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Some chefs do away with the concept of a restaurant entirely, and simply host small parties at their home.


A very exclusive experience, guests will enjoy a home-cooked meal from a professional chef. Moonlight as another concept. Some concepts are only making money at certain times of day. Brunch places are busy in the morning, bars are busy at night; could these places be making more if they combined concepts? For example, Fifth Frame Brewing Co. Add animals to the ambiance. There are of course perks to having a pet-friendly restaurant.

Cat cafes and dog cafes are going nowhere. Here are some of our favorites:. Partner with local breweries. Serve draft coffee. Personally, I prefer it. But draft lattes?! Flip the speakeasy on its head. But what about bars with hidden restaurants in the back?

The Burger Shack has landed!

Dinnertable in New York City, N. Offer a tasting room. Dining out should always be an experience. Host exclusive events to try the newest liquor in your bar. Offer self-serve beer. With hundreds of beer on tap, Tapster in Chicago, Ill. The gift card is placed on the tap machine, where it tracks how many ounces of beer you pour and out of which tap. Take beloved pop culture restaurants and make them real. Bring pop culture restaurants to life! Saved By the Max in Chicago, Ill. Open a tribute bar or restaurant. In that same vein, perhaps your bar or restaurant could be a tribute to a person.

Turn off the lights. Teach your guests to experience food in a new way. Take your guests to another world. Give your guests a mission. Safe House in Milwaukee, Wis. Create food that reflects the area. Go the extra step - create menu items that reflect your experience in your area.

How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan - Open for Business

No Joke Smoke BBQ , for example, creates a brand of seasonal sauces and flavorful slow smoked meats to reflect the spirit of New England. Use the view to your advantage. Let guests pour their own Guinness. Take your restaurant on the road. Food trucks have gotten a lot of press, but I still think they are a great restaurant idea. Take the food to the people! Here are some of our favorite food trucks across the U. Allow guests to build their own meal. Open multiple concepts in one location. If your restaurant has multiple floors, you can have a different concept on each, so guests have more choices.

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Sienna Mercato in Pittsburgh, Pa. The first floor is Emporior, a meatball emporium; the send floor is Mezzo, which serves charcuterie and wood-fired pizzas; the third floor, Il Tetto, is a rooftop bar with a sliding glass ceiling.

Talk of the town...

Make the history of your building work for you. Turn a historic spot into a dining destination. Chinese Tuxedo in New York, N. Capture millennials with arcades. Instead, try opening an arcade! Beercade HQ in Nashville, Tenn. People remember eateries with a purpose. Center your restaurant or cafe around an item you are constantly improving. They also have coffee and beer on tap. Reduce overhead by offering your restaurant as a coworking space over the day.

Spacious is a startup in New York City, N. Make food waste profitable. Several companies are working to fight this problem: Misfit Juicery and Rubies in the Rubble take produce that is blemished or misshapen that would otherwise have gone to waste. Food For All and BuffetGo allows people to buy cheap leftovers when restaurants close - food those restaurants would have otherwise thrown out. Combine food and beauty. Give your restaurant a theme. Some themes can be gimmicky. But other themes can make the restaurant experience extremely fun.

Let guests float on water as they eat. Do you think floating on the water changes the taste of the food? Give your guests a show. Lumos in New York City, N. Supperclub in Amsterdam presents a rotating list of live performances, artists, and more, while guests lie down on beds. Make eating at your restaurant a holy experience. Convert a church into a restaurant. The White Rabbit Restaurant in Indonesia is a remodeled historic building that used to house a church, keeping true to the church's design with beautifully stained window panes and arches.

Remember: food and drink can be medicinal. Allow guests to pay what they want.

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To create a hunger-free community. Use the decor to delight your guests. Give your guests taste tests. Blindfold guests, and make them guess what they're eating. A gastropub sometimes referred to as a gastrolounge is a hybrid pub and restaurant , notable for serving good quality beer, wine and food.

How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan

The concept of gastropubs largely redefined both pub culture and British dining, [3] and has occasionally attracted criticism for potentially removing the character of traditional pubs. In addition, dishes such as hamburgers , chips , lasagne and chili con carne are now often served. The first ever custom-built brewpub in Canada, it heralded a new wave of brewpubs and craft breweries in British Columbia that followed a major deregulation of the brewing industry in that province.

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The Washington Post. The Daily Telegraph. The Tavern on the Bay was an idea conceived by St. The Tavern is now the place to eat, drink, relax and unwind on the island. We are now taking bookings for Christmas Day ! See the menu here. Our Head Chef makes a point — and takes pride — in using locally sourced ingredients and produce to provide a seasonal menu, with delicious and imaginative takes on well-loved dishes that use the very best ingredients Wales has to offer.