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Several reviewers have speculated that the flashback portion of the film is set during the Anti-Rightist Campaign and that Luo's recall was for investigation and questioning. However, upon hearing news of her illness, the teacher was able to sneak back to the village and Zhao Di, in tears, welcomed the sight of her beloved.

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Still, their love would not be consummated for a few years more because the teacher was kept away from the village as punishment for having left his assignment in the city without permission. Returning to the present day, and black and white, the son realizes how important this ritual of carrying the coffin back to village is to his mother, Zhao Di, and he agrees to make all necessary arrangements to fulfill her wish.

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He is told by the mayor of the village that it might be difficult to find enough porters to carry the father home, as there are few young able men left in the village. The mayor and the son reach an agreement on the price to be paid to the porters. But when the procession sets out, more than people show up to help carry home the casket of the man who was their teacher through various generations in the village.

The mayor returns the money to the son, as no one will accept payment for doing what they consider to be an honor rather than a task. On the morning of the day the son leaves to return to his job in the city, he fulfills his father's dream and teaches a class in the old schoolhouse that was central to his parents having fallen in love, using the textbook his father had written himself.

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The Road Home received positive reviews. The site's critical consensus reads, "Beautifully filmed, The Road Home is a simple touching and tender love story. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For other uses, see The Road Home disambiguation. Theatrical release poster. Retrieved Chinese modernity and global biopolitics: studies in literature and visual culture. University of Hawaii Press.

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Chinese national cinema. Film International. Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved 18 July You can learn more about Northweather here.

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    Jamil and Stephen discuss the social differences between, and historical origins of, Anglo-Canadian and French-Canadian conceptions of religious freedom, as well as the present and future place of Canadian Muslims within the nation's mosaic.

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    You can connect with the National Council of Canadian Muslims at their website here or follow them on Twitter at nccm. This episode of The Road Home is a rebroadcast of Jamil's interview on The Stuart Knight Show, a podcast that encourages its listeners to challenge their thoughts about life and leadership. On this episode, Stuart and Jamil discuss Jamil's fight with cancer, his activism, and his advice for people trying to turn their passions into a career. You can find more episodes of The Stuart Knight Show here.

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    This episode of the Road Home is a rebroadcast of Jamil's interview with Dr. Jodi L. Together they discuss topics covered in Jamil's book, Why Young Men, the dangerous allure of violent movements and what we can do about it. admin