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Wir haben uns Ihre Anmerkungen zu Herzen genommen und freuen uns, dass die Resonanz so positiv ausgefallen ist. Is it positive feedback if so, I need another word for positive Resonanz or was it "freundlich" of the participants to send in their comments, or has it a specific meaning in marketing?

But as I am unfamiliar with what is actually meant, I am asking the KudoZ experts for their help. Local time: We have taken your comments to heart and are pleased that the response has been so encouraging. Michael Martin, MA. Kim Metzger Mexico. Edith Kelly Switzerland. Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer agree.

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Edith Kelly : positive that you used both of my suggestions posted under discussions I cannot but agree. Horst Huber X : "Positive feedback" is the proper cliche; we would not want to translate Denglish into English? Login to enter a peer comment or grade. Notes to answerer Asker: Thank you, polyglot.

This is probably the nearest in meaning,but surely the feedback itself can be neither "freundlich", nor "kind", only the people who take the trouble to give it? But then, marketing speak has its own logic Sarah Bessioud. Helen Shiner. Johanna Timm, PhD. Teresa Reinhardt. Notes to answerer Asker: Thank you, Brigitte. I will use this one some day, too. Notes to answerer Asker: Thank you, Michael. Yet another promising possibility. Notes to answerer Asker: Thank you, Marta. Another useful suggestion.


X ProZ. Eventually I studied different philosophies, religions and cultures in search of what they have in common. Over the years I came to the conclusion, that there just might not be answers to many questions; perhaps one could find them in oneself somewhen — in a far away future possibly, in an other incarnation most likely, or possibly never. Gradually I ceased searching for answers, and someday I even stopped having questions at all. It was like a recognition, when she began to share the treasure of Solar Knowledge with me.

I was very surprised, when I became aware of how many questions I suddenly had, because I asked her one after the other. By far more it astonished me, that I did receive answers — Neither the one nor the other I had expected. For the first time in my life I could sense a real access to different topics, that were remaining strange to me until then. Full of joy I felt, that within the knowledge of Sambodha there would be much more for me to discover.

Thus in the year I began an until this day continuing, intensive teacher- and healer-training with Aaravindha Himadra, and a wonderful journey into the worlds of the Solar Tradition. The Solar Lineage, Amartya Tradition or Arkavamsa Parampara is referred to as an ancient spiritual tradition, that, beyond dogmas and religion, is based upon the illumining power of consciousness. For thousands of years the Solar Knowledge was withdrawn more and more from humanity due to the fall of consciousness and was solely shared with few initiates by word of mouth only.

We today are living in a very special time, a very dark time, where the surviving of life on this planet is globally endangered as it never was before — but we as well are living in a time, that specificallly on account of the darkness, carries within a huge potential for enlightenment, because it is pervasively calling forth our most inner, creative power, as it never did before.

In the Western world it is currently imparted by Aaravindha Himadra and Sambodha-Teachers, that were specifically trained by him. Aaravindha knows excellently to describe complex interrelations with great ease in admirable precision and to explain consistently from various perspectives. He illumines misrepresented, distorted or even wrongly conveyed interpretations and adds missing details.

It is as if clarity bringing light were thrown on adopted imprecisenesses and inconsistencies. Finally I can tie in with the loose ends of incomplete knowledge. Specificly coordinated, most powerful, sacred meditation-practices, that are rooted in the force of the illumining aspect of consciousness, are accompanying and supporting this process. I now do know the way through the confusions of the unconscious into the vastness of consciousness, into my source, my essence — my Self, eternally. More and more I am learning, to allow this illumining power shining into my life and kissing me awake like a sunray in the morning.

Passing on what opened up for me through the training of my longtime spiritual companion and teacher Aaravindha Himadra is a heartfelt desire, for this knowledge together with the unique meditation-techniques are the most precious jewels and furthermore the most powerful practices that I have experienced up to this day. Through no other practice I have ever learned more effectively, to letting go what does not belong to me — to free myself into joy, into myself, my own power — to coming home to the moment.

Wow, what a journey …. For current classes, events and further information see: www. For individual counseling or therapeutic assistance you can also make an appointment in my homeopathic and naturopathic practice: www. Insbesondere habe ich sehr viel Freude an dem Heilwissen und den Heiltechniken und habe diese zu einer meiner Berufungen gemacht. Cosmic providence lead me to the Surah Parampara Tradition and Aaravindha. Though I was not consciously searching, I instantly knew that I had found a treasure when I stepped into Sambodha.

Meanwhile I graduated as Paramahamsa teacher. However, the treasure box is vast. Learning, comprehending and experiencing does never end.

