Right Hand Rotation

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Left Hand Impeller. The Prop Shop. Simple way to tell if prop is right hand or left hand rotation. We know your time is precious, so we have collected a list of our most popular products to get you started. Search Products.

Right-hand rotation

Left-hand Impeller Right-hand Impeller Caframo offers one of the widest varieties of impellers at the laboratory scale, and provides the left-hand configuration for propellers and the pitched blade turbine. A collection of our most popular products. Right hand palm down, touching thumb on hub or shaft. But x, y axis rotations follow Right Hand Rule.

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Clockwise rotation is negative. It is all fine in Unity. Last edited by Henry Read ; , AM.


Tags: None. Orignal expressions Code:. Comment Post Cancel. I never noticed that before.

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I got curious. Originally posted by Nsomnia View Post. Sorry to wake up this old subject, but it came up in a Google search and I don't want others to be confused. No, Unreal does not mix rotations.

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The math is actually the same the numbers are the exact same in left-handed and right-handed systems. This is the same in left-handed and right-handed coordinate systems.

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In a left-handed coordinate system, this yields the left-hand rotation rule. The two other cardinal rotations of this basic rule also hold: - The Y vector, rotated positive around X, yields the Z vector.

In a left-handed coordinate system, this yields the left-handed rotation rule. The only case you will be confused is if you somehow use the wrong hand or wrong rule when interpreting the coordinate systems.