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The odds are that you know people who have had scars of ungrace inflicted upon them by the Christian church. Yet when we see grace in action — whether in acts of extravagant, indiscriminate love, in radical self-giving, or in showing equanimity in the face of death — it can move us unlike anything else. In , Steve Hayner, my spiritual confidant, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Steve acknowledged that pain and death are reminders of the nature of our broken world. We went into this journey choosing to trust God and to offer our fears to God. After all, there are a lot of unknowns ahead of us. A lot like if the incarnate deity, veiled in flesh, were born in a manger in Bethlehem. Peter Wehner Peter Wehner , a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, served in the previous three Republican administrations and is a contributing opinion writer.

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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I was never a big fan of Spurgeon, but his writings, like this book are growing on me. All of Grace explained much of how the Christian faith works.

The Gospel of Grace

Spurgeon walks step-by-step how God calls us to Himself, points out where we have disobeyed Him sin , and how God provides a way to restore that broken relationship. All of Grace fills in so many gaps that we often gloss over in today's theological presentations. Spurgeon's text is actually a great vaccine against today's man-centered theology. He reminds us that we do not rely on feelings or anything but the word of God for our motivation.

He reminds us that God not only provides the way to salvation through repentance for our sin and acceptance that Jesus paid the price for sin in our place , but also continues changing us to be less like our selfish, emotional selves and more like Christ. The language is plain, but the style may take some getting used to, but All of Grace should be near the top of everyone's reading list soon.

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The title of chapter three is 'God Justifies The Ungodly'. Spurgeon wonders if some are surprised at that statement. Romans a says that very thing-'To him that works not,but believes on him that justifies the ungodly The grace of God is not for the righteous that is those who are righteous in their own sight. God's salvation is not for those who are pure and holy,but it is for those who are ungodly they are aware of their sinful condition and know that they need a Savior or they will perish.

The beginning of God's saving work,in an individual's consciousness,makes them aware they are unclean before a holy God and they need to rescued from that state.

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  7. The God of the Bible justifies the ungodly but he does not leave them in that condition-"If,however,you are troubled about the power of sin The 19th Century Minister of the Gospel points those who are troubled about their sinful nature to 'The Promise Of God' in Ezekiel a-'A new heart also will I give you,and a new spirit I will put within you. When they sin or fall short of God's standard of what is right,there is forgiveness with God through the atoning blood of his son. Everyone that God justifies he also sanctifies.

    Spurgeon was one of God's mighty servants who longed to see sinners saved by God's Almighty Grace. His work 'The Soul Winner' is one of the great classics on God's work in salvation,that God's faithful ministers,in particular, and every believer,in general,should be engaged in,at varying levels according to grace,gift,and their level of spiritual maturity.

    Spurgeon's heart to see 'The Lost' won to Christ is revealed in his concluding exhortation to sinners-"Meet me in heaven".


    Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. Spurgeon is a master.

    His style is easy to read and abundantly clear. This is probably the simplest and most complete presentation of the Gospel I have found. I have read it twice and heard it on audio books once. I sent it to my beloved nephew to encourage him. I enjoy reading Spurgeon, and this was no exception.

    Scandal Of Grace

    However, I did find more objectionable in this book than in most of his. In addition, I found him more repetitive here. But I have hardly begun yet with this enumeration. This text covers much more, for it includes all the supplies of grace that are needed along the road. It is a weary road: I need refreshing grace. It is a sorrowing path, because it is a sinful one: I need comforting grace. As a wandering sheep, I need restoring grace. Being weak as a babe, I need upholding grace.

    And everything that a saint can need from the moment of my new birth to that ecstatic instant when I stand before His eternal glory, without spot or wrinkle, lies centred in God. Let us begin at the beginning. He has called you.

    1 Peter NIV - And the God of all grace, who called - Bible Gateway

    The call that is intended here is, as Archbishop Leighton beautifully puts it, that call which goes deeper than the ear, touches the heart within, throws open the door, and admits the Christ. And consequently you will find that the word "called" becomes the title of the true Christian. A man of God is one who has been called. But how is he called? It is "unto His eternal glory in Christ"; not simply, mark you, for Christ's sake.

    That is true, but it is not the truth here taught. He has called us to eternal glory "in Christ. The call that I receive is a call that sounds in the Son's ear. It is a call "to His glory. God's glory is Himself. There is nothing more glorious about His glory than Himself. The only way in which God can glorify Himself is to reveal Himself. Come, lave thy spirit in the eternal blaze of Deity. Come, be at home with Me. That one word "glory" covers all joy, all blessing, all bliss. God has called us unto His eternal "glory.

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    You have to put the word "eternal" into the scale. It is not a call for an age or for a millennium. Oh, fools that we are to weep our eyes out over earth's sorrows, and to grumble our spirits into wretchedness because of a passing moment of care!