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You forgot your password and you need to retrieve it. Click here to access the password we have on file for you. Customer Service If you have questions: Email: pw pubservice. Kishan leaves behind an Elf Worker Rune Level 6 and equipment. The strong Skeleton Soldiers who you will meet, among other places, in the Greydusk Valley and in Whisper, are highly resistent against arrows. The official Strategy Guide 55 Facts i Journey 4. Mission Description I n this mission, you must rely on your rune warriors - there are "only" hero monuments.

Without the support of an army, you must fight numerous uroks. With him as your advocate, you can also talk to the other dwarves. Follow him to the gate to the eastern area. If you ask Joshua where he was defeated, he will follow you and help in the battles. Make sure you do not let him die! If you give the helmet to the Thane, you receive dwarves' construction plans as a reward: Mine, forge and militia. During the day, the powerful giant walks around the south-west of the map and kills anyone who is unfortunate enough to cross his path Concentrate on the mages - if the conjurer dies, the summoned creatures die with him.

Fie leaves behind a rune for elf workers level 7. Mission Description M. She tells of a seamstress in Greyfell, namely Tanara page You should only enter this area at night, when Horgr is asleep. Follow the wolf cub. If you want, the white wolf will fight alongside you in this mission. Tear the hides off the ripper and beastmen. There are a lot of beastmen on the Stoneblade Mountain On the way into the village, talk to Ragnar - you discover that a giant is apparently causing chaos here.

Lorderic can brew a potion from four herbs and spiders' poison that can even flatten a giant. You find bitefern in the beastmen camp in the south-west. You find weavergren near the spiders in the south. Kirsh the giant spider leaves behind a portion of shadowcrawler poison. You find the silverwind herb in the chest that Kirsh has.

You find shadowstalk in the north of the dwarf cemetery. Give Lorderic the ingredients. He reveals how you can outwit Horgr. Get a piece of beef from cattle farmer Bron Gonnar. Poison the sleeping giant's breakfast. The next morning, he is much weaker. Attack him, and take the key for the Stoneblade Mountain away from him.

You need this on the Stoneblade Mountain page However, this area is extremely tricky: You must build up a powerful army rapidly, and destroy the beastmen and Urok camps as quickly as possible. If you wait too long, you will be mercilessly overwhelmed by ever stronger enemy troops. You come up against strong enemies in the subquests too. You should destroy the beastmen as quickly as possible - build up both bases in parallel as efficiently as possible, and attack in good time.

Set up your building in the far south and protect the base. Destroy the minotaurs fast, because the mighty Uroks will soon attack. You also find adamantium and a yellow retchling. Urok leader Frang has the yellow retchling and sulphur tuft mushrooms. Miria Thalindar in the southern Windwalls can cut a jacket from them.

You must get the necessary ingredients:! You find the mushroom on his dead body. Take his weapon - Gronn's fireaxe is a light blade weapon that can cause huge fire damage. You find paxillus in the chest. To gather iron, you must capture the Dwarf Monument. Once you have handed over the iron, you should be ready to face an old curse: The stonemen appear.

If you are not able to do so, the Wrath of Stone appears and marches straight to the Elf Monument. The Wrath of Stone is a powerful golem. If you are able to defeat him, you get a crumbling heart of stone. Talk to the Servant of the Deep again. You receive an unfinished earthblade. Skarvig in the southern Windwalls can help you page You must find Braga and tell Kraga where he is hiding.

If you offer to take over Kraga's watch, he sets off and strikes his brother dead. Giants are a callous people Shortly after Kraga leaves his post, a band of Uroks attacks. The "bad" solution You can clear out the three treasure chests full of useful objects armor, weapons. As soon as you go to the treasure and steal the collection of valuable armory objects, Kraga becomes your enemy - and he may avenge this treason from afar.

Touch the symbols in the following order: Eye, blood drop, hand, hand, blood drop, eye. Enri leaves behind a star- shaped amulet. You receive the Warrior Tilleth rune and valuable equipment. If you succeed, set up a base camp for the dwarves using the construction plans you will find in the village of the knights of the order. Using mixed troops, you can then storm the east, where hordes of the Undead await you. But take care - the Undead can replenish their forces at will. The journey to this village is dangerous - you would be best off accompanied by Elven bodyguards.

You will find out that Korshar the Bonecrusher is now leading Hokan's army of Undead. Korshar, the commander of the army of the Undead, has one of them. The second mask fragment is in the possession of a necromancer named Malicor Serpentes. The warning that the Undead can replenish their troops at will is only true for the area in the east. Talk to Urias again only after you have assembled powerful forces. He will open the gate to the east for you. In addition, many of the buildings in the west which are a constant source of new Undead are indestructible. This means that either individual or groups of Undead may pop out of a cave at any time.

