fully step into the persona of Oderus Urungus. DB: Well, we get to go home for a little bit and take some time off.

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And Broken Records Magazine. We are going to spend some time this summer out in Europe. I love punk rock, I love metal. Then I started getting more into the punk rock thing, like back when there were the Sex Pistols. I remember them being around. I was in high school when the Sex Pistols were still playing in England. I graduated in in D.

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I do listen to everything though. Side projects often do have weird musical bends to them. Sometimes the production is just so fascinating. Are you saying there are others who are too afraid to come out in the open? Oderus Urungus: Everyone knows Michael Jackson was a space alien. We will be exposing his filthy secrets tonight.

By I say that he does. I think that he has a scrotum for a face and a face for a scrotum. But he is a very cultured fucker for a guy with a bear trap for a face. BRM: Flattus Maximus only eats vegetarians. Why is that? OU: Cause he makes stinkier farts. BRM: Do you have a preference? We do have good GWAR shows there. Yeah, and Cincinnati but Detroit is a close second; Detroit is still rock city! Broken Records Magazine: How was the crowd been reacting to the songs from the new album?

The albums only been out about a month and usually it takes more than a month to absorb all the words and its been just great. Which I am definitely not going to complain about!


BRM: Does it ever get monotonous for you playing the same material every night? And we switch the set up so we realJJ: Great! Going back to the during the day. He was our guitar tech before. It was a fun recording process, BRM: There is a lot of as far as adding Wayne stereotyping as far as back into the band and hardcore goes, People the songs came out really tend to look at it in a cyncool and we were just vibical way, or as being a vioing off one another. So how do you get past that stigma?

When somea little over a month but you have to have some good one leaves a Hatebreed show, most of the time, they road stories. Detroit was insane though! There was blood on do what you love and whatever feels right. It got a little crazy. A lot girls have Broken Records Magazine. They transcend the barriers of traditional music genres by incorporating different styles to form a sound all their own. There have been many rumors as to the origin of the name According to lead guitarist, Tim Mahoney, the name has a funny story behind it.

I think they were in a public pool or something. Peanut got away and his friend got caught by the cops and he was totally naked and they took him home and the citation number on his ticket was citation number - indecent exposure. Those guys started using it. Peanut had a band and they had it first.

So indecent exposure is where it came from originally. Bob Marley is probably my personal favorite songwriter. If he has, I have yet to hear it. He was just a friend who did us wrong, stole from us, and took us for granted. It was weird and it can be harsh sometimes but everyone can relate to somebody like that they had at some point in their lives, just someone you trusted that fucked you off. Our communication over the years has Broken Records Magazine. Living together really forced us to be like that early on and it just translated and stuck with us throughout the years.

Every time we go out I see young kids out in the front. It was released on June 2 of this year and debuted at 3 on the Billboard chart. What does have in store for fans in ? They were mich better than Pearl Jam. The band then parted ways with bassist Brian Marshall before disbanding.

Lucky enough for the legions of Creed fans still swarming the world, the band is back; they have come Full Circle. In the weeks prior to the following interview, Broken Records Magazine got to catch Creed live in New Jersey for the first time in six years. The band looked as if they never broke up. The chemistry between these four musicians is unmistakable.

It was great to see Scott Stapp, who has had his hand of legal and family troubles, looking healthier than ever before. Really, really good. BRM: Did it feel like a reunion for you? SS: Yeah. It has definitely exceeded all our expectations. BRM: How was it being back together for the first time. BRM: With all the animosity between you and the other members when Creed broke up, how did you all get past your problems to reunite?

SS: Well, time heals I guess. You just make a decision in your life to forgive and move on and that was what we tried to do. BRM: Anyone in particulars idea for the reunion? So I gave Mark a call. How did that name truly fit the band? SS: The name just kind of came out when we were at rehearsal. And we did! Try not to look back because if you live in the past you die in the past. BRM: Favorite song you like to play live? Facless Man is the song we all really enjoy playing live and it has its own special vibe every night.

SS: For the first song it was important for us to put our best foot forward and we chose a song that we felt represented the record in its entirety and represented the band and our brand of rock and roll and Overcome was BRM: Will there be any surprises forthcoming for Creed fans like Creed Quest again?

SS: Oh there are all kinds of tricks and surprises and games and all other kinds of stuff going on. When you BRM: How was the chemistry in the studio? SS: We went to Nashville first, prior to L. And we will be having those games and new and trying to rekindle things and just write and cre- ones coming. So stay tuned! Almost 2 years since their last album Funeral For Yesterday, Kittie is back with their 5th, most rounded and balanced effort to date. In The Black, released in September is a twisting, turning, grinding and gnashing journey through the myriad of talents this all girl metal machine from London, Ontario possesses.

Sure to please any metal heads out there, and some non-metal heads. Broken Records Magazine: As a band you had very high expectations for this album, how satisfied are you with the final result? So this album for us is a big step in the right direction. We finally clicked with a producer that shares the same vision as the band. We never really worked with anyone that had that same vision. I think what people need to realize is the band knows best.

