Dealing With Loneliness Successfully

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You may like doing things a certain way.

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You may have made the wrong hiring decisions in the past. Your trust issues might get in the way of rescinding control again. Building a team of people who are smarter than you or better in certain areas is the key to continued innovation. Sean Hopwood , President of Day Translations was just starting out his company when he scored his first big client.

But he had to agree to their payment terms of net A lot of money for a bootstrap startup. What happened after successful completion? The client refused to pay. Hopwood was left with the dilemma of not paying employees, or being out of pocket and potentially out of business himself. But the burden to carry was his alone. You may have even reached the stage where you can take a backseat and catch up with some social dates. So, why do you still feel alone? Because being successful can come with unwanted side effects. That bright light you exude leaves a lot of people blinded.

They may never even understand what it is that you actually, physically do. Take multi-billion dollar entrepreneurs like Richard Branson or Bill Gates.

Lonely People - your stories: “The kind of loneliness that makes my heart ache”

But something causes them to continue innovating and creating. Join networks of entrepreneurs who understand you. They can all be great places to meet, network and find your community. When you hear enough statements repeated about yourself you might start to believe them.

Acknowledge and react

Stick to light subjects like the weather, surroundings, and anything you have in common such as school, movies, or sports teams. Listen effectively. Listening is not the same as waiting for your turn to talk. Nod occasionally, smile at the person, and make sure your posture is open and inviting. In fact, introverts can be just as social as extroverts. What this means is that even socially confident introverts will feel tired after a lot of socializing.

Share your thoughts and debate the big issues

You just need to understand your limits and plan accordingly. After a fun Saturday out with friends, for example, you may need to spend Sunday alone to rest and recharge. Take mini-breaks. Even 10 or 15 minutes here and there can make a big difference. Talk to your family and friends about your alone-time needs. Be up front about the fact that socializing drains you. Good friends will be sympathetic and willing to accommodate your needs.

“I’m so lonely” – 16 ways to deal with loneliness

As you put yourself out there socially, there will be times when you feel judged or rejected. Not everyone you approach will be receptive to starting a conversation, let alone becoming friends. Just like dating, meeting new people inevitably comes with some element of rejection.

The following tips will help you have an easier time with social setbacks:. Try not to take things too personally. The other person may be having a bad day, be distracted by other problems, or just not be in a talkative mood. Always remember that rejection has just as much to do with the other person as it does with you.

Keep things in perspective. Learn from the experience and try again. The very shyest people do, and so will you. Centre for Clinical Interventions. Nerd Fitness. Psychology Today. Authors: Melinda Smith, M. Working towards your own aspirations in life can be very lonely.

2. Myth: Introverts are lonelier.

When you first begin to embark on your own journey in life, you shed the cocoon of familiarity and explore life with your true identity. You feel this vulnerability very quickly, and you notice how far you drift from the safety and comforts of everything you were once used to. And because you pursued your passion, nobody is able to hold your hand and walk you through it. Then when you have a moment to spare, after a long day of pursuing your dream, your emotions have a chance to surface and you may begin to feel homesick.

These feelings of loneliness can cause you to turn back to a familiar way of life, albeit unfulfilling. When success makes you feel alone, you must first remind yourself of why you embarked on your journey. Secondly, you should evaluate your life and determine how far you want to continue carrying this feeling of loneliness. Nurture these neglected areas of your life until they too are bought up to the same minimum-level of fulfillment.

Once you have achieved this, continue to raise your minimum. Keep adding to your success, but also continue to build upon your relationships too.

How to Deal with Loneliness? #UnplugWithSadhguru

The lonely side of success is definitely something you should try to prepare for because it can knock you off your path. Dream Life design , an online life planning course designed to help you increase self-awareness and harness your potential.

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Thank you and hope that you will enjoy what I posted and post. Thanks again! A key form of sanity is knowing when being alone is spending quality time with someone you love. Thanks for following my blog; best to you. Thank you Anne! My apologies. I hope your success is fulfilling! Knowing the lonely road is travled by many. I wrote this post awhile back, when I was still relatively new to writing. The closer I am to fulfilling my dream the less lonely it feels; everyday I get to live life as myself, in my own way, I make worthwhile connections as I grow.