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I have very vivid and from what other tell me imaginative dreams. I was re-telling my coworkers a dream I had the night before--a pack of wolves was chasing me through a gated community. I sought shelter in a house, but realized it was made of glass and the wolves could see me. As the wolves crashing through the glass into the house I ran upstairs to hide in a bedroom, but the door didn't lock and I was forced to hold it closed. The last image of the dream was the fangs of a wolf as it was chewing the wood of the door around the doorknob. As I described the dream I said, "There was a wolf at the door.

Now, I don't usually work that way—starting with a title.

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As someone who has a great affinity for Greek mythology, I thought I would try to write a myth. However, all the myths involving wolves tend to be about werewolves. So I expanded my search to include dogs. I was specifically looking at mythology out of Latin America. I found in my research the Mesoamerican belief about the afterlife—that dogs carried the spirits of the dead across a river to the afterlife.

I married the idea of wolves with this mythology and began writing the play. But the writing stalled. I realized it was the idea of writing a myth that wasn't aligning with the story I was telling. Myths often explain the natural world—why the seasons change, why the sun rises.

It was while re-watching an old TV series called The Storyteller —a Jim Henson venture that mixed puppets and people to retell Brothers Grimm fairy tales—that I realized, "I'm writing a fairy tale. While the inspiration comes directly from Latin America, it's the Western canon of fairy tales that informs the structure and tropes in the play. Photo: Matt Mzorek. Click or Swipe to close.

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We have a small amount of money saved, hardly enough to keep the wolf from the door. Ward off starvation or financial ruin. For example, In many countries people are working simply to keep the wolf from the door, and owning a car or washing machine is just a dream , or Gail would take any job now, just to keep the wolf from the door.

This term alludes to the wolf's fabled ravenousness. Something which keeps the wolf from the door provides you with enough money to live on. He was doing two jobs just to keep the wolf from the door. Government pension provisions will keep the wolf from the door but they will not provide you with a comfortable old age.

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Note: For many centuries in the past, wolves were symbols of hunger. The phrase has been used in this sense since the mid 16th century, but the image of the wolf as a symbol of a devouring and destructive force is found much earlier than this. To avoid the privation and suffering resulting from a lack of money: Both spouses had to work in order to keep the wolf from the door. References in periodicals archive? As someone who endeavours to keep the wolf from the door by way of my daily skirmishes with both bookmakers and the exchanges, I was somewhat perturbed to find myself banded in the company of train-spotters and model- Letter: A new platform for attheraces; TV racing convinces David Gutteridge that he could be a train-spotter in waiting.

It all represents a fair return on the share-holders' investment - I think you'll agree - and it's more than enough to keep the wolf from the door.

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Eamonn Holmes' column: Three little letters that can spell out irritation. It's not too long ago that some of them had to throw themselves on the mercy of kind-hearted developers to keep the wolf from the door. Best politicians money can buy. Murray has already banked pounds 37, in prize money from his success in New York so far and should he win again today he will collect another pounds 35, - which ought to keep the wolf from the door for a few weeks. I am, just, managing to keep the wolf from the door by training horses, but we do operate the RaceRiders Cafe, adjacent to the yard.

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