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Yet another potential challenge, depending on the needs of the particular user, is that according to user reviews, some of the hourglasses are not very accurate.

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A user might complain for example that their hourglass actually ran out in 58 minutes or 62 minutes. I was prepared to accept a range of accuracy as wide as ten percent given that my particular application did not require exact timing. Another factor that might make a small difference is the force of gravity. I live at an altitude of about feet, further from the center of the earth than most people. Maybe the gravity is a little bit weaker at this altitude, in which case maybe the hourglass would run a little slower.

My guess, however, is that this factor is quite small, probably making no perceptible difference. Finally after surfing around Amazon for quite some time, I picked out one hourglass that looked pretty good, and ordered up two of them. The hourglasses showed up and had not broken in transit. It was some softwood maybe pine that was not very smooth to the touch.

I then turned over the two hourglasses to see if they would run out at about the same time. So I returned them fortunately Amazon makes returns easy and surfed around and eventually found another option.

Large Wood & Brass 30 Minutes Sand Timer Hourglass

This hourglass cost more money and had better customer reviews. The wood was said to be finished in a nice cherry finish. I ordered up two of them. The hourglasses showed up and I opened up the shipping box. You can see them in the photograph above. One of them had been assembled without the worker having gone to the trouble of actually gluing the three shafts into the top and bottom pieces.

The whole thing sort of fell apart in my hands. The other one had been glued together but had not been properly clamped during gluing, and when it was done, the top and bottom were not parallel with each other. Depending on how you looked at it, either it would lean to one side or the top would be tilted. You might be able to sort of see this in the photograph.

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The one that had never been glued, I held it together with rubber bands and tried it out. If it kept good time maybe I would go to the trouble to try to clue it together.

But no, it stopped twice along the way of measuring an hour. Twice I had to tap it to get it to keep running. The other one also stopped from time to time. Gift packing expands in our store and accepts a message card free. If you like, in the case of an order, please appoint it in the remarks column.

Specifically, please see this.

Finding a good hourglass - Ant-like Persistence

I helped with business and, after graduation from high school, learned glass processing technique. It is only only two with a younger brother working as a hourglass craftsman in same Katsushika-ku in Japan that make a gourd-shaped hourglass. A list of products of Kaneko is this. In addition, please consult an ophthalmologist when it washes it away well, and there is an abnormality when sand got into eyes. Hourglass five minutes French sand glass hourglass three minutes.

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More Information. Package Forwarding Service Save on shipping by combining your shipments. Brass timer on sturdy, attractive Handmade from solid chechen grown in Central America and protected by an oil rubbed finish. A heavy, dense wood the color is Coming soon! This unique pen has a floating hourglass and is engraved with "Never give up because great things take time. Makes a great gift and a fun instrument with Silver timer on BRAND NEW This 30 minute hourglass is a true collectors model that can be displayed as your desk accessory or table centerpiece in your home or office.

Highly polished, stainless steel cross with beautiful silver tone. Perfect for whatever is meaningful to you - sand from a memorable vacation, a lock of hair, dried petals or the This elegant and modern all glass piece makes a beautiful and functional addition to your home decor or office. Our contemporary 60 minute sand timer with swirled glass is beautiful Highly polished, stainless steel necklace makes the perfect vessel for your loved ones cremains. Available as a necklace or key chain.

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Whether it's for your loved ones cremains or sand from a memorable vacation this highly polished, stainless steel necklace makes the perfect vessel and a meaningful gift. Comes in silver, Standing 11" tall this brand new hourglass is stunning and sure to be a big hit with your favorite hourglass collector. Also makes a perfect corporate gift. Hand blown timer Measuring 10" tall, this 50 minute hourglass has three chrome columns and elegant black marble endcaps.

The hand blown glass is made in the UK and has white sand Due to multiple requests, we've taken our best selling cherry hourglass and ordered 50 minute sand globes for them. Hand blown in the UK the glass is strong and clear Designed by Out of the Sandbox. Powered by Shopify. Add to Cart Continue Shopping or Checkout. Sand Color Purple White. Black Marble and Chrome Hourglass 60 Minute 52 reviews.

Color Silver Black.