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But Skunk always finds them, and nowhere is ever truly safe. I'm always excited to hear of a new Lansdale book. And when the blurb on the front cover called it a work of genius comparable to Mark Twain, I was even more stoked. I wasn't disappointed, but it wasn't the type of story I was expecting.

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The plot is fairly tight, rather than rolling and episodic like Huck Finn. Though there are a few digressions, Skunk always brings the story back to one of survival. Still, the story is exciting, the characters bright and believable, the dialog funny when it needs to be, moving when it should be. Lansdale's descriptions are perfect, especially when he conveys the weather or the natural world. One day he should compile a book of just his weather descriptions: sunsets and sunrises, lightning, floods, cold and heat. It would be a book of absolute poetry.

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I did not want Edge of Dark Water to end, which is the truest tell of greatness I know. As story elements tied together and the action slowed to a still, I really wanted to continue onward with these characters, to see how the rest of their lives turn out, how they put to use the lessons taught by the river.

But all books have to end somewhere, and this one tells its story well and treats its characters fairly. I imagine them moving on to live through other stories, sad because they are no longer in a Joe R. Mystery of Pain Book. Focus Emploi Website. Awaking Spirit, reclamation of being Book. Purfield Author. Victim of Circumstance Book. Protect My Data Computers Brand. Party Wolves Local Business. Madam Velvet's Cabaret of Oddities Book. Ava Dreams of Water Book.

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Information about Page Insights Data. When he does attack, the results are always gruesome. In terms of plot, the journey and the river serve traditional literary purposes as life-changing forces for the main characters. Initially I thought this would be a mystery novel who killed May Lynn? You are commenting using your WordPress.

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