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From the air, you can see directly down into the heart of this magnificent natural attraction. A short time later you will reach the north coast of Tanna Island. The flight path towards Mt Yasur Volcano takes you low over remote villages and dense rainforest.

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It is a breath taking sight and certainly one of the most spectacular you will ever see from the air. Passengers on both sides of the aircraft will get ample time to view the volcano.

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With our aircraft, the wings are on top and everyone has a window seat, allowing unobstructed viewing and spectacular photo opportunities. The northern third of Aniwa Island consists almost entirely of a white beach fringed lagoon.

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In recent years, several high-profile volcanic eruptions have caused flight disruptions, travel delays, and travel restrictions due to the risk of volcanic ash particles coming in contact with aircraft engines. Travelers who purchased travel insurance fared better than others, of course.

British Airways Flight 9

Travel insurance coverage for volcanoes centers around the natural disaster coverage. Some, but not all, travel insurance plans give the insured the right to cancel their trip and get a refund if their trip must be cancelled due to a natural disaster like a volcano eruption.

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