But there are crypts and graves which can be destroyed, and you should not take this lightly. Do whatever you can to stem the tide of Undead. It would be best to secure the four cave entrances at the pass with small numbers of troops. Elven archer towers and ice bringers are helpful in this situation.

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Kill Zihar, the Undead commander, at the eastern end of the pass. You will find a fragment of the mask in the chest, which is located by the southern wall of the village. From the southwest. Undead occasionally manage to get very close to your camp. Counter them by first fortifying the northwest entrance to your main camp and use a small attack force to prevent the urok spies from notifying their main armies. Somewhat further to the east, you will find construction plans for the Great Armory, Medium Headquarter and Demolisher.

You need to protect this base camp while you are cleaning up the eastern lands. First, destroy the skeleton camps to the north and south of the eastern lands. You will find some Moonsilver there. Take care along the path from the urok camp to the village of the knights of the order. The uroks occasionally send small armies of eight to ten units against the city. You only have a chance against the uroks in the northwest if you assemble relatively powerful troops.

Morg, the leader of the uroks, has a gem. Once you have secured the western half of the map, gather a group of heroes to support you and amass a strong army. The Dwarves are the strongest fighters at close quarters. You can improve their skills even more with building upgrades. Your Elves are especially skilled as support from afar for the Dwarvish fighters. Otherwise the Undead will attack you from behind at the Pass.

A love letter from Thurgon Farnir gives you a valuable clue for the Greydusk Vale fighting the hordes of Undead - and a letter for Tanara in Greyfell page Look for signs pointing to the perpetrator. Jon Greywind will give you a piece of a mosaic if you ask him what he has in his hand page Who betrayed the border fortress? In Greydusk Vale, near Karzaar in the northeastern part of the Undead territory, you will find a map of the secret passages in a chest.

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Morton Tharne in the village in Greydusk Vale, however, does not recognise the handwriting. When you have Thurgon's letter to Tanara or have already broght it to Tanara Sidequest , you'll know who the traitor is. Confront Thurgon with the proof. He attacks immediately and leaves valuable equipment here. Talk to Morton Tharme again to obtain your reward. The portal opens only after you defeat the five Undead commanders.

Fight your way to the portal in the inner fortress. The army remains behind - your avatar must enter the inner fortress alone. You will find a Bindstone and Hero Monument immediately behind the portal. This means that you will not be completely alone when you face the Undead general. Set your strongest Hero Rune in the Runeboard and check your hero's armor. The bloodshadows can hypnotize your hero and make him unable to move. Defeat him and take this fragment away from him. The two halves of the mask are destined for Hokan in Whisper.

Journey 2 Howling Mounds I n this mission you will first fight with Dwarvish forces against the army of the Undead. If you have conquered the fortress, you will pass through a portal into the inner fortress, where you must defeat the enemy commanders aided by the heroes who have answered your call. The enemy knows that you are here; enemy spies often get quite near.

Leave a small attack troop at the base camp - the Dwarves cannot build any watchtowers. The chest contains the Dwarf construction plans for battlepriests and the sanctuary. You can obtain the raw Earthblade at Stoneblade Mountain Page You do need a number of other ingredients, however page Examine the body. You will find a fragment of the hint.

It thinks you are its master. Put the octagon in the creature's breast to wake the Homunculus. If you desire, this Undead fighter will join your army. Ismail, the invincible apprentice of Hokan the necromancer, rules his legions with an iron fist. Aided with an army of Elves and Dwarves, you must defend yourself at all times against the Undead. Your base camp can be attacked from several sides. Little by little, you must decimate your enemies. Your last foe, Ismail, can only be defeated with the help of Uthar the warrior. First, however, you must somehow get around Ismail.

You must find his armor, his sword and his griffon for him. Now you should find Hokan's grave. He tells you that you must kill the Soulforger in order to defeat the renegade Circle Mage. To do this, however, you also need the Phoenix Stone. The gate to the portal after the Godwall is now open. If one of the guards succeeds in contacting his camp, you will be faced with a violent attack. Build some towers at the access point in the south at the Elf Monument in order to secure it against enemies.

To the east, you can soon risk a sortie to eliminate the small but annoying Skeleton Soldier outposts. Even just a few towers two to three Elven frostbringers and archer towers each at the entrances to your camp should suffice to prevent the worst. The Great Souldrinkers, bodyguards of the protectors of the mosaic pieces, leave behind excellent armor, including robes of the outer Circle which give Mages Level 8 and up any type of magic armor class Defeat this creature.

