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So-called emissions inventories are key to implementing the Paris climate accord, but until now there's been no international standard for them, let alone independent oversight. Each country reports data, often years-old estimates, which are used to determine whether they're doing enough to cut emissions.

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According to a recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, emissions of the most abundant greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, would need to be reduced to a level the planet can absorb -- known as net zero -- by to keep global warming at 1. But, she added, "It's like a Russian doll. You start from the global observation, then you go down to regional observation and to local observation.

This "eye in the sky" is designed to observe carbon dioxide. It's far from settled. The effort to inventory the world's greenhouse gas emissions has taken on an added urgency amid concerns that some gases may not yet be apparent. Greet Maenhout, a scientist at the European Commission's Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy, said it was only recently discovered that coal mines leak carbon dioxide.

The Commission has funded several satellites to monitor whether European Union member states are meeting their commitment to reduce greenhouse gases by by 40 per cent compared to levels. While satellites on their own can't provide accurate emissions figures from afar, their advantage lies in their consistency, said Claus Zehner, manager of the European Space Agency's Sentinel-5P mission. Observations have shown a decline in sulfur dioxide emissions over China over the past decade, compared with an increase over India, indicating that Beijing is acting to reduce pollution, said Zehner.

Such results, combined with the fact that new instruments are able to collect data with increasingly fine resolutions, are bound to worry governments wary of having others peer into their territory. Previously unpublished measurements of methane captured by Sentinel-5P and its predecessor Sciamachy show a worldwide increase in atmospheric levels of this potent greenhouse gas, particularly in industrialized countries and emerging economies. Japan's space agency just launched GOSAT-2, to measure carbon dioxide and methane, while the European Space Agency is preparing to send a dedicated carbon dioxide observer, Sentinel-7, into orbit in Despite the current U.

Ultimately, scientists argue that since space-based measurements are on the rise, it makes sense to share the data and work together. The undated artist rendering provided by ESA methane concentration in the atmosphere as traced by the Tropomi instrument aboard the Sentinel-5P satellite which is the first Copernicus mission dedicated to monitoring our atmosphere. Eyes in the sky capture carbon, other climate culprits The undated artist rendering provided by ESa shows the Sentinel-5P satellite which is the first Copernicus mission dedicated to monitoring our atmosphere. Experts say precise country-specific emissions accounting from space remains a long way off.

In the coming years, a flurry of new gas-detecting instruments will be heading into orbit. Related Stories Carbon conscious: how one man is shrinking his footprint. UN science panel chief calls for more action to curb warming. Environmental groups tell world Canada failing to slow emissions from oil and gas. Plant a tree: Milan's ambitious plans to be cleaner, greener. Sports world must join climate change crusade: IOC. Report Error. The study was a part of a multi-country coting and…. The study report of Behavior Surveillance Survey with biomarker component among prisoners will be….

An International peer reviewed Journal Vaccine, published an article Costs of routine immunization services in Moldova: Findings of a facility-based costing study. Authored by experts from the Curatio International Foundation. The study evaluates the total economic and unit costs of…. In Curatio International Foundation implemented the costing study that aimed to evaluate routine immunization program costs and financing as well as incremental costs and financing of a new vaccine introduction in the Republic of Moldova.

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The study was a…. An International peer reviewed journal BMC Health Services Research publishes an article Healthcare utilization and expenditures for chronic and acute conditions in Georgia: Does benefit package design matter? Health Systems Global HSG is the first international membership organization fully dedicated to promoting health systems research and related knowledge translation. HSG brings together researchers, policy-makers, funders, implementers, civil…. An International peer reviewed journal Health Policy and Planning has published an article An impact evaluation of medical insurance for poor in Georgia: preliminary results and policy implications, authored by Curatio International Foundation experts.

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The authors evaluated the impact of…. At the meeting methodological issues, roadmap for the PIP implementation and evaluation approaches were discussed. During the meeting, civil society representatives shared results of…. He is interested in global health systems and issues about implementation health systems around the world.

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Thats why he became a CIF intern and spent…. Curatio International Foundation celebrates its 20 years anniversary and prepares short movie describing the history of health care reforms in Georgia after collapse of Soviet Union. The story is retailed directly by the people involved in the process and organizations….

On September 19, Curatio International Foundation celebrated the 20th anniversary. Alongside with our work it turned 20 years from Georgian healthcare system reforming start up, after collapse of Soviet Union. CIF celebrated the anniversary together with the people who were…. Curatio International Foundation published results of the survey, representing expert evaluations of processes and changes taking place in the Georgian healthcare field. New Health Internet Radio with Global…. Ana Petriashvili became the winner of Curatio International Foundation Fellowship program for Ana is….

The conference will present findings from the largest research project so far undertaken in…. The discussion precedes many health-related discussions to take place in September at the Clinton Global…. Three rounds of parallel sessions covered diverse range of issues, such as regulation, influencing quality of care, health financing and a focus on equity. George Gotsadze,…. HIV prevalence and risk behaviors among key populations were studied in Georgia in The document presents comprehensive standards to guide the work of Georgian think tanks and establishes principles to ensure that the think….

