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The definition of Art or artistically expressions is a thing that comes out of the deepest core of a person, that strives for the ultimate harmony that excels. Not many people understand the creation of outstanding-ness in its deepest origin. To create harmony and beauty one must understand the unwritten laws of the Universe interacting with the Soul in Spirituality. I can go on and on, but this is the very core. Beauty, as with Art, will stand the test of time. When the noise of ugliness and talent-less, pretentious, self-serving shit subside, those great works of beauty will still be there to remind us that there is something more to art than causing materials to represent an idea.

However interesting and innovative it may be. Li'l Abner cartoonist Al Capp: "Abstract art is made by those who have no talent, sold by those who have no scruples, to those who have no taste. Art gallery owner in New York about buyers tending toward realism: This is terrible!! Many of these artists can't draw! Approximately Billion people have live before us.

It is logical to believe there were some "truths" learned. Biggest difference between the foolish and the wise is one is aware of the ego and the other is in love with it. Post Modernism is anti human in that for them, reality sucks and they hate anything that shines light on their intellectual and spiritually decomposed valueless lives. They eat, sleep with their own shit and no one dare tell them they stink, or their ugly little tyrant egos must grab their shit and say "see this is real art, don't tell me it aint". The last statement "Through the Sacred and Beauty's Portal we find Home" is a valiant description of what we can ascribe to.

Ornaments liberate us from the tyranny of the useful and satisfy our need for harmony - in a strange way it makes us feel like home. They remind us that we have more than practical needs - we are not just governed by animal appetites like eating and sleeping, we have special needs and if those needs go unsatisfied so do we. For all those who are criticizing this video because "art cannot be defined". So a toilet with a signature IS art, and an unmade bed is also art. I have gone to galleries where they have a broom with an pail in a corner, the artists gives it a name and it is suddenly in a Museum That is not art, that is someone who may have acquired a name in the art World making fun of art.

I believe art should provide a message, but it has to be worked, anyone can provide an unmade bed, or a signed urinal, how hard is it to put a broom and a pail in a corner? How about the "Oak Tree" It takes work to make great art, anything else is a mockery, I think he is correct, we are putting ugliness higher than it deserves, almost on a pedestal, and that is why our political system has also become ugly, with a great lack of understanding or knowledge, a World where "ignorance is bliss" seems to start prevailing, and when that happens we reach a very dangerous place.

Very interesting and brave documentary. Agree on most points but don't know if this is a western bias documentary, as some have suggested. I think he is simply talking about what he has seen, you cannot know everything! While watching the video, I could not help but think that the movement from beauty as aim of art to originality as the aim, began around the time of the renaissance with humanization of art.

Why Beauty Matters | DocumentaryTube

The way I see it, the more we humanize and focus on how movement and all other artistic elements are seen by the artist, we move further away from God, or spirituality at all. I believe it necessary to have some order and have something to be achieved — beauty. Without the pursuit of something higher than ourselves, we walk around without purpose making this meaningless art. I really like how he said that modern life could not be redeemed, so it should be displayed. There is clearly a dumbing-down that has taken place, still takes place, in the realms of art, music and architecture.

I enjoyed this video immensely, and how it made me think and the confirmation that what I am doing with interior design is what I want to be doing. That said, the video also made me feel some despair over the culture and time period I am in and worries me about the future of art and society as a whole. Art is no longer sacred or something held higher, but rather it is meant to be interesting and say something obvious.

Because of this, anything and everyone is art, thus skill and talent is useless. Art has no value. We have tried so hard to get away from objectivity that we have gone too far into subjectivity so that there is no universal. I cannot help but be intrigued by this idea; I do not want to agree with this, but I do. This video is making my brain explode with too many thoughts and ideas. I cannot help but think of the art therapy, and wonder if it really is helpful, or even moral. Because if we did, we would have to admit to some objectivity and some rule, some universal that says something is right or wrong and that would collapse what our society and culture has rebuilt its foundation upon — a false subjectivity.

All my points up until now are not to say that I agree with Scruton on everything though. I have to disagree with this. Because thus person has not been formally trained, they do not know the purpose or arguments behind that quote or the reasoning for it. I do not think beauty is the goal of all things. Function is a goal that can be beautiful and functional, but in our modern society where money rules all, beauty is not always achievable and one must do what they can with what they have — and there is beauty in that. This is an interesting thought to me and I do not have a response to this.

