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How can I know for sure until I see it for myself? I need to see it for myself I need to see it for myself I need to see it for myself I need to see it for myself I need to see it for myself I need to see it for myself I need to see it for myself I need to see it for myself. I am a man of science I am a man of faith How I contradict myself in so many a myriad of ways. They could see the fires from Guildford They could see the fires from Maidstone They could hear us up in Norfolk and along the Essex coast. Could you see the fires from Belgium?

Could you see the fires from the battleground? Could you hear us in the French trenches above the sound of machine guns? Threshing discontentment like a farmer after harvest Swarms of starving artists, grandmothers, and Marxists Or a cloud of zealous locusts that leave the pastures ravaged If the Czar will take his time, then we will take advantage. Heaping discontentment like an army gathering weapons Hoards of hungry children act as ammunition A young man with a vision boards a billowing locomotive An idealistic look about him Stacks of half-read books surround him.

Nicholas, are you brooding in your keep Nicholas, are you squirming in your seat You should be I would be.

Let the tsarina speak Nicholas the bloody Your people and your country know not what they need They need the monarchy. Let your brother speak Nicholas the second You had more chances than most get And you wrecked it Here come the Bolsheviks. Grand duke Michael Alexandrovich, in a letter to his brother: The unrest grows; even the monarchist principle is beginning to totter; and those who defend the idea that Russia cannot exist without a Tsar lose the ground under their feet, since the facts of disorganization and lawlessness are manifest. A situation like this cannot last long.

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I repeat once more — it is impossible to rule the country without paying attention to the voice of the people, without meeting their needs, without a willingness to admit that the people themselves understand their own needs. Up here my mind head is clear as the air Down there the people look like scuttling insects Indistinguishable from the tiny specs of dust on my windshield Is this how it feels Is this how it feels to be a god?

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    Abigail 4, books view quotes. By way of Just Kids , Patti Smith might have simply hoped to relive her memories and days with Mapplethorpe, but the writing itself has done much more — transcend. She gained recognition in the s for her revolutionary mergence of poetry and rock.

    She has recorded twelve albums.

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    Smith had her first exhibit of drawings at the Gotham Book Mart in and has been represented by the Robert Miller Gallery since In , the Andy Warhol Museum launched Strange Messenger, a retrospective exhibit of her drawings, silk screens, and photographs. In , the French Ministry of Culture awarded Smith the prestigious title of Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres, the highest honor awarded to an artist by the French Republic.

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