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I am very fascinated how well the Sambodha knowledge integrates in our lives. It supports us in finding our connection to our higher self and in expressing it, free of conditioning and constraints, which detain us from our inner freedom. What for? Today I can find the answers when I align to my higher self. In these demanding times the world needs us in that devotion and alignment to our true self-expression. I am deeply convinced that we all are longing — longing for ourselves.

I want to share with you how we can get closer to our true self when we practice the Sambodha meditations and integrate the Sambodha knowledge into our daily life, because I am convinced both help at every level of our lives, small or large. Sambodha offers a wide range of meditation techniques. Everybody will find what one needs in every moment.

Breath awareness or an easy exercise in mindfulness can help to reduce stress or to sleep better. In addition, Kriya cleansing techniques can be helpful in that context. We practice Mantra Mediation in order to cultivate a certain quality in live, such as listening inwardly or self-love. While meditating we create order in ourselves and order creates healing.

However, we also have techniques, which can nurture our self-healing power. If we commit our lives to self-realization, it will also be possible to be initiated to the Mahantarapatha Pavana techniques, which are the heart of Sambodha and which can quickly resolve distorted perceptions and karmic limitations. You decide how far you want to go; everything is possible from sleeping well to awakening. The Sambodha knowledge conveys an understanding of our inner processes and helps us to integrate those things, which we practice in our meditations into our daily life.

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Both, knowledge and techniques are mutually dependent. Following topics are particularly close to my heart:. We are divine beings and we draw from an infinite potential.

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This potential is accessible to us by listening inwardly. We will no longer need to defend ourselves if we come to this understanding. Divine Qualities versus Emotions: If something threatens or confirms our identification, an emotion will show up. A Divine Quality is an inner conduct, which is not subject to any conditions.

If we learn to be mindful and to observe our emotions, we will be able to listen humbly and thankfully in order to understand what Divine Quality we need at that moment. For example, if we judge ourselves or others we will need the quality of appreciation, which we may give to ourselves in the first place. Also happiness and pride are emotions, because they only arise when we feel confirmed.

The Art of Compassion: Compassion happens through our heart, which helps us finding out, whether we listen to the truth or to an illusion. The truth does always weigh lightly on our hearts. If our heart feels burdened, we will know that this feeling arises from an illusion and that we have to listen again. We learn to use our body and senses as a tool while acting. No matter whether we embody a role in a play or express our free self, the approach is the same.

I offer theatre workshops, which allow exploring ourselves playfully, trying out what we learned in Sambodha, stretching our senses or just having fun. In my job, I am also training people and I enjoy the various encounters with people, who do interest me very much. I have been working as teacher for a software, which is used in the textile industry e. Als ich Aaravindha Himadra und die Amartya Tradition mit den Meistern der Solaren Linie kennenlernte, wusste ich, hier bin ich zu hause.

I have been a seeker of truth and knowledge since a small child and was drawn to finding deeper meaning to life. When I discovered Sambodha in I found the teachings rang true to my very core and gave me the tools to deepen my spirituality and find a path of knowledge that would improve my relationships with others and offer me inner peace.

I am grateful for the Sambodha path and the clear guidance and teaching tools to help others on their own journey. I live in Eugene, Oregon and offer classes in meditation practices and group discussion, as well as individual instruction. If you are interested in discussing the Sambodha teachings, please feel free to contact me. A spiritual life within a daily life.

How is that possible? My desire in life was always to bring into my life that which I recognized as true. In the Solar Tradition the purpose is not only to experience realizations through meditation and sitting in bliss. It is even more important to bring these realizations into actualization on our way to awakening. I have been studying with Aaravindha Himadra since and I have been a Paramahamsa teacher since I love to pass on this precious knowledge which Aaravindha gave and still gives us in every new seminar.

Bis dahin hatte ich das Schreinerhandwerk und dann den Beruf des medizinischen Masseurs erlernt, zwei Berufsfelder, in denen ich noch bis heute arbeite. Zugleich durfte ich dort sofortig sehr tiefe innere Erfahrungen erleben.

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Ich gebe Meditationsgruppen und Heilseminare, einige davon gemeinsam mit Premshallah, meiner Frau. Und dort beginnt unsere Reise. Wir glauben vielleicht, dass wir nicht genug sind oder, dass wir schwach sind. Die Liste ist nahezu unendlich. Und zu wenig haben wir der eigentlichen Wahrheit tief in uns selbst vertraut. Auf der Suche nach einer passenden Ausdrucksform, sowohl im lebenspraktischen wie auch im beruflichen Feld, bin ich dem Solaren Wissen begegnet. Lange war ich schon auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit des Lebens.