It is something that I must mull over and consider, it is incredibly interesting and I am sure I will watch this video many more times through my life. I can see this influencing my design ethic for the future. Scruton beliesves that decay is all around us and is not beautiful. But since I was a small child, something I have love to do is go back-reading with my father and look at all the old Arkansas houses falling back into nature. Here are these large stone houses, beautiful for the time they were built, that are delapiated and falling back to jature and I have to say that there is a fundamental beauty in that decay.

In fact, Scrujton goes so far as to claim that something beautifuk will be useful forever. In my gut, I want to disagree with that hyperbolic statement, but I cannot argue against it. Indeed, they prove their usefulness in a monetary way as well! People spend thousands if not billinos of dollars each year just to see these beauties for a few moments, just to stand in their presence. I am so glad you had us watch this video and I was really touched by it. Throughout the whole video I could not help but think of C. That is why we have peopled air and earth and water with gods and goddesses, and nymphs and elves.

A very thoughtful commentary that similarly expresses the impact aspects of Scruton's thesis has had on me. I am an architect both brought up in and self taught in the functionalists led 20th Century manner. However it has always left me uneasy that it is misplaced over reaction to the excesses of Victorian kitsch which it was prompted by. For instance it is incapable of establishing a language, grammar and syntax that combines both, as the classical language of architecture did.

It is only in the beauty of natural materials and the random effects of decay that beauty is allowed in. A beauty produced by nature. Any ephemeral attempt by the hand of man is not allowed. It has not solved the simple street-side facade. I recommend the late, John O' Donahue's book, "Divine Beauty: The Invisible Embrace," to all who feel a need for lost beauty and as an accompaniment to the video.

When beauty visits us, we experience transcendence, which, though brief, is profound. It is not objective, as others, around, would not have the same experience, at the time. Neither is it subjective, such as when we decide, through ego, that something is beautiful. No, when we experience true beauty we haven't chosen the moment it has chosen us. The aesthetic experience, for so it is called, can be stimulated by both art and nature. It has been said that work of arts are great simply because they have the potential to transcend and move many people.

That does not always happen, but when it does you know about it. I was once so absorbed during a performance of, "The Merchant of Venice and Juliet" that I forgot where and who I was, till I came back to earth. Yet another performance, of the same play, just let me cold. That one was done with a nod to PC and sacrificed heart to head. One could understand the intellectual appeal, but it had lost something. The something that made it art. I certainly got the point of the video, though instead of showing a pile of ugly old books, Scruton could have picked short passages, from them, to better illustrate his argument.

One more word, on the potential effect of art, which justifies the name: I once was talking to a man, who, by his own admission, had no intellectual interest in art. He told me that he visited an art gallery.

Sir Roger Scruton: How to Be a Conservative

However, when he went through an alcove to another room, the picture, in front of him, suddenly, in his own words, "Hit me," I don't mean physically. That moment chose him. It would be interesting to hear if anyone has had a transcendent experience through modern art. A twentieth century great work of literature is, of course, "Lord of the Rings. We tend to go back and back to works that have that effect on us, they are art, to us, via first hand experience.

If we simply accept something is art, because it is defined as such, then we are taking opinions at second hand. An aesthetic professor introduced a lecture, I was at, by saying, "Take your own impression first and don't let anyone bamboozle you. Another time you might, but that's another time. Scary conservative, unimaginative documentary on the art viewing and making experience.

He didn't deal with the fact that artists are trained to respond to, deconstruct, and dismantle the work of their predecessors i. So Scruton, in his bizarre, limited, anachronistic bubble of beauty, fails to acknowledge that the history of beauty evolves, as sure as the after-market prices for great masters works will increase You are a prime example of the modern art critic and a spokesman for the "Cult of Ugliness". Whenever someone criticizes your idea of what art should be you dismiss them as being quaint and antiquated.

Beauty is a timeless phenomenon and though the perceptions of it are as varied as the many different peoples of this world there are certain principles which hold true among them all. I absolutely agree with him. I stop going to the exhibitions of modern art because i was so often disapointed that i just stop. But it make me feel sorry and sad. I dont understand where it go so wrong that when i look at something which should be art i dont feel like it.

But thanks for old masters which where real, nor should they must do self affirmation like modern artists. Very sorry for my english. You obviousely didn't watch the entire video. Start watchig from where he starts talking of ugliness being seen as beautiful. I must say that I agree with the man. To be surrounded by beauty and coherence in the shape it is presented in is for me a fundamental need. I feel in a way connected with my surroundings and my human nature. I know this sounds pretentious, but I can not explain it other words.

