Leadership Lessons: Thomas Edison

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Leaders today are well served to appreciate the positive aspects of failure. The following tips can help us adjust our mindsets and accept failure as a part of the process of success, rather than a defeat:.

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In his role in the self-storage industry, Tim Eyre helps customers care for their cherished belongings that must be put in storage. December 27, by Michael Ray Hopkin 5 Comments. We often study the principles of leadership in order to become leaders ourselves. However, as helpful as reading about leadership from a conceptual angle can be, the most effective way to learn is by example.

There are millions of examples of successful leaders out there, and not all of them are as famous as the ones presented here. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: anna Steve Jobs is a great perhaps the best example of understanding your markets. He understands his customers perhaps even better than they understand themselves.


He is the master at anticipating future trends and turning them into reality. Henry Ford became the subject matter expert not just in cars, but in getting cars to market at a low-enough price that consumers could afford to buy his products. He took calculated risks and was rewarded accordingly.

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Learning and implementing behaviors from these and other great leaders will improve your success as a product manager. December 17, by Michael Ray Hopkin 2 Comments.

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Think about someone for whom you have a tremendous amount of respect. What are the characteristics that draw you to that person?

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Most likely he or she has the ability to plow through difficult circumstances and come out on top; to learn from mistakes and create successful outputs. Successful people solve problems and create opportunities. The Product Management Perspective: A central component to solving problems is problem statements.

What Can Thomas Edison Teach Us About Success (through Failure)

Your ability to invite us all to growth and development is a gift. Thank you for sharing it. You did with clarity and thoughtfulness. Thank you. Resources Events National Leadership Forum. Careers Internships Apprenticeships.

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