Interns made…. The awards ceremony will take place at Tbilisi…. During the last two decades Government of Georgia initiated series of reforms introducing major changes in health financing policy and restructuring the health system to reverse the negative trends observed in equity, affordability and quality of essential health service for…. The study was divided into three stages and carried out in The key aim of the study is to improve affordability and availability….

Curatio International Foundation launches its internship program for years and invites interns from around the world who are studying at masters or Ph. Curatio International Foundation named Ana Kasradze as the winner of its annual scholarship program. Ana is actively involved in annual conferences and study visits…. The deadline for submission documentations for CIF web site is approaching to deadline, June Master program students of Public Health Management or BA with focus on Public Health management from accredited universities in Georgia are encouraged to participate in….

One of the posters presented results of Bio-Behavioural surveys among Injecting Drug Users in five cities of Georgia in and specifically explored Low testing uptake and…. The paper describes the prevalence and correlates of unsafe drug injecting and sexual behaviors among…. The key aim of the study is to improve affordability and availability of medicines for the population. Based on a three-year observation of pharmacies and different medicines in Georgia, Curatio International Foundation studied the practice in the pharmaceutical sector and….

The study was funded by…. Under the current strategy, the government intends to improve population health through a reduction of disease burden and mortality by …. Information of the web site…. Article is a part of the supplement: The fallacy of coverage: uncovering disparities to improve immunization rates through evidence. The Canadian International…. However, over the past several years while transmission through injecting drug use is still the prevailing route for HIV….

In May, the winner of the CIF fellowship program was revealed. According to the decision of the experts committee the fellowship will be granted to Maia Khutsishvili, Master program student of the Tbilisi State Medical University. Over more than…. The study aimed at increasing awareness of civil society and improved access to medicines for the population through strengthening….

The research article prepared by the international experts and representatives of Curatio International Foundation was published in the international journal Globalization and Health web site. The paper identifies…. Having the opportunity to undertake internship at Curatio International Foundation for the first ever time, students are…. High quality research evidence is one of the critical preconditions for employing the evidence by policy makers into policy making. However, high quality research evidence itself is not sufficient; it must be communicated in ways that make it compelling. On January , Ms.

Keti Goguadze and Ms. The Global Health Information Forum, hosted…. Through implementing the project: Strengthening Capacity of Civil Society for Promoting Research Evidence into Policy Development in Georgia, Curatio International Foundation aims to improve the skills of civil society representatives in developing policies that are a evidence informed b tailored….

Curatio International Foundation unveiled the most successful Public Health Management Student on its 15th Years anniversary marking event. On December 18, Curatio International Foundation granted the first student of the fellowship program established on the occasion of its 15th anniversary…. The meeting focused on development of recommendations for the improvement of the existing mental health service provision system…. Advent of the far reaching reforms era in Georgia surged a great demand in cross-sectoral collaboration between the government, civil society and the media to ensure production of high quality evidence and increased demand for evidence informed public policy formulation….

If yes, you are posed a golden opportunity to be granted the fellowship worth around GEL monthly. From CIF will start awarding fellowships to the most…. It applied the HMN Health…. The training workshop in Ureki was the first…. The activity covered 5 Georgian regions -Tbilisi, Batumi,…. The study assesses the effects of the Global Fund funding on the…. The survey targeted the capital Tbilisi and regional city Batumi, sampling individuals. By the decision of the Global Fund th board meeting Mr.

On May , at the Global Fund th board…. The research undertaken by the highly qualified experts of Curatio International Foundation…. On March 5, the workshop on Classifications for Hospital, Ambulatory and Laboratory interventions was held…. The event highlighted crowning achievements of the…. Curatio International Foundation was contracted for consulting services in the following three areas of operation and grant management support:diagnostic and remedial action planning in Global Fund grant countries facing implementation challenges;governance and oversight processes for Country Coordinating Mechanisms CCMs ; analysis….

The workshop was…. The workshop brought together representatives from Eastern…. The guidelines provide comprehensive recommendations addressed to the Georgian health system workers on…. George Gotsadze, Director of the Curatio International Foundation was invited to present findings at PATH about the human health story of the dissolution of Soviet Union, the political and socio-economic transition that has challenged a weak health care system,….

The workshop, which was…. Yale University announced the selection of the leading Georgian health policy advisor, Ketevan Chkhatarashvili, the president of Curatio International Foundation, an organization which is a pioneer of health care reform throughout the Caucasus, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa, as….

The major purpose of the visit was to provide technical support to the Armenian national working group in order to estimate the costs of the current immunization program; evaluate…. On February 23, the policy club has been organized within the framework of CoReform Project with the aim to discuss organizational arrangement of the Public Health at local level. The project has…. Curatio International Foundation managed and administered all…. Associates Inc. The project aimed to evaluate financing of the hospital sector in Georgia in order….

The report looks at reforms implemented since early 90ies. It give a brief overview of heatlh situation in the Soviet union. Authors: David Gzirishvili, George Mataradze; Read the….

B. Positive aspects

A panel of experts…. Listening to needs, building on local strengths, delivering innovative context-specific solution. The results of the survey will be available by the end of July. The civil society gathered for the fourth time to discuss healthcare system challenges in Georgia On September , the fourth work meeting of a civil society was held in Kachreti.