What I am only wondering about is the art that presents the beauty through uglyness. I truly think there is beauty in Bukowski's work. Through the harshness he shows me a vulnerability that I perceive as the beauty of being human. That's why I'm questioning if the first appereance of art should necessarily be polished beauty.

I really liked this one. I have never liked most modern "what they call art". I like the classics, the beautiful things like Caspar David Friedrich whose paintings of longing are unsurpassed and Bernini who I think was the best in sculpture I've ever seen. This was a nice documentary. I think what he wants is more Humanism and beauty is the result of it. Modernists have ruined it all. We need a school of classical architecture in Europe immediately! Mentioning the eras of art, definition of the term beauty, even Hitler Don't we all live surrounded by hideous malls, highways, kitsch?

What more evidence do you need? Accusing him for saying that art is an aristocratic value of some kind, while you are the ones perceiving art as something restricted for galleries-because otherwise you wouldn't even recognize it, as mentioned. Think about it; why does everyone travel to Paris?

To see the "historic center" right? You don't get a lot of suburbia on your postcards do you? So forget about the galleries and conceptual art, forget about Scruton if you wish it's all unimportant, the important thing is that everything is u-g-l-y. Pretending to be modern, pretending to be new Have you ever seen a modern building which looks good with an aged facade? Neither have I. Art has always been a direct image of it's society. In this era, It's all a big lie. Nothing more than a lie.

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Hitlers idea of beauty regarding art was consistently the concept of the "The Brave Soldier". His attempt was mixing art and propaganda. He would have I'm sure if he dominated. Hilter Also was focused on Beauty but what form is beauty and what form is ugly? Art is history and memory and philoshy and poetry and freedom and culture and individual and everything it needs to be or has to be. Sorry but you didn't understand what was the meaning of art during Hitler's time He believed art should represent his heroism like good soldier he didn't understand what beauty is otherwise he would not do the crime of century.

I think he makes some great points. I am an artist myself, i enjoyed this a lot, i don't why everyone has to be so aggressive about this documentary. Too simplistic for me. I can't believe it just ended without even exploring beauty in a contemporary context. There is so much contemporary art out there that explores beauty in such incredible ways! This guy is an idiot! Sure there is some beautiful contemporary art. He's not saying there isn't. He's simply saying that urinals and canned sh! I agree with him. Art well done is art well done. The impressionists and Picasso did modern art well in their time , but art done well today, be it contemporary or traditional, is unfortunately put on the back page.

You can have your can's of sh! Arrogant folks like yourself think you have the best life has to offer by living in the big apple or some other modern dump, totally unaware and stunted by your limited view of life defined by what some weirdo art critic says is hip or cool. Unbeknownst to you, you are the one who is too simplistic and idiotic. Beauty does matter, it attracts us to divinity, which is another very important issue in these days of chaos. I practice Falun Gong, which is a heart and mind cultivation practice available everywhere for free. This practice has over one hundred million adherents Worldwide.

It consists of five exercises and basically nine lectures. I consider myself very lucky because Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, has allowed me to distinguish the difference between right and wrong concerning such difficult issues as gay rights, drug use, euthanasia, suicide, abortion and many other very important subjects. The practice is available on line and thank you for your consideration. Many of his views are relevant. Beauty in the escapist sense still has a place in art. The problem i have with his view is that he somehow assumes that those works that are elevated to the divine in his odd theocratic platonian view are just technically proficient works of idealism, and escapism, and that the ugly and utilitarian are somehow less works of divinity.

In my mind what he calls divinity is reflected in all of "creation", and that the purest forms of art aren't tethered to epic works of pompous technique any more than they are to children's art. Children's art is probably purer in my mind. I get the sense that this person is a bitter dullard. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Scruton neglects to portray that beauty lies in truth. A painting doesn't necessarily have to portray a conventional homogeneous beauty, but rather one can find beauty in truth, no matter how shocking or grotesque it may appear to the audience.

Though I believe that some Art today are without substance, it is because of consumer culture. If you try to look and understand the meaning behind some of the works of modernist and anarchist in the world of art you will find not just boundless beauty but unassuming truth in human life. I find Scruton's search for beauty very presumptuous, arrogant, and very bias to a conservative idealism, which is ultimately the very opposite definition of BEAUTY! Not necessarily. This is more apparent with music. One would not consider someone banging on a keyboard as music unless rather insipid or a happy accidental prodigy.