Erwachen aus dem Schlaf des Unbewussten Seins zu unserer wahren Natur, zu unserem wahren Selbst — das wir immer schon waren und sein werden. Allerdings kann er sich nur der im Bewusstsein gespeicherten Erfahrungen, die ich in diesem Leben gemacht habe, bedienen. Aber wie mache ich das? Meine spirituellen Wurzeln habe ich in der uralten Tradition der Solaren Linie wiederentdeckt. Warum bin ich? Was und wie ist die eigentliche Quelle alles Lebens?

Die essentiellen Fragen des Lebens also. Ich vertiefte mich in viele dieser Lehren und anfangs befriedigte mich vieles von diesem Wissen. Es fehlte etwas. Es ging nicht tief genug. Dann begann ich viele energetische Techniken praktisch zu lernen, in zahllosen Seminaren und Workshops.

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Ich lernte aber nach einer gewissen Zeit auch immer die Grenzen einer jeweiligen Methode kennen. Was aber beleuchtet unsere Psyche, unseren Mind? Nein, nein, ich habe verstanden, dass wir werden nie alles wissen werden. Es ist eine wahrlich mystische Reise und ich lade dich ein daran teilzuhaben. Ich wusste, dass dies der Weg war, den ich weitergehen wollte. Als Heilpraktikerin liegen mir die Sambodha-Heiltechniken, die Aaravindha hervorgebracht hat, sehr am Herzen. Den Menschen ganzheitlich zu betrachten, ist eine Grundlage der Solaren Heiltechniken. I met Aaravindha Himadra in Yet there I sat.

Beautiful, yes!! Peaceful, yes!! Now that you are woken to the truth, what is still possible? I looked for a teacher that might shed some light on this mystery. None of my Advaita community knew what I was talking about. But when I shared my experience with my friend and teacher Aaravindha, he smiled and pointed the way. The door opened and I stepped forward to discover an overwhelming wisdom and love. Twelve years later, I too began offering forward the great mystery teachings. The techniques are profound and the alchemy remarkable.

After having had my first meditation experiences at the age of 14, many years later I found the Sura Bhas Kriya Meditation and through this Aaravindha Himadra as my dear teacher and friend. The current series I will be finishing in fall Further studies, deepening of the techniques and knowledge are constantly ongoing under the guidance of Aaravindha and the Amartya Masters of the Surah Parampara. Furthermore, my lifelong studies of dance and autodidactic studies of psychology have deepened as well during this education. I started in a very early age to dance and soon developed a very own style combining the ancient dance traditions with contemporary forms.

This dance form is known meanwhile as Tribal Fusion but I learned about that not too long ago. My love for the art of dance and meditation combined transformed into a new form of moving meditation called Shantata Natanya, Silence Dancing, which is also one of the preparation forms for Kaivalya Natana.

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I teach this in form of regular classes and Workshops and offer to practice together on regular basis. I am also offering classes for Meditation, Study classes, Workshops and Initiations for the following:. I have been searching for the truth of my existence and the bliss that comes with it for some time—I have realized these two resonate together. Practicing Surah Parampara meditation techniques have helped me to experience vimarsha, the splendor of Self-recognition.

Once we experience the profound presence of unadulterated being, and its luminous bliss currents, our life simply changes from that moment on and we never look at the world through the same pair of eyes. We will be still challenged with our beliefs and emotions but we then can rely on deeper and broader references. The experience of vimarsha becomes like a beacon of light. We recall this profound experience of being, to remember in those times when are challenged, that our nature is an open question—a luminous love, not a conclusion that is spinning in a repetition of chronic emotions.

I have been studying The Surah Parampara knowledge with my teacher and founder of Sambodha, Aaravindha Himadra for 16 years and just recently decided that I feel finally ready to pass on what I have learned, realized, experienced, and actualized. This knowledge has touched me deeply on many levels. My mind is clearer and my heart feels more open then ever. The feelings of expansion are still in process of growing….

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The gift of Sambodha knowledge helps us to understand our inner processes in order to recognize our true feelings as compared to our emotions. This knowledge, if lived and integrated, will support us to establish one essential quality of our consciousness that is called Vairagya, a transcendental state of mindfulness. This ability to witness and create an emotional distance is essential in our daily life.

Then we can stop reacting to situations emotionally and instead use the art of self-compassion and right discrimination to choose life supportive thoughts and actions. With time and devoted practice, Vairagya will mature to sakshi, which is a state of witnessing from beyond the mind. Then the way we perceive our current reality transforms. If we succeed by applying right knowledge into our daily life, we accelerate the journey of Self-realization. I feel deep joy when I can share my understanding and realizations of the Surah Parampara knowledge, and to help teach the deeper way to understand meditation.

Aiyanna Diyamayi. Ahalya Lydia Decker. Anjali Andrea Mayer. Ashayrah Himadra. Darshwani Hauser. Devamarie Franziska Frei. Indrea Premada. Kaivallha Lutz. Kalyani Birol.