Requiem: Will the Dead Come Back for Love?

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When a vase gets broken, the pieces are put back together again and the cracks are filled with gold. The gold could stand for the strength of existing, despite previous destruction.

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It could also stand for memories and learnt lessons along the way, which no one will be able to take away from you. It can also represent the fact that because of the people in your life — living and dead — you are now more than you were before. They truly made you golden. When someone you love dies, there is no such thing as moving on. Healing is an individual process that happens at your own timing and with an individual intensity. Different cultures have different rituals to cope with grief and to honour the dead.

Some see it as an inevitable end.

Lover's Requiem

Some believe in reincarnation. Some celebrate and engage in big parties. In Requiem pour L.

The Secret

Fourteen musicians from different continents are collaborating with each other in an attempt to reconstruct this musical piece with their individual musical influences. Together they create a fusion between genres like jazz, opera, and African music.

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A beautiful beginning with the feeling of having to let go soon. Yet, you not only hear a sense of melancholy, but also hope. A ray of light. A flying soul. A new beginning. It will simply become a part of you.

Mais acessadas de I Am Ghost

A golden part. Whenever you have the feeling of being alone or not being strong enough to deal or overcome a situation on your own, just remember this: everyone you love — living or dead — stands right behind you. Imagine them being right there with you while you walk towards your fears, dreams and challenges.

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Requiem pour L. elle. L. Loss.

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