Visual art is the same. And yet, there is beauty in that, a child banging away on a keyboard. And it is music, whether rudimentary and not well coordinated, but it is music nonetheless. Music at its core, in my view is the intended creative organization, spontaneous or planned, developed or undeveloped of sounds and notes. Purely and simply. From that it can turn into a wondrous symphony or it can be simple as a toe tapping on the floor.

Why Beauty Matters

While I understand where Scruton is coming from aesthetically, his pov is at best idealistic, but presents in fact a limited perception of beauty, because while there are let's say overall human aesthetics in a Kantian sense, e. And even that may involve an educational process. For centuries, African art wasn't even considered in Europe, because of the prevalent beliefs in Europe around art and its creative expression, its execution, technique and intent, etc Like in every century, decade and or year there are seasons and cycles to certain artistic inclinations which will predominate over others.

At times artists will become more interested in exploring certain realistic or mundane topics for example, at other times the imaginary becomes more relevant, at times the primitive, minimalistic and essential becomes the trend of exploration, at other times maximalism and creating larger-than-life art becomes the focus. In these last 30 years, pop art has predominated in music and in the visual world, but who knows what lies on the horizon.

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  8. It could be an amalgam of classical art, modern, surrealism, electronic, and even more. Basically art follows as many themes as it can explore, it is first and foremost always subject to the 'laws' of freedom. That's why one can never truly pinpoint or discuss on these topics but from a highly personal vantage point which at times can be very narrow in perspective. The Beauty does not meter for Architecture think about Architecture as an another clouts you wear,it is a fashion. Take a look at the architectural environments of James Turrell. Read about them, look at them, enter one. Loved this right from the outset.

    There's a place for political art, subversive art and cold formal art Same thing for mass media. Crass, stupid films-media that celebrate stupidity, brutality and ugliness make me sad for our society. There's a place for all genres, certainly I agree with Henry, as cool and witty as a lot of art is today, their is a lot of bs, especially in contemporary art. If you can't see the democratic wonder that is pluralism then you deserve your classist, self-righteous world view. One could easily argue that you are no different. You are just as judgmental and dismissive of things that don't conform to your ideals are you not?

    Scruton first embraced conservatism during the student protests of May in France. Nicholas Wroe wrote in The Guardian that Scruton was in the Latin Quarter in Paris at the time, watching students overturning cars to erect barricades, and tearing up cobblestones to throw at the police.

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    What I saw was an unruly mob of self-indulgent middle-class hooligans". Yes to scruton. I don't want to pretend that I admire or even understand why a urinal could be considered as art. I see it to be utterly ironic that common things by their nature of being common, can now pass as something sublime, and thus something worthy of admiration. I personally think that to be called an artist nowadays wouldn't give you enough merit or satisfaction in pursuing such career since any man can make a straight line and declare it as a fine work of art.

    Roger Scruton explores why beauty is so powerful.

    Frankly speaking and I bet majority will agree, one could only feel pride in their work if they know that they are cut above from the rest-that is if their works are done not only with originality and creativity, but also with expertise and skills cultivated and honed through years of serious studies unless they're exceptionally gifted! It's very sad that not everyone could be doctors and save lives, but everyone could be artists and pretend to save lives.

    Apologies for not contributing anything to the dialogue but I would very much like to know the classical piece with which the Documentary opens. Thank you! The name of the piece is "Stabat mater dolorosa" by Pergolesi. The specific track you here in the documentary is from the Cologne Chamber Orchestra. You can find it on Amazon. I agree whole heartedly with Scruton. The Abolition of Man , by C. Baggett, Gary R. Habermas and Jerry L. Search Free Email Updates. Once enrolled, every time you make a purchase, 0. Just visit smile. Within U. McMahon - - Philosophy in Review 19 2 Roger Scruton - - Oxford University Press.

    Nick Zangwill - - In Jerrold Levinson ed. Oxford University Press. Aesthetic Judgment. Kant on Recognizing Beauty. Katalin Makkai - - European Journal of Philosophy 18 3 Beauty and Being: Thomistic Perspectives. Jaroszynski - - Brepols Publishers. De Clercq - - Journal of Aesthetic Education 47 2 The Aesthetic Life.

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    Hung-en Hsiao - - Philosophy and Culture 32 6 Causation in Reflective Judgment. Michael Kurak - - Kant Studies Online 1