When you put the third fragment in the mosaic, the Cruel One appears in the mosaic. Simultaneously, the protector of the fourth fragment, accompanied by additional Cruel Ones and Great Souldrinkers, appears close to the Lenya gatherers in the eastern part of your camp! As soon as you put the fourth and last fragment in its place, six more Cruel Ones appear at the mosaic, and this riddle is solved.

If you would rather have the powerful earthblade, you need two Stones of Eternal Fire from dragons or from volcanic area , the tears of a soulless being Howling Mounds, page 72 , and four bars of adamantium Stoneblade Mountain, Tips 4 and 5, page Southern Windwalls! From these items, she makes a ripper hide doublet, an excellent leather armor.

Sidequests: Liannon No. Mission Description 7 You should now examine the ruins guarded by Sento's gang in the northeast. The leader leaves a letter from Sentos in Greyfell. According to how you've developed and equipped your avatar, it might be a better idea to continue this quest later. When you defeat him, he leaves Udwin's ring here, and this quest is completed.

Journey 2 Interlude II B efore you continue your journey, this place presents you with an ideal opportunity to take care of unfinished tasks. Mainquest: Whis] per No. You will receive two gold pieces. She mends Master Tanard's robe. You will find the last piece of lightsilk in Mulandir page As thanks, you receive a statue that the drunken dwarf stole from Cronvig in the Southern Windwalls.

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You've guessed right: it's a trap. Flink seems to have something against a certain Flayt In Leafshade, Fayt and his mercenaries are acting like they own the place.

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He lets you choose between a heavy two- handed axe, a light sword, or an iron mage's staff. He still needs the scales of a real, fully grown dragon, however page 94 You show the ring to Castagir, but it seems to be without value: Rigour in Farlorn's Hope page 94 can probably help you here.

Mission Sidequests: Greyfell No. Level 17 , several griffonriders Level 20 , and Fayt himself Level You will be able to defeat this gang only with a strong army. Be careful - the mercenaries send out scouts. Fayt has an additional fragment. Sidequests: Southern Windwalls No. You will receive five gold pieces as a reward. When you defeat his people, Sentos will tell you a secret: Lea supposedly lies buried in a grave in Sidequests: Whisper No. Five ghosts. Lea's avengers Level 18 , guard the grave. Give the Undead their eternal rest using an army if necessary and examine the grave.

Lea now appears ghost. Level You find Lea's letter and a piece of jewelry, both of which are meant for Shan Muir in Liannon. Craig Un'Shallach in Southern Godmark can help you further page First, conquer the Dwarf ruins on the pass together with an Elf army. With Elf and Dwarf warriors, you can fight your way through to the portal to Mulandir at the summit of the Godwall Mainquest No. You will learn about the Briarwolves: These dastardly mercenaries oppress the farmers of this area.

You are to be the farmers' liberator - you will receive resources and experience for this service. You have now rescued the first farmers. Pay attention to your defence as the mercenaries will soon start a counterattack with recruits and armsmen. Talk to Bren Fallwind. He tells you that Mechlan is looking for the ice shapers' glass artwork and gives you wood and units of food. Do not delay too long, however, since the enemy is constantly replenishing its supply of soldiers.

Here, you free John Goddard, who gives you the key to the Dwarf city and some raw materials. Take over the Dwarf city and fortify your army.

The Sigian Bracelet

Thanks to the Dwarf hog farmers, the unit limit soon presents no problem and the Dwarf titan is certainly of great use. You will also find a soulstone in this city. The road to the Elf and Dwarf monuments up on the mountain in the northwest leads past another strongly fortified mercenary camp, but you can lure the forces of this camp before the gates. You will find moonsilver behind the camp. You don't have to see her - you will find Vintus after the victory over the Briarwolves at the portal. You will again free some farmers and obtain raw materials.

Talk to Tamira Hal, who will give you raw materials. After the victory, talk to Cord Dunnahan of the Red Legion. He will tell you about the battle of Farlorn's Hope. Defeat the enemy, take Mechlan's letter from Kiar, and talk to Vintus Lannard. He will tell you where the first shard of the magic glass artwork that Mechlan and the Briarwolves are looking for is hidden. This rock is behind the Dwarf camp, and this passage is guarded by a spider.

At the beginning, they seldom scout and have only individual scouts in the vicinity of their first base. Don't let any of the Briarwolves scouts escape. Your starting area contains no food which means that you will only be able to build up a small troop at first. Again, you should look out for enemy scouts: at the fork in the road east of the village, you should set up a few towers to be safe.