I love writing songs in Waltz time. There are a lot of other fun things going on in that song too. ML: Yeah, it was great! We recorded it with Siegfried ML: Well, you play together long enough and you start Meier, who is a really good friend of ours. We can read known us so long it was the logical step. So we lived on a farm for three weeks and recorded an album. BRM: With you starting the band out at such a young age, how was it dealing with the pressures and ups and BRM: So is it any easier recording an album being so downs in the music business?

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We just knew we time you actually liked to play. It was really super innocent in the beginhave. We spent a ning. We just did what we wanted, played music how lot of nights in and when we wanted, which of course was all the time. Seemed BRM: Do you like something so far away at the time. Like there was have a personal no way it would happen being from a small town in favorite on the Canada. We ite child. ML: Awesome!! We had so much fun with them! The guys from Soil are just hilariously funny. We would always have a really good time with them.

Their bus was the party bus, and our bus was the relax bus. And Straight Line Stitch actually ended up staying on our bus for a week and a half because their van broke down. That was a lot of fun though. It was a full bus, 13 people in a 12 bunk bus. It was really tight there for a bit. How exciting is that for Kittie? It only took 13 years to do that. We had no idea about it though. We got our makeup done, which was a bad idea. It was about degrees in this abandoned department store where we shot the video. There were no lights or electricity.

So we were all just melting. That was the easy part since it was so simple. So that was a little much. And how could you not be excited about shooting a video? BRM: Anymore videos planned yet then? BRM: Any shows from the tour that really stick out?

Vedette Records - Volume 2

And it was insane!! The lighting rig kept falling down because the kids were going so crazy. We had so much fun at that show. Everybody there was so nice. Same in Dayton, Ohio too. The show there was awesome. Everybody had so much fun. BRM: Any thoughts on what we should expect from Kittie next time around? Doing a little riffing out. No idea when though. BRM: Any thing else you want to tell everyone out there? ML: Just that everyone should pick up our new album or die.

No, just kidding. But really pick up the album. For 23 year old Kate Voegele, life is pretty good. Broken Records Magazine had the opportunity to chat with Kate while on tour.

Miscellaneous Publications

She spoke to us about her favorite places to play, charity and her love for acting. KV: I usually start writing at really random times Kate Voegele: The tour is going so well! BRM: Where are you most excited to perform, where has been your favorite place so far? The character of that city is just so unique and fun. BRM: Do you have any musical projects on the horizon we should be looking forward to? I hope I can collaborate with other artists on a project soon too!

Why you chose it and how it is progressing so far towards the goal? I think people are excited to see a group on tour doing something different and promoting something other than their record or TV show. KV: I grew up on a lot of classic songwriters like Carole king and jams Taylor.

I definitely hope to build a career with the nature and longevity of those artists. BRM: How did you get involved with acting? Have you always wanted to do both? BRM: How do you manage to balance your life between performing music, acting on the show, and college? At the age of thirteen, the average girl had no idea what she wanted to do with her life.

However, growing up, country starlet Heidi Newfield was not your average girl. For Heidi, music was always her dream career. With supportive parents and a strong sense of dedication, Newfield never had to veer off that path. Starting so young gave Newfield a taste for the industry, and in she eventually became part of the group Trick Pony. The band became very successful, and introduced Heidi to a new way of life. You learn everything [from being in a band].

Soon after making this decision, she teamed up with famous producer, Tony Brown, and began work on something that is all her own. It has since reached number two on the US Country charts, and 10 on the Billboard top charts. We can be that, or we can be southern rock. She also adds that it is not quite as ballad heavy as her last record, and will be packed with catchy songs that have a bit of punch to them.

Heidi plans on eventually releasing her new music some time around the first of the year. For those who.

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  • With this newfound freedom, Heidi has taken her music to the next level, and has allowed her songs to become a lot more personal. Clearly, Heidi Newfield has been working her entire life to get to where she is now. But what does she have to say about her journey and struggles in the industry?

    I love music. There are songs that capture love, regret and of course some heartbreak. Even though she shows her tough side in those songs, she also shows her vulnerable Broken Records Magazine. How could you not love Miss Carrie Underwood? When the excitement from the release of the new album died down slightly, Carrie had something else to look forward to. Fox had set the country star up with her own Christmas Special to air on television. Regardless, the show was spectacular; it included special guests Brad Paisley her two-time co-host of the Country Music Awards , David Cook another American Idol victor , the infamous Dolly Parton one of her idols and more.

    Of course, like any Carrie Underwood show, there were jokes, duets,. In the end it was a great show. Hopefully there will be many more Carrie Underwood Christmas Specials in the future. Certain people in your life, I feel like you come across for a reason. Carrie Underwood also hit another milestone in her Country music career last year.

    On May 10, , Carrie was inducted as a member into the Grand Ole Opry, a weekly country music radio program and live concert broadcast, located in Nashville, Tennessee. Membership into the Grand Ole Opry is very selective and is by invitation only. On March 15, that very dream came true when Randy Travis surprised her during her performance on the stage of the Opry with an invitation to become the next member.