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Art's answers are in quotes.

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So a biography is an account of someone's life written by someone else. And between the two, I never really understood if there was even a difference. Isn't a memoir just a fancy emotional version of an autobiography that only famous people write? Everybody has many stories to share with family and friends. Remember, history may be recorded about only rich or famous people, but everybody contributes to the history of the human race in his or her own way. YOU are important to yourself, your family, and your friends.

Why not share your stories with the present and future generations, just you probably wish your family members had shared their stories with their future generations? There can be differences between a memoir and autobiography, but the line between them can be hazy. Other people and events are incidental to the main body of writing. Particular attention is usually given to birth, marriage, and death information, along with highlights of many aspects of the subject's life. At this point, I thought Art was going to tell me a memoir is just a condensed version of an autobiography.

Instead of your whole life being written down in pages, your whole life in a memoir would be reduced down into like pages but cover the same information. Well Art has certainly been more enlightening than Chevy Chase.

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So a memoir is more like what we think of as an autobiography, but really without any rules:. I could, in theory, write an entire memoir exclusively about the vacations and travels I've taken. A different memoir could be written about my memories of family Christmas and other holiday traditions or about my accomplishments and honors achieved. Still another version could be about my friendships with Paul and Dave, two of my best friends for well over 40 years.

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In fact, they could be the major characters in the story, with my memories of our activities together providing the continuity. If you are having problems writing even that first sentence, the problem is probably based on this ingrained understanding that you have to write about everything , or there's no point in writing anything. Instead, you could start small. Consider writing about just one topic or occurrence from your life. Or, if you are still determined to be thorough, start out just focusing on one topic but take it through completion before moving on to others.

All of these topics I suggested will not necessarily be included in any single memoir. Some of the topics in the list could hold no appeal for you. They are just topics that many people want to include and the list is meant just as a suggestion of topics to write about.

1: Know your field: Understand the ingredients of great memoirs

So how can someone decide which of these possible topics to include in your memoir? There are just so many that could easily be enticing. I wondered, if someone isn't careful to be selective, they may end up including so many topics, they might as well just write a complete autobiography — from birth up until the current time. One way to help decide what to include and what to exclude is to decide who you are writing a memoir for and why it's important to you to write it.

You might well choose one set of topics if you're writing for yourself, as catharthsis or therapy but a different set if you're writing to document your life for future generations. Of course, the answers to these questions will vary from person to person, and possibly for the same person at different times of life.

How are you going to personally choose to structure the topics you have chosen. Will any kind of order be important to you? The chosen topics might or might not be in chronologic order. However, the topics I do include I've decided will likely be pretty much in chronologic order, at least within each general topic area. The general topics will also likely be in chronologic order where possible. If different topics happen concurrently, such as career and vacation travel, I'll need to decide at some point which comes first in the overall story, unless I decide to write the entire thing in something like HTML for random access to any chosen topic.

This is one benefit of writing for a web site or blog, both definitely publishing possibilities to consider. Not only do you not have to be someone famous to be worthy of your own book, but with the option of a memoir, you don't even need to write about your entire life like most cover in autobiographies. I love this now well-known saying from that was inspired by the portability and camera quality of Apple's iPhone:.

It makes me wonder if the best moments that have ever happened in your entire life, will someday be the stories you took the time to write down. If so, tell me about what you would like to write about and what you've accomplish so far comments below. Now, check for an email that was just sent to you and CLICK the button inside to confirm your subscription. I have always said to myself as a joke…I could write a book on my life…. Thanks for an encouraging article! I have often thought about starting to write down my life story but have not yet started.

Really, getting where I am now from where I started has been an unlikely and incredible journey. Sorry to be morbid but that is the fear! I will now make a commitment to start somewhere…including the good, the bad, and the truly ugly in hopes my dwindling family will have some history to take forward with them.

I just finished writing about my life from as early as I can recollect to present, been through quite a bit …also have audio files, the process has been very emotional but well worth it. I now have to type out and put it all together. Still learning how to get it all together. Do I start off…As a little girl I remember….

Although I have already published my memoir Tracing My Footsteps but I still find this article very helpful. One thing good about it is that it is very easy to understand and follow step-by-step. May be if I decide to come up with my next memoir or bring out a second edition, I will use it as a guide. I want to write my memorize which is amazing beyond belief. I am just ordinary person with very powerful force within which is to bless individuals who later became very very famous.

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Not one but very many of them. All of them are alive except for two of them.

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  • Freddy Mercury Queen and Wangari Mathai noble peace prize winner. I have met them when they were ordinary persons but with ambitions. My blessing removes all the hurdles and they acheive their desire. If anyone can help me to write my memorize, I will be grateful and share the income.

    How to start writing a memoir: 10 secrets

    My income will go to saving the enviroment. The memorize include two individuals becaming head of states of nations and one as first lady of the nation. The rest are ones who became rich businessmen from poor background. How to begin has bothered me more than anything.

    Steps to start students Autobiography: Quick Guideline Free of charge Example of this

    A few days ago this came to me one morning. White aching knuckles gripping into the sides. I realised where I was. I started by writing an brief overview of the various major events in my life. This was actually for someone who wanted to know a bit about myself, and how I came to be where I am. A bit tricky as some elements span countries; link back to places or people that are earlier in the timeline; and influenced by other elements.

    Some parts can be missing, but still leave the picture intact. My intended audience are my children, and possibly family members down the line. What shaped me as a person, in some way may have had an influence on their lives. What I need to understand is correct grammatical structure and punctuation. They are the brushes. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet, playwright, novelist, scientist, statesman, theatre director, critic, and amateur artist, considered the greatest German literary figure of the modern era.

    Goethe is the only German literary figure whose range and international standing equal those of…. Winston Churchill, British statesman, orator, and author who as prime minister —45, —55 rallied the British people during World War II and led his country from the brink of defeat to victory. After a sensational rise to prominence in national politics before World War I, Churchill….

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