You will find berries here that you can use to stock up your army. Enemy troops are always passing through these crossroads. Mission Description Gwen's Medicine In the camp to the east above the Dwarf city, you will find a chest of medicine for Gwen. Gwen's Medicine In the next enemy camp, you will free Sunder Dundrew, who will tell you about his daughter's illness. Give him the medicine. Wolfsign The leader of this camp leaves a wolfsign here. Medusae, and gargoyles.

If one of the Medusae sees your avatar or one of your rune heroes, you will be turned to stone by the Medusa and then pulverized by the Eternal Guardians gargoyles. If one of the Medusae notices you, you will succeed in escaping only with a lot of luck. You can summon the heroes whose runes you have again and again at the three hero monuments Your avatar only has the high range of vision, however, that is required to recognize the Medusae in time. As soon as a Medusa sees one of your heroes or the avatar, all gargoyles in Mulandir awake!

In this case, you must at least try to rescue the avatar. You must solve quests before you are permitted to pass through the gate to Mechlan in the northeast. Three fire drakelings guard the portal. Talk to the guardian, to whom you should now bring the four time shards. Give it to the guardian. The spider leaves white spider silk here page Remove the skull, and take the gruesome souvenir with you.

You can also wait until you have talked to Rigour.

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The ingredients for the earthblade should now be complete. The war between the hostile groups has long reached an impasse.

You can solve this situation with an Ore army. After that, you will defeat the power dragon Fymir supported by the Ore totems using the Pain scroll. There you will find further Ore construction plans that are very useful in the battle against the Briarwolves Mulandir Tip 6, page Alternatively, you can travel to Greyfell with the soulstone and visit the merchant Kraug Haukursson there, who will offer to sell you an Ore worker rune Level 1 1 for a few gold coins.

There, you can also talk to Sartorius about the Phoenix. A few Briarwolves elite are lurking here. An early sortie alleviates the problem, but you should keep an attack troop ready at the southern entrance to the base. You should keep an eye on your Ores, however, to avoid attacks on the Red Legion camps. You can set up a woodcutter's camp in the southwest as soon as the Briarwolves there have been defeated.

You should find a way to open access to the main camp of the Briarwolves and weaken its defence. Elwen the Elf was supposed to bring the Shard of Autumn Twilight to safety, but she was captured by the Briarwolves. You will find her in the main camp of the mercenaries. You will find the Shard of Autumn Twilight in the talons of the ancient, mighty dragon Fymir. With a Briarwolves elite armor, he would be able to sneak into the enemy camp, kill the leader of the Briarwolves, and leave a Red Legion dagger as proof to provoke the Briarwolves to a suicidal counterattack.

Now position your troops northeast of the blocked gate. The gate is now open. In their senseless attack, the Briarwolves elite are completely annihilated. Your Ore hand-to-hand fighters are useless here, but Fymir is helpless against the death magic of the totems. The fire magic of the firemasters is not effective against powerful dragons like Fymir. Fymir leaves a Stone of Eternal Fire here and a small blade weapon with fire magic. There, enter the portal to the Rift and the Demon Realms.

You will find an additional wolfsign on Commander Briar's body. Stonecrusher Bork Gorinson the Dwarf should blast the portal to Greyfell free - free him in the main camp. He needs alchemical ingredients. The free traders produce saltpeter from demon blood from Arz'ach in Mulandir, I Note: In the Demon Realms in the Rift, the next goal of the main plot is to find more demon blood for the Earthblade sidequest. The Dwarf blaster now lays an explosive charge so that the portal to Greyfell can be reached.

Empty the chests there, but do not enter the portal until all other tasks in Farlorn's Hope have been completed since you may otherwise have to build up an army again. Talk to Rigour Mortis at Jon Farlorn's trading post. He is looking for the escaped murderer Thar. The bounty amounts to 50 gold pieces. Thar is living or lived if you have already killed him in the northwestern part of Mulandir?

You receive the enchanted shadow ring, by means of which your avatar can recognise the shadow beings. Talk to Thom Laire in the main camp. Maybe you will find someone who can treat the general's eye complaint. Does Seno the Tooth-Crusher in Greyfell have an idea? Talia Storm wants to defeat Ulather, the demon prince. You follow the powerful mage accompanied by a strong Ore army. You have to rely on help from the trolls on the way back Tip from the Phenomic developers: Attacking the demons in the side valley is futile!

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Focus on getting as many survivors as possible through the canyon. Your totems support the hand-to-hand fighters - ideally, you should look into the viper shield upgrade for totem at an early stage. The fighters are more use here than the spearmen, as your troop is more likely to come up against strong, individual enemies, rather than large groups against which the spearman's scythe blow would be useful meets 3 enemies at once.

Ice magic is particularly useful in the demon territory, and death magic quite useful, while fire magic usually has no effect on the enemies. In it, you find numerous construction plans: For the trolls, there are plans for the medium headquarter, corpse collector, food store, stone thrower, ironhouse, stonethrower, bouncer, and a rune for the level 12 troll workers. Ore construction plans can be found in the third chest at the portal - large headquarter, dark forge, veteran and hornblower.

Quickly set up an Ore base and form an army. But the Ore death mages, the totems, are very effective, particularly against the younger demons. It's mostly just firelings and young basilisks patrolling the valley, but there are a couple of firemasters and fire terror demons too. But far more powerful creatures are lurking in the valleys to the side. The demon is victorious, but allows Talia to live. She is to roast for eternity over a small flame - for an ice mage, a fate worse than death.

Bind your avatar to the bindstone. If you just made a small raid through the Rift, or suffered serious losses, you can bring a second army group to the entrance to U lather's chamber. She has the fourth shard, but didn't want to give it up. Maybe she'll be a bit more friendly after she's been saved This also translates into a form of time-space sight in which the Matrix user can glimpse the past, present, future and alternate lives of every other Firestorm throughout reality using a collective of subatomic wormholes which exist as a part of the Matrix.

This power is too complex to properly control, thus it has been highly unreliable as an ability. The driver can fly at supersonic speeds in an atmosphere and reach escape velocities. The driver can also adjust the driver body's size or pull and enlarge others from the subatomic universe at will, Rusch having once dragged Ray Palmer from his microscopic size to the natural world while on Apokolips.

This allowed Rusch to communicate with John Stewart and sift through his mind telepathically after he'd been taken over by the void beast. He can generate destructive or concussive blasts of nuclear energy, through which he can also channel his transmogrification powers. While the Matrix grants the fusers unique powers, it can also accidentally bestow them on individuals caught in the Matrix by mistake. One example is Nanette Phaedon, wife of the late Allen Phaedon, who gained the ability to change her quantum state for size shifting and flight by her own will.

One of the faults of a Firestorm fusion is that the stronger psyche will have dominance of the Matrix's power, such as when Jason fused with Luis Salvador who overpowered him from the passenger seat of the Matrix. During the New 52, the Firestorm Matrix could be shared through multiple users at a time. Users could fuse and become stronger but more unstable. The entity formed between Ronnie and Jason when using the Matrix in tandem created a nuclear being called "The Fury". It was also shown that The Matrix shares kinship to the Quantum Field in some way, enabling Firestorm users to derive its power for subatomic transmutation and manipulation.

Its merging properties can place a large burden on the user; Firestorm runs the risk of reaching critical mass and detonating. He was recruited by one of the Crime Syndicate's enemies to determine what the Syndicate's individual weaknesses were. However, he used the new lab he supplied to continue his human experimentation, eventually experimenting on himself, fusing with a corpse, becoming Deathstorm.

In the alternative timeline of Flashpoint , Jason Rusch is killed by Heat Wave in an attempt to take his place in the Firestorm Matrix, alongside Ronnie Raymond, but is defeated by Cyborg. A version of Firestorm crafted by Anansi in Volume Two of Justice League of America , he appears to be a form of sentient red energy and is a member of that reality's Justice League. He was featured in the second part of the segment "Real Characters From the DC Universe" where the narrator voiced by Kevin Shinick of that segment doesn't take him seriously.

In the third part of "Real Characters From the DC Universe", Firestorm enters where he is not happy about being lumped in with Mister Banjo who Firestorm refers to as " Fatty Arbuckle " and states that he can fly, shoot nuclear blasts and can literally turn lead into gold. Firestorm ends up transmuting Mister Banjo's banjo into steel to knock out Mister Banjo with. Firestorm then demands from the narrator where B'Dg having been featured in the first part of the segment as another ridiculous DC character is located and the narrator tells Firestorm that B'Dg is "down the hall, first dressing room on the right.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the superhero. For other uses, see Firestorm disambiguation. Gerry Conway Al Milgrom. Main article: Anti-Life Equation. Main article: Brightest Day. This section may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience. Please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against Wikipedia's inclusion policy. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Dorling Kindersley. If inventiveness is the fusion of ideas, then Firestorm was one of the most original characters to emerge from a comic book in years.

Penned by Gerry Conway and drawn by Al Milgrom, the Nuclear Man was a genuine sign of the times—the explosive embodiment of a nuclear world. Retrieved July 9, Martin Stein". Deadline Hollywood. October 9, Retrieved October 11, Comic Book Resources. Retrieved July 20, Retrieved Retrieved 19 January DC Comics.

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