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Do not agree with their estimate unless you independently arrive at the same estimate. Instead, be yourself, and prior to trial go over in your own mind the matter about which you will be questioned. A neat appearance and proper dress in court are important. Present your testimony clearly, slowly, and loud enough so that the juror farthest away can easily hear and understand everything you say.

Avoid distracting mannerisms such as chewing gum while testifying. Jurors who are or will be sitting on the case in which you are a witness may be present in the same public areas where you will be.

Remember too, that jurors may have an opportunity to observe how you act outside of the courtroom. When you are called into court for any reason, be serious, avoid laughing, and avoid saying anything about the case until you are actually on the witness stand.


When you are called to testify, you will first be sworn in. Tell it. Every true fact should be readily admitted. Do not stop to figure out whether your answer will help or hurt either side. Just answer the questions to the best of your memory. The explanation should be in your own words. Do not allow an attorney to put words in your mouth.

This process is sometimes repeated several times in order to clearly address all aspects of the questions and answers. The basic purpose of direct examination is for you to tell the judge and jury what you know about the case. The basic purpose of cross examination is to raise doubts about the accuracy of your testimony. The defense attorney is just doing their job. A witness who is angry may exaggerate or appear to be less than objective, or emotionally unstable. Keep your temper.

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Always be courteous, even if the attorney questioning you appears discourteous. Speak aloud so that the court reporter or recording device can hear and record your answer. Listen carefully to the questions you are asked. Oros was the manifestation of The Kushtaka who tricks people, kills them and steals their souls. The Shaman, through Rodgers, stopped the madness. It gives perhaps the only explanation. The story and information in No Witnesses To Nothing has been thoroughly researched and the facts well-documented.

This murder mystery is based on actual events of the Teslin Lake Incident and of the two drug informants who were executed. It is compelling and haunting to read.

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It leaves the reader with questions and thoughts, observations and introspection. Be prepared to be engaged as the pages turn. Also, that a lot of this happened in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island where I live makes it extra interesting for me. Two thumbs very high up, and I suggest you give it a read! Through out the book I would giggle, lol, cry, gasp…never as a book touched my emotions such as yours did. From beginning to end I was captivated. I laughed, cried and was scared shitless at times.

I was so young when Mike was killed and unfortunately I have very little memories of him. I never really knew what happened up in Teslin Lake just that he was shot by some crazy trapper. I gained so much knowledge and respect for everyone involved.

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Thank you so much, reading the book was such an incredible journey. Looking very forward to the sequel! Meant to email you ages ago.. LOVED your book! I deliberately took my time with it!

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What a clever human being you are! Bude was Bude, a true legend and friend. I am very proud to say that my son and grandson have his name. Garry asked my wife and I to read and give him feedback on the draft of his book. Out of respect for a lifelong friend we agreed. I was honoured, humbled, and somewhat apprehensive, as I am not an avid reader. It took years for me to realize just how much of an impact it had on me. I tried unsuccessfully to justify his death, and I had many weird dreams and thoughts about the unexplained circumstances surrounding it.

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One of those, not in the book, was when I was present a few years earlier when Bude was called from the Legion in Terrace, BC, to place Mike Oros in a straightjacket. Oros stated to Bude that night that he would kill him, and he did. Consummatum est Sohn A statue floats downriver When a dark age comes, hold the light inside Our sixth release overall and our first doom record. Tags epic doom metal soundtrack doom doom metal epic doom metal film music New York.

Born in Cinema, atmosphere, doom metal. Hidden music counts for nothing. To disappear and to be nothing. When a dark age comes, hold the light inside. They're Hanging Me